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Who is Richard Rodgers' favorite tight end of all-time? Read his chat transcript

The second-year Packers TE took questions from fans on Thursday


Hey everybody. We're about to get started. Send in your questions!

Comment From BrettGB

Hi, Richard, are you excited to play in Cal. again this week?

Yeah, I'm excited.

Comment From Logan

Richard, what is your favorite Wisconsin getaway location?

I like to golf around the state.

Comment From Colm

When you talk to your Dad does he try to give you any coaching tips?

Yes, he tries, but he doesn't coach offense, so I don't listen to him.

Comment From BrettGB

Did you grow up a 49ers fan?

Yes, I grew up a 49ers fan.

Comment From Logan

Richard, if you weren't playing in the NFL, what would you want to do as a career?

I would want to play basketball or baseball.

Comment From Alex Walters

What is your favorite Drink?


Comment From Alex Walters

What kind of Gatorade?

Red Gatorade.

Comment From Guest

What's your favorite television show?

ESPN is my favorite channel. SportsCenter.

Comment From Guest 

Favorite movie?

The Sandlot.

Comment From Logan 

Hey Richard, I am starting you on my fantasy team this weekend, how many touchdowns are you going to get?


Comment From Jason S. 

In your opinion, who is the fastest guy on the team?

Sam Shields is the fastest.

Comment From Guest 

Have you ever seen the movie "Rudy"?

Yes, I've seen Rudy.

Comment From Brendan 

What made you give #89 to James Jones? Do you expect anything in return, good teammate.

He wore the number before. I didn't have any attachment to it, so it was easy for me to give up.

Comment From Justin P 

Who did you look up to growing up? Football wise

Terrell Owens.

Comment From Megan 

Who is your favorite TE of all time?

Antonio Gates is my favorite tight end of all time.

Comment From Rob 

Madden or FIFA?


Comment From Alex Walters 

PS4 Or Xbox One?

Xbox One.

Comment From Colm 

What's your team in FIFA?

I play with Portugal.

Comment From Justin P 

Favorite Hockey team?

The Dallas Stars.

Comment From Tim 

Favorite gas station snack?

Red Vines.

Comment From Roger 

Any HS or college mentors?

My high school basketball coach is my biggest mentor: Bob Foley.

Comment From Scott 

Which teammate do you spend more time with off the field?

I spend the most time with Davante Adams.

Comment From Lauren 

what's your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue.

Comment From John 

Favorite mlb team?

Oakland A's.

Comment From Ryan 

Are you a dog or cat person?

I'm a dog person. Labs, specifically.

Comment From Justin P 

Favorite golfer?

Tiger Woods.

Comment From Mary 

favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookie dough.

Comment From Lauren 

do you like mickey mouse?

Yes, I like Mickey Mouse.

Comment From Alex Walters 

White, Brown, Black, or yellow labs?

Black Labs.

Comment From Chase

Favorite pre-game meal?

My favorite pre-game meal is cereal. Kix Berries.

Comment From Colm 

Looking forward to facing off against your Dad's DBs in Carolina in November?

Yes, I'm looking forward to that!

Comment From Kayla Cochrane 

Favorite football movie?

My favorite football movie is The Replacements.

Comment From Sweet Dee 

Do you have a girlfriend?

Yes, I have a girlfriend.

Comment From Liam Green 

do you like any other sports besides football?

I like basketball, baseball and soccer.

Comment From Ryan 

favorite basketball player

Steph Curry.

Comment From Guest 

What sports did you play in high school

Baseball, basketball and football.

Comment From Nick Meyer 

favorite baseball player?

Miguel Tejada.

Comment From John M 

Who's your favorite NBA team?

Golden State Warriors.

Comment From Alex Walters 

What do you do on your free time?

I like to play video games in my free time.

Comment From Conner 

Favorite video game

Call of Duty.

Comment From Shelby 

nike or adidas?


Comment From Curt 

Favorite cookie?

Chocolate chip cookies.

Comment From Brian 

Who wins 1 on 1 Big Pete or Scal with a torn ACL?

Scal with a torn ACL.

Comment From Guest 

best city in MA? Worcester or Worcester


Comment From Bizzie 

Have you ever been to the Boynton in Worcester?

Yes, I have. It's a very good restaurant.

Comment From Guest 

Is Tobey ready?

No, Tobey's not ready.

Comment From Guest 

billy edger or objiii???

Billy Edger.

Comment From Brook L. 

Sour patch kids or starburst?

Sour Patch Kids.

I've gotta run. Thanks for all of the questions!

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