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What's Damarious Randall's pre-game playlist? Read his chat

Packers rookie CB took questions from fans


Hey everybody. I'm ready for your questions.

Comment From Nick 

What was it like to get drafted in the 1st round

It was a blessing. A memorable moment. It's hard to explain.

Comment From TK 

What is your favorite play so far this year for you personally?

Getting an interception against Cam Newton.

Comment From Tom 

Heck of a year so far! Glad to have you on the team! What's your favorite part of Green Bay?

Lambeau Field. I really don't go anywhere.

Comment From Louie 

Which Green Bay Packer do you think could take John Cena in a cage match? (Note there is a RIGHT answer)

I would say Clay Matthews. They look similar.

Comment From Tony Moua 

Hi Randall, who do you look up to on your team? keep up the good work bro.

Aaron Rodgers. Because of the way he plays the game. He has fun even though there's a lot at stake.

Comment From Curt from Packerland West in Elk Grove, California 

Dream whip?

Not anymore. I already bought it. It's a Bentley Coupe.

Comment From Bob 

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Play video games (PS4). My PSN name is RandallTime. I add every fan.

Comment From Jake 

As an ASU/Packer fan, its been great to watch you play for both. Do you have plans for watching the Territorial Cup?

Of course I'm going to watch it! Forks Up.

Comment From TED 

whose the funniest on the team

Other than me, I would have to say Morgan Burnett. He's a clown.

Comment From Thomas 

Who's your favorite packer on the team?

My favorite Packer is Quinten Rollins. We were at the Senior Bowl together, we came in together and we room everywhere we go together.

Comment From Erika 

What is it like to play in front of 78,000 fans?

Nerve-racking. Exciting. It gives me a good adrenaline rush.

Comment From Michela Wood 

What is your favorite movie?

All About The Benjamins

Comment From Evan 

How hard was it to adjust to the cold in green bay having gone to school in Arizona?

I'm still adjusting!

Comment From Min 

Why Number 23 ?

You can't wear #3 as a defensive back in the NFL, so #23 was the next best thing. #3 is retired in Green Bay anyways.

Comment From Michela Wood 

Do you have a pregame playlist? If so, what's on it?

Drake's Marvin's Room. I just keep that on repeat.

Comment From Bob 

Who do you think the toughest guy on the team is?

That would definitely be Mike Daniels. He's one of the best defensive tackles in the trenches I've seen in a long time. If he can handle those offensive linemen, I'm pretty sure he could handle anything else.

Comment From Guest 

What's the biggest transition on the field from college to the NFL?

How much better the quarterbacks are.

Comment From Charles Mcclelland 

Hello young fella greetings from mesa AZ this is Charles Mcclelland!! Tristans dad were so proud of you especially since you went to our team GO PACK GO but anyway me and tree are coming to the Cowboys game in Dec to watch the packers kick some butt !!!

Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you!

Comment From Aaron in Oregon 

Favorite gameday meal?

I typically don't eat before a game. I normally don't eat until the next morning. Once my adrenaline rush starts, I don't have an appetite. Then I'm starving when I wake up.

Comment From Matt 

Favorite Video game?

Madden 16 because I'm on it!

Comment From Brenda 

How old were you when you became interested in playing football?

I was three years old. That's when I first started playing football.

Comment From Mitch 

If you could intercept any QB who would it be?

Tom Brady

Comment From Caleb 

What made you choose Arizona State?

Because I was in JUCO in Arizona and I didn't feel like packing my stuff to leave.

Comment from Dan

Who would in in a basketball game, the offense or defense?

Defense, of course! My starting five would be Quinten Rollins, Demetri Goodson, Julius Peppers, Datone Jones and Jayrone Elliott. I would come off the bench.

Comment From Gracie Thies 

What's your ideal date like?

Dinner, movies, bowling.

Comment From Kristen 

Who was your favorite football player growing up?

Ty Law

Comment From Bobby 

When playing Madden 16, do you play as yourself?


Comment From Santa 

What do you want for Christmas

Super Bowl!

Comment From Noah Peters 

Favorite Basketball Player?

Draymond Green

Comment From Callie 

Favorite holiday?

Valentine's Day

Comment From Guest 

who is you favorite baseball team?

The Philadelphia Phillies

Comment From Katie 

I voted you for the Pro Bowl best of luck! :)

How did you find me? I'm not on the ballot! I just looked. #liar

Comment From Noah Peters 

Whos your celebrity crush?


Comment From English Cheesehead 

Do you watch soccer? If yes, who is your favourite team?

Yes. My favorite team is Bor Dortmund.

Comment From JSC 

When two people love each other, really love each other, but they just can't get it together, when do you get to that point where enough is enough?

Now. It's not real love.

Comment From Kirk S. 

Who's the most known celebrity, that you have a cell phone number for? And do you just randomly text this person to say 'Whats up'?

Randall Cobb. And no, I don't text him that.

Comment From The Unknown 

Who is the MLB's best current pitcher

Jacob deGrom

Comment From Shannon 

Favorite nba team?

Detroit Pistons

Comment From Tim 

Can you dunk??

Yeah. Any dunk that LeBron can do.

Comment From Kellie M 

If you weren't playing football, what job would you have?

I would be in the military.

Comment From Raymond 

When did you realize that you "made it"?

When I got drafted

Thanks for the questions. Sorry I couldn't answer them all. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @RandallTime

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