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Whitt on House: 'He can be special'

Key comments from the Packers' defensive assistant coaches


GREEN BAY -- The Packers' defensive and special-teams coaches met with the media on Thursday. Here's a sampling of some of their key comments:

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook

(on punter Vogel)

"He's got a good leg. We're punting two days a week. In five practices, a lot of new stuff, new snapper, he's been fine."

(is he an NFL punter?)

"That to me is on down the road when we make that decision."

(on Crosby having a new snapper and holder, both rookies)

"The great thing about Mason is he's a pro. He's been around. It doesn't matter if it's snowing or the wind's blowing, he's a pro. He'll talk about what he likes and it's up to those guys to get it where he needs it to be. He doesn't let the little things bother him."

(on Hart as long-snapper, and getting downfield to make tackles)

"The thing with long snappers is they haven't blocked, particularly in the punting game. Until we get the pads on, we'll wait to see that. He's a good kid, a smart guy, and he knows what we need to get done.

"His job is to snap the football and protect, number one. After that, anything you get is a bonus."

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers

(on the OLB group)

"With Clay and Nick, we have two guys we think can be very productive for us.

"The biggest thing is our front two guys being able to stay healthy, and with Kyler and Jayrone, we feel good about their ability to go in and play. We've been thinner than what we are now."

(on Randall playing in the slot vs. outside)

"I think he can play both. There's a lot of variables we'll have to see as we go through training camp. Kevin King hasn't been in. We'll have to see how that works itself out. We've always felt the more guys you a have that can play multiple positions, you know you're going to need them through the course of the season."

(on the young CBs and how the roster will shake out)

"There's a lot that goes into that, and I like the competition, but those guys got experience in big games. They've learned a lot from what they've been through."

Assistant head coach/linebackers Winston Moss

(on the depth at OLB)

"We have our guys. I love every single guy that I'm coaching right now, and it's simply going to be work hard, prepare, and let's see what happens. But I love every single guy that's in that room."

(on Gilbert as a young, unheralded prospect)

"He works hard, doesn't say a word. He's always looking to get better."

Defensive line coach Mike Trgovac

(on Clark)

"He's such a young kid, and he's mature beyond his years that way. He came back in excellent shape, and you could see that means a lot to him. As a coach, you lay out guidelines for him, and he follows them step by step."

(on the duo of Daniels and Clark in the middle)

"With Mike and Kenny, two young players – Mike's still relatively young – two young guys that work hard and really love the game. That's a great thing to have as a D-line coach."

Safeties coach Darren Perry

(on Burnett and Jones playing more in the box)

"We're asking them to do a little bit more, but it's still football. Morgan's been great. Josh has been great. You ask them to do different things, those guys respond pretty well."

(on Jones and the plays he's made in OTAs)

"Josh is learning. He still has a ways to go. He's made some splash plays, some things to catch your eye. He's spinning. He's learning a lot. He wants to learn everything like that, but it takes times. It's a process. You can tell he's got a good football IQ."

(on Burnett and Clinton-Dix as leaders)

"Sometimes your veteran players are your best teachers. They've been real pros in that regard, and it's good. We've got that through our whole team."

Cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt Jr.

(on how much time he's able to spend with King)

"Not enough. I wish he was here. We're talking as much as we can. As much as we can get in, we get in, but I wish he was here. There's nothing like being here, being in the room."

(on Randall and how he carries himself)

"He's never really lacked for confidence. The performance of the group as a whole wasn't to the standard. I'm not going to sit here and make any excuses, but him and Quinten had legitimate injuries, surgeries during the season or after the season. What he went through last year was legitimate. But you can have a down year, come back and stay strong."

(on House)

"Davon has really matured. He's the leader of that room. He went to the hotel with the young guys last night to help them study.

"Of anybody I've coached, he's come further than anybody. He still has a ways to go, but if he can tap into what he can do, he can be special. He has that type of potential, we just have to get it out of him."

(on Gunter)

"I put LaDarius in some very hard situations. The last two games, I put him in some situations I probably shouldn't have, but it was what was best for the team. There were ups and downs with him, but if it wasn't for him, and it wasn't for Micah (Hyde), we wouldn't have gotten to the NFC Championship Game. You can't ask any more from a man."

Assistant linebackers coach Scott McCurley

(on the ILB position being devalued)

"I still think there's something special to the middle linebacker position in the game of football. There's something based on leadership, the mentality that position has to have, how they approach the game, how they play the game, being able to get in front of the defense, command their attention and make calls, direct traffic and play the game at a high level, I think there's still a place in the game for that."

(on what he needs to see from the ILB group)

"We've got to make the impact plays that are goign to get us to a Super Bowl. We've got to make the big plays in the big games."

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