Who's the funniest person on the team? Read Randall Cobb's chat

The Packers WR took questions from fans in a live chat on Thursday


What's up guys?

And girls

Comment From Sydney

THIS! This is up! It's so cool that you guys do this.

Yeah, it is! Really cool - glad I get a chance to talk to you!

Comment From Terry S


What's up, Terry? Glad to see you in today!

Comment From Guest

Hey Randall ... Watch any good movies during your time off?

I just saw Steve Jobs. It was pretty good. I didn't realize how different he was.

Comment From Sydney Boyd

Randall! Omg! You are my fav! I've been rocking with you since your Kentucky days!


Comment From Guest

some say corn on the Cobb, I say cherry-cheese COBBler. What is your favorite nickname?


Comment From Ellen

What is your favorite desert?

BTS Cake from Plae Bistro in Green Bay

Comment From James

Would you like to play in London?

Yeah, as long as it's not a home game!

Comment From will f

Would you rather go back to the past or into the future

Let's go into the future.

Comment From Terry S

When Ike Taylor confessed his love for you on the top 100. Have you had a conversation with him since? and what was said? If not, what do you plan to say to him the next time you see him?

He can't call me cute.

Comment From Tyler Payne

Hey man! That picture of you in the bleachers for team pictures was hilarious. Everyone was looking straight ahead and your face was great. Thanks for the laugh


Comment From Josh Ligon

Who's your favorite artist right now ?

Bryson Tiller. Trap Soul. Look him up.

Comment From Joe

What's up Randall! Quick question - what's your favourite movie of all time?

Remember The Titans

Comment From Louie

When you play Mario Kart, what character is your favorite?


Comment From Rob

My wife wants to know if you wear colored contacts.

No. They're all-natural, Rob.

Comment From Jordan

Hey Randall, I've got a funny here. Would you rather be half your height or double your weight?

I'd rather be double my weight.

Comment From Mariah

Randall, when you smile, I smile

I smile knowing that you're smiling!

Comment From Balaji

What is your favorite sport other than Football?


Comment From JOE From West Plains,mo

darn looks like my questions are going to go unanswered again

You've got to ask a question for it to be answered!

Comment From Isaiah

cobb can you see my questions?

Great question! Yes, I can.

Comment From Jess

What is your all time favorite dinner? I mean, I'm talking that homecooked meal you can't live without.

Toss kabob. It's a Persian dish.

Comment From Josh S.

Any advice for getting a ketchup stain out of a green and gold #18 jersey?

Clorox. No stain in my game.

Comment From Dan

Randall, any current TV shows you recommend?

Narcos about Pablo Escobar.

Comment From Jason

Just want to let you know my mom is obsessed with you!

I'm obsessed with your mom as well.

Comment From Jake

Who is the funniest person on the team?

James Jones. Close second: Ty Montgomery.

Comment From Patrick

What's your favorite scary movie? Halloween is coming up after all!

I'm still scared of Chucky.

Comment From Balaji

Do you miss Jordy Nelson? We miss him a lot.

I see him every day

Comment From Kieron

If anybody was going to play you in a film about your life? Who would it be?

Probably Jamie Foxx.

Comment From Steve

Do you like the show Suits? Which is your favourite character?

Yeah. My favorite character is Louis, because he's always messing something up.

Comment From Brandon

Breaking bad, walking dead, or game of thrones?

Games of Thrones

Comment From Jill

How are your cooking skills?

Chef Boy R Cobb

Comment From Madalyn

What's your favorite vegetable?


Comment From Louie

Previously, John Kuhn said in this chat that he could take on John Cena in a cage match. What do you think about this?

Of course! He's Kuuuuuuhhhhhnnnnn.

Comment From Luke Robinette

You guys pull pranks and scare each other in and around the locker rooms?

All the time. The best is scaring coaches when we pop out behind walls when they're walking.

Comment From Andrew

m&ms or skittles


Comment From Kirsten

Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman?


Comment From Thomas

is a hot dog a sandwich?

I've never thought of it that way.

Comment From Brian

Corn on the Cobb? or Canned?

On the cob. Grilled.

Comment From Melissa

Teacher that made a difference in your life?

Miss Miller. My 6th grade teacher at Alcoa Middle School.

Comment From Lily

Randall, how long has your hair ever gotten?

Every time I tried to grow it out as a kid, my mom said I was acting bad. It never got very long. I would have gotten kicked out of the house.

It was great hanging out with y'all. Bye!

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