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What's the funniest prank John Kuhn ever pulled? Read his chat

The Packers veteran fullback took questions from fans on Thursday


Hey everyone, John Kuhn here. Packers dont want me to say this but you can ask me anything!!!

Comment From Scott 

What's your favorite part of being a FB, blocking, running the ball, or catching it?

I like it all. Each part is very rewarding, but obviously scoring touchdowns is the best

Comment From Damon 

Hey John! What is your favorite moment/Lambeau Leap in Green Bay?

My favorite leap has to be one of the 15 times I actually made it into the stands......and not the one time everyone remembers

Comment From Mark 

Tell us about that block on Julius Peppers against Chicago.

Well I drew the short straw in the huddle and was told I had to block the guy nobody else wanted to. So when I saw julius at the line of scrimmage i secretly told aaron to run and throw the ball really fast

Comment From Ryan 

What's your favorite stadium to play at on the road?

I have to admit it was incredible playing in san francisco this year. Packer nation took that stadium over and made it feel like a home game

Comment From Neal 

Hey John! Do you think you will ever shave the beard?

I really enjoy beards. But for prostate cancer awareness month i always like to start with a blank canvas so i can properly monitor the growth

Comment From Mike Corris 

Just taken up playing football with my local team. Can't decide between full back or O-line. What's the best part about being a Full back?

Playing fullback is like being a lineman who is allowed to touch the football. You cant go wrong there.

Comment From Sandy 

Where is your favorite place to eat when you're on the road?

I usually go out to eat with the linemen. Which means a lot of food!!!! We try to pick the best local restaurant that is famous in the area. Like St Elmos in Indianapolis.

Comment From Joey 

Favorite memory of playing college football at Shippensburg?

Seth Grove Stadium and the incredible pregame speeches, by coaches Rocky Rees and Mac

Comment From Murphy 

which player can eat the most?

No doubt it is Letroy Guion, but dont you dare order him chicken tenders!!!!

Comment From Harley 

Favorite memory as a Packer?

I would say winning the Super Bowl overall. But our great second half comeback against the cowboys in 2013 is a very good memory as well.

Comment From Lonny 

What do you think of the new throwback jersey?

I love all the throwback jerseys. Im glad we still make an emphasis of wearing them.

Comment From Robyn 

What you like best about living in Green Bay?

The people of Wisconsin are the greatest. Always welcoming and bring a lot of intensity to our home games.

Comment From Keith P Powers 

Hello John. Were you always a fullback or if not when did you transition to playing fullback full time?

I played a little bit of linebacker when I was younger, but Ive played running back/Fullback since i was 8 years old

Comment From Torgo 

What's your favorite TV show?

Reality = Big Brother

Drama = Homeland

Comedy = Modern Family

Comment From Louie 

Can you beat John Cena in a cage match?

Definitely, we need to set that up

Comment From Henrik 

What is your favorite food

Like i said, i go out to eat with the linemen a lot so it would be easier to say what i dont like.........beets

Comment From Rusty 

How many takes did it take you to deliver your Chunky Soup line, "That's a good one!"

one take

Comment From Dan 

What is your impression of Aaron Ripkowski so far?

Great guy and teammate, even better beard

Comment From Mama K 

What is your favorite home cooked meal that your mom makes?

probably chilli or chicken corn soup

Comment From Lonny 

Jayrone Elliott said he'd make you sixth-man on a Packers basketball team. Play hoops often?

Elliott is a really smart man. I dont play a lot but when I do, i am a terror on the boards

Comment From Marcus Aurelius 

tell us a funny prank you pulled on a teammate please

whip cream pie to the quarterback face durring his weekly obligated media time!

Comment From Logan 

Are you doing well in school?

I graduated in 2004.

Comment From Sandy again 

Ok, be honest, Cheese Curds, Yes or No?


Comment From Bryce 

Favorite golf course to play?

its a tie, GBCC or Whistling Straits

Comment From Lonny 

If you were ever called to duty as the emergency QB, would you call your own plays?

everything would be a bomb

Comment From Justin 

Can you golf better than Rodgers?


Comment From Justin 

How many guys eat cereal in the locker room?

I just saw james starks eating apple jacks today

Comment From Jake 

Favorite football movie?

remember the titans

Comment From Abigail 

Who do you have winning Ships homecoming game this weekend Ship or West Chester?

Shippensburg....put it in the books

Comment From Shane 

Are you a dog or cat person?

I have an english bulldog named buckwheat

Comment From Paco 

Who would u concider your best friend?

my wife

Comment From Megan 

Do you have an all-time favorite fullback?

Mooooooooooooooooose Johnston

Comment From Brandon 

Favorite athlete other than a Packer?

Jordan Speith #stud

Comment From kate magrady 

What is your favorite cereal?

Lucky Charms

Comment From Seth 

Favorite pre game music?

Til I collapse


In the air tonight

Comment From Murphy 

why number 30?

I had a choice between that or

Comment From Maggie 

What's your favorite type of weather to play in?

32 degrees and snowing the entire game at Lambeau

Comment From Eric Lindberg 

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

if you put it on bread I guess it is

Comment From Murphy 

do you like fishing?

love fishing, especially in Door County

Comment From Jonathan 

Do you enjoy karaoke?

yes but i will not sing free bird

Comment From Brian O 

Who's a better singer, you or TJ?

TJ but i have to say that

Comment From Jill 

Have you ever asked Aaron to let you call the play?

what are you talking about, he lets me do that all the time

Comment From Del 

What music are you listening to now?

its actually dead silent in this room, kinda weird

Comment From SAM 



Comment From Vicki 

Did you see there are boxes of just Lucky Charms marshmallows?

no i didnt, that doesnt sound very healthy

Comment From Rafael 

best advice you ever recieved?

enjoy the process, not the prize

Thanks to everyone for joining me today. Stay tuned for when the rest of my teammates come on and chat.

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