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Which team has the lead for team of the decade?

Candidates emerge for fourth head on Mt. Rushmore


Andrew from Milwaukee, WI

From your years of covering the league, and the way the game has changed, isn't Don Hutson deserving of the fourth head on your Mt. Rushmore?

There are lots of great players from which to choose, but the heads on Mt. Rushmore have to belong to men who changed the game. Johnny Unitas changed the game; he defines the modern game. Vince Lombardi is the symbol of coaching greatness. Pete Rozelle led the league to greatness. The fourth head must belong to a figure of that kind of prominence.

Joseph from El Paso, TX

Vic, how many more Super Bowls do the Packers have to win to be considered the team of the decade?

One might do it. Right now, I think Seattle is in the lead with a dominant Super Bowl victory and a near victory most recently. If the Packers had made it into last season's Super Bowl, I think the Packers would be in the lead.

Stan from Minocqua, WI

Would you characterize Aaron Rodgers' game as flawless?

I've never known a player to be flawless, but Rodgers is the closest to it of any player I've covered or seen.

Matt from Appleton, WI

My vote is Peyton Manning for the fourth head. I think he's driven the popularity of the sport to new heights, especially for the casual fan.

He is a strong candidate for the reason you've cited.

Grant from Hoopeston, IL

Jim Brown being potentially the best NFL player of all time would have to be on Mt. Rushmore, wouldn't he?

In my mind, it's Brown or Unitas, not both. I think the fourth head should be a representative of a more recent era of the NFL.

Chris from Shelton, CT

Vic, why do you think the Packers decided to take Ty Montgomery in the third round, even with Paul Dawson still on the board?

The answer is obvious: He was the highest-rated guy on their board.

Kevin from Westport, WA

Vic, Tom Landry, George Halas or L.T. would probably be the fourth head.

I would favor Lawrence Taylor as the fourth head. He's the greatest defensive player in history and he changed the game. I think it's also important to have an African-American player on Mt. Rushmore.

Blair from Los Angeles, CA

Vic, since this is a game of replacement, and rosters and coaches often change drastically, what do teams and fans hold to as their identity? Is it simply just the logo or their location in the country?

Those are primary, but there are a lot of other identities. The Packers are also identifiable for their small-town values and wholesomeness. Those are qualities that attract a lot of fans to the Packers.

Rick from Appleton, WI

Vic, now 49ers tackle Anthony Davis is stepping away from football at age 25 over health concerns. Do you sense trouble?

I don't know what the particulars are for Davis. If he has health concerns, he's made the right decision. Trouble? The money these players earn allows them to step away from the game early. That could be a potential problem. Teams have to make sure they find guys that love the game beyond the money it'll pay them.

Todd from Knoxville, TN

To get to the next step (Super Bowl), what key improvement do we need to see from the offensive line this year?

If they play as they did last season, they will have done their job, again.

Scott from Sheboygan, WI

How did Pete Rozelle convince the owners to agree to revenue sharing? I couldn't see it happening today.

I don't know how he did it, but it's probably the single-most important event in NFL history. That's why Pete is on Mt. Rushmore.

Andrew from Overland Park, KS

Vic, why do suspensions get reduced so frequently during the appeal process in professional sports?

The league and its players are partners. Their ability to co-manage the game peacefully is at the heart of their success. Penalties are often reduced to avoid accusations of being arbitrary and capricious.

Yancey from Richlands, VA

I miss Brett.

Yeah, and when I used his questions, I got complaints. Is Brett really Vic? Is he your son? Now I'm getting complaints that I banned him. Which do you want, or do you just like the controversy?

Crigs from Port Washington, WI

Koti from India has it mostly right. Elite QBs read defenses like an MIT student counts cards at the blackjack table. They innately understand their percentages of success and process that information quickly. Your answer of courage is nostalgic.

You play Madden, don't you?

Mark from Portland, OR

Vic, I think Paul Brown deserves a place on your Mt. Rushmore as much as anyone else you named. He invented pocket pass protection, introduced the facemask, and created what would become the West Coast offense under his former assistant Bill Walsh. That, and he introduced Wonderlic-style testing to the NFL. What do you say? Make him the fourth head on your Mt. Rushmore.

My Mt. Rushmore already has a coach, Vince Lombardi. Brown was a sensational coach, but the facemask is the worst invention in football history. It's at the root of the greatest threat the game has faced since Teddy Roosevelt saved it from extinction.

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