Who's the funniest guy on the team? Read Jayrone Elliott's chat

The second-year Packers LB took questions from fans on Thursday


Hey everyone. Send in your questions!

Comment From Chris 

What's your favorite off-the-field activity?

Either hanging out with my son or playing NBA 2K.

Comment From Jordan 

Which Packers Offensive Lineman could you take in a fight?

All of them. LOL.

Comment From Curt in Cali 

Hey Jayrone. Who is you mentor on the defense?

Morgan Burnett. He's also the funniest guy on the team.

Comment From Packs 13th 

What's been the biggest adjustment for you in your transition to pro football?

Being consistent every day. Trying to be the same guy.

Comment From Balaji 

What's your favorite cartoon character?

Spongebob or Peter from Family Guy.

Comment From Megan 

Who is your all time favorite LB?

Clay Matthews. LOL.

Comment From Za 

Hey, Jayrone! You were undrafted coming out, and had to work your butt off to make the roster...What would your advice be to upcoming high school players that are looking to make it into the league too??

Just try to get better at something each day. It's gonna be a long process, but it will all be worth it.

Comment From Howard 

Greetings. What gives you a bigger thrill: intercepting a pass or causing a fumble?

Intercepting a pass because you feel like a running back.

Comment From Balaji 

What's your favorite video game? My son's Maiden 15.


Comment From SweetDee 

What's your favorite movie?

Probably "Blended" or "Glory Road" or "Just Go With It"

Comment From Harman Singh 

What other sports do you like?

I can watch them all, but I love basketball.

Comment From Brianna L 

Hey dude!!! How are ya today! What is your favorite thing as being a Green Bay Packer and What is your favorite thing to do before each game??

Just hanging out with my teammates. My favorite thing to do before the game is listen to music and get stretched out.

Comment From ASVP 

Who's is your favorite artist today?

Drake, by far!

Comment From S.Brule 

Have you ever seen the movie "Rudy"??

Yes, it's in my top five.

Comment From Chris,Hungary 

Who was your idol when you were a kid?

Both LeBron James and Ted Ginn, Jr.

Comment From Jeremy 

Hey man, what did it feel like when you moved from the auxiliary locker room to the main locker room?

It was kind of weird. I kept walking back to the auxiliary locker room the first couple of days.

Comment from JC

Where does Kindergarten Cop rank in your top 5 favorite movies?

I've never seen it, but I love Cop and a Half.

Comment From Guest 

Jay or Jayrone?

Shakespeare. LOL!

Comment From Brian 

Favorite play of the season?

Clay Matthews' interception of Jay Cutler.

Comment From Scott 

Which teammate do you spend most time with off the field?

"Meech" Goodson.

Comment From Peebles 

Do you have a song that you listen to before games?

Future - March Madness.

Comment From Packs 13th 

What's your favorite restaurant in Green Bay so far?


Comment From Amy Johnson 

Pizza or Spaghetti?

Sausage and pepperoni pizza, for sure.

Comment From Balaji 

Do you believe in comparing Aaron Rodgers with Michael Jordan? ;-)

Only if you add LeBron James.

Comment From Guest 

What do you think of Green Bay the commuity?

I think it's a great environment with great people who have positive attitudes about everything.

Comment From TK 

Mac or PC? iPhone or Android?

Mac and iPhone, for sure!

Comment From Stephen 

What was your favorite team from MLB, NHL, NBA, & NFL growing up?

Cleveland Indians, Columbus Blue Jackets, Cleveland Cavaliers and don't judge me, but the Cleveland Browns.

Comment From Robyn 

Hi Jayrone, who's the funniest guy on the team?

Besides me, LOL, Morgan Burnett or Letroy Guion.

Comment From Howard 

Do you have a celebration planned for when you score your first TD?

Not yet -- do you have anything in mind?

Comment From Gretchen 

What's your favorite meal?

Some Cap'n Crunch.

Comment From B_rad 

Do you have any mantra's, or phrases, or psalms, or quotes you hold true?

"The harder you work the luckier you are."

Comment From Guest 

Are you looking forward to playing in the snow and possible sub 0 temps?

Yes. It doesn't really bother me. I'm from Cleveland.

Comment From Balaji 

Have you played Basketball in school/college?

Yes. I played basketball in high school.

Comment From PackFan123 

Best dancer on the team?

It's between all of the defensive backs (except Ha Ha). I've never seen Ha Ha dance.

Comment From Guest 

Whats your favorite thing to so in the offseason?

Visit my high school and my college and hang out with my family.

Comment From Anthony G 

Who do you got winning the World Series this year?

The Chicago Cubs, just because of Kris Bryant.

Comment From TK 

With Peppers, Goodson and Rollins, the Packers would have an awesome basketball team. Who'd be your starting 5?

Demetri Goodson, Davante Adams, Richard Rodgers, Morgan Burnett and myself.

And John Kuhn off the bench!

Comment From Robyn 

How did you like Coach McCarthy's beard?

I'm glad it's gone. LOL

Comment From Rodney 

What is your favorite place to vacation?

Vegas, by far.

Comment From Kevin 

Do you have a nickname on the team?

Shakespeare, H.M. (High Maintenance) and The Closer.

Comment From Avery 

Who is most likely in the locker room to listen to Metal music?

JC Tretter, LOL

Comment From Keith 

How many points per game will Kobe average this year?


Comment From Robyn 

Since you're from Ohio, what do you think of OSU and Cardale Jones? Thanks

I think it's great for him. He was my high school quarterback, so I'm rooting for him and the Buckeyes.

Comment From Liam Green 

favorite tv show as a kid

Drake and Josh or Full House.

Comment From Gouda 

If you had to pick one of your teammates to be stranded on a deserted island with, who would it be and why?

Aaron Rodgers because he's got a lot of good connections.

Comment From TK 

Do you speak multiple languages, like Kobe?

Yeah. English and Football.

Comment From Robyn 

You seem really outgoing. Who's the shyest guy on the team?

Myself, I believe.

Comment From Guest 

Have you traveled around the state?

Not much. I've been to Wisconsin Dells and Appleton. That's probably about it.

Comment From leif 

who is your favorite packer player of all time

I don't have one right now but James Jones is creeping up!

Comment From Tailg8 Sarah 

Favorite holiday & Why?

Thanksgiving because of the food and family...but mainly the food!

Comment From Dylan 

Do you think it's possible for you and the Pack to go 16-0?

Anything is possible (Kevin Garnett voice)

Comment From Mike 

Carolina or Duke? BAMA or Auburn? Yankees or Red Sox?

Duke, Georgia, Yankees.

Comment From Robyn 

If you weren't a pro football player, what would you be?

Probably a basketball player or still working at Honey Baked Ham.

Comment From Tailg8 Sarah 

When you last dressed up for Halloween what was your costume?

I think I was Rajon Rondo in college.

Comment From Thomas 

Who's your favourite hockey player?

Sidney Crosby. He's probably the only player I know.

Comment From TK 

Rob Davis and the Packers are really good at preparing Packers players for life after football. What do you have in mind?

Maybe broadcasting or trying to become an elementary school teacher.

Comment From Gretchen 

Do you want your son to play football when he grows up?

Yes. I don't mind. It's whatever he wants to do.

Comment From UT Rockets 

Favorite breakfast cereal

Frosted Flakes. You've gotta have bananas with Frosted Flakes. I used to do it in daycare when I was growing up.

Comment From Mike 

West Coast or East Coast 90's hip-hop?

West Coast.

Comment From Jacob 

What was the biggest game as a Packer?

This Sunday at Lambeau.

Comment From Guest 

Do you ever stop and just smile at your success?

No, no. There's still a long way to go!

Comment From Bob from Vernon, NY 

What's the deal? Tailg8 Sarah has 2 questions answered and you can't answer 1 of mine! Pretty lame!!!

LeBron James

Comment From Mike 

So, should I order a Jayrone Elliot jersey or what?

What are you waiting for?

Comment From Stephen 

What was your #1 motivation when working towards being a linebacker for the Packers?

This past offseason it was definitely Super Bowl 50.

Comment From Balaji 

What's your thought of hanging out with fans for a day?

I'm down for it. Let's do it!

Comment From Chris,Hungary 

Name something that drives you crazy!

Loud motorcycles!

Thanks for sending in your questions, everyone! Go Cubs! Go Rockets! Go Packers!

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