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Where Are They Now?: Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy was enshrined in the Packer Hall of Fame in 1998.

It has been nine-seasons since Mark Murphy played in a Green Bay Packers uniform. Murphy spent his entire 11-year career with the Packers. During his time with the Green and Gold, Murphy amassed 20 interceptions, returning one for touchdown, and sacked the opposition quarterback 11 times. He wasn't flashy, he didn't crave the spotlight, but Murphy was a solid contributor to the Packers' defensive backfield.

Today, he misses his time in Green Bay. "Green Bay is unique," said Murphy. "It has a great football sense to it, a 'personalness' to it. Green Bay is special because the guys on the team live right with the people of the community. In other towns, from talking to other guys (who played for other teams), after practice or games, the guys all just go their separate ways. But in Green Bay, the players are a part of the town, and that is special."

As far as specific moments, Murphy lists many of those which stick out in his heart. The first memory he lists is all of the games against the rival Chicago Bears. Right up there with playing against the Bears is his 1998 election to the Packer Hall of Fame.

Very few players forget a first, and in this case only, touchdown, and Murphy is no exception. He is able to recall the opponent (Minnesota) and the year (1982). The final fond recollection he has today is the National Football League playoffs in 1982, when the Packers played host to (and defeated) the St. Louis Cardinals before falling at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys in Texas Stadium.

Since his days in Green Bay, Murphy has spent time in various places within his home state of Ohio. After retiring from football, Murphy worked at Malone College, where he spent two years, before moving to the University of Akron. Today, he works as the assistant dean of students at St. Vincent's/St. Mary's High School in Akron. He also is an assistant on the school's football coaching staff.

"I enjoy working with kids," Murphy said.

And he well should as he and his wife, Pamela, have four of their own: Kellyn, 14; Kaitlyn, 13; Kara, 11; and Mark Robert, 7.


1980: 5-10-1 (4th, NFC Central)

1981: 8-8 (2nd, NFC Central)

1982: 5-3-1 (3rd, NFC)

1983: 8-8 (2nd, NFC Central)

1984: 8-8 (2nd, NFC Central)

1985: 8-8 (2nd, NFC Central)

1987: 5-9-1 (3rd, NFC Central)

1988: 4-12 (5th, NFC Central)

1989: 10-6 (2nd, NFC Central)

1990: 6-10 (4th, NFC Central)

1991: 4-12 (4th, NFC Central)

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