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Where Are They Now?: Mike P. McCoy

A consensus All-American defensive tackle at Notre Dame, Mike P. McCoy was drafted by the Packers with the 2nd overall pick in the 1970 NFL Draft.

A starter since the opening game of his rookie year, the Pennsylvania native twice led the Packers in quarterback sacks - in 1973 and 1976.

The pinnacle of Mike McCoy's seven year career with the Green and Gold was when the Packers won the NFC Central Division in 1972, an accomplishment that still makes McCoy proud today.

"Playing on that '72 team, we did win the Central Division, and it took a long time before anybody else won it. It was a lot of fun. We were a young team with Coach Devine and we had some great players. To win the division two years after Lombardi died I think was quite an accomplishment, because we had yet to form our own identity."

McCoy was traded to the Oakland Raiders following the 1976 season for a first round draft choice (used to select LB John Anderson). He went on to play two seasons with the Raiders - making a trip to the AFC Championship Game in '77 - and one with the New York Giants.

So what has Mike McCoy done since leaving the gridiron?

He went back home to Pennsylvania and got involved in farming. But for Mike, that wasn't enough. He discovered a different calling.

"Since 1985 I've been going into schools across America - high schools, junior high schools, full school assemblies - and talking about the evils of drugs and alcohol in our society."

He continues to speak to groups of junior high and high school students today. He's an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Georgia, and Mike is also the chaplain of the Atlanta Braves.

His greatest memories of the Packers revolve around the Green Bay community and the friendships made both on and off the field in Green Bay.

"I think every player talks about the love of the fans. Even if you're winning or losing they come and they enjoy the game. And I know as a player here, I really appreciated that and I really enjoyed my time here in Green Bay."


1970: 6-8 (T-3rd NFC Central)

1971: 4-8-2 (4th NFC Central)

1972: 10-4 (1st NFC Central)

1973: 5-7-2 (3rd NFC Central)

1974: 6-8 (3rd NFC Central)

1975: 4-10 (T-3rd NFC Central)

1976: 5-9 (4th NFC Central)

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