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Packers DE took questions from fans on Tuesday


Hey everybody. Datone Jones here. Send me your questions!

Comment From Derek

Who on the team would you least want to fight?

Probably Josh Sitton. I'd probably have trouble getting him on the ground. My punches probably would not affect him at all.

Comment From Guest

Hi Datone, knowing the Lions offense well at this point in the season, what are the best ways to get pressure on Stafford this Thursday, besides just beating the man in front of you? Stunts? LB blitzes? DB blitzes? Keep em guessing?

The biggest thing is getting him off his spot. Not letting him scramble around because he's pretty accurate outside of the pocket, throwing to Calvin Johnson. Can't let him get comfortable.

Comment From Gabriel

Hey! I grew up in Southern California, too. How do you like the winters here?

They're not too bad. We spend most of our time inside. The worst part of winter time is TV timeouts on gameday.

Comment From Guest

Datone! Loved your humor on the radio last night. You retweeted my brother after you were drafted about things to do in Green Bay. What is your favorite thing to do in green bay and do you hang with any of the locals?

Thanks for listening. It's every Wednesday night on 107.5 in Green Bay. The show is at Thornberry Creek Golf Course from 6-7 pm. Stayed tuned today to my guest Jeff Janis!

Comment From Panos

Hi Datone! Which has been your favourite sack so far in your Packers career?Greetings from Athens,Greece

My first one on Monday Night Football against the Bears during my rookie season. It was Josh McCown. I also got my first career interception off of him (against Tampa Bay).

Comment From Kyle K

Datone I hope your having a good day man! Quick question what was your favorite sports movie as a kid?

My favorite sports movies are The Program and Blue Chips.

Comment From Moose

What's your favorite video game?

Call of Duty

Comment From Dan

Qdoba or Chipotle?

Chipotle all day!

Comment From Jason Bravo

Hey Datone, what is your favorite thing to do besides play football?

Netflix and chill with the wife.

Comment From Guest

You and Mike Daniels go one v one on the board, who wins?

Me and Mike Daniels go one on one, I'm gonna win. Mike Daniels stand no chance. Don't tell him I said that.

Comment From Maggie

What position would you want to play if you weren't a DE?

Probably tight end. I was a tight end in college as well. I caught a TD.

Comment From Paul

Who is the funniest defender on the team? I've heard that Jayrone Elliot is pretty funny.

Mike Pennel and Letroy Guion.

Comment From Moose

Favorite cartoon growing up?


Comment From JJ

Did you see some of the Bears players comments on how they hate Rodgers? You love every QB you face right?

Yeah. I saw Houston and McPhee comment. I know Houston trains with Aaron in the offseason. I don't think those comments are real. We all train at the same facility.

Comment From Ekaterina

Hi. If you could choose any super power for yourself what would it be?

I wish I could teleport. Teleport right to meetings, to home, back to California sometimes.

Comment From Jon

Favorite QB to sack?

I wanted to sack Peyton or Brady. I missed them both, so I'm pretty upset. I know my chances are very limited.

Comment From Steve

Batman or Superman?

I'm gonna take Superman. I just don't get how Batman can even compete with Superman. He's got kryptonite, but the science behind how things work...it doesn't make sense that Batman can beat Superman.

Comment From BCVegas

How about we see an offensive formation where you play one TE position and Julius Peppers plays the other?

I would love it. I would love to do my first Lambeau Leap, especially catching a TD from Aaron. No one would ever hear the end of it. A TD from Aaron? I would brag all the time!

Comment From Cory

Datone! It's been fun to watch you and the defense grow. Thanks for all your hard work. How do you like to spend your time during the holidays?

Playing football and hanging with family.

Comment From Paul

Did you see what Jimmy Fallon's superlative was for you?

Yeah, I saw them. They were pretty corny. But I loved them. I have a good sense of humor.

Comment From Glenn

Hi Datone, Who's the toughest O-Line opponent you played against?

I'd say Tyron Smith. I played against him in high school, colle32ge and the pros. He's a really good player. I got a sack on him in each level. Every time we play against each other we always play hard. He's a Trojan.

Comment From Bubba

Datone, big fan. What would you consider to be your spirit animal?

Probably a silverback gorilla.

Comment From Jake

Favorite football movie?

Little Giants

Comment From DD

How do you like your new role in the defense?

I love it. It just shows how versatile I can be. It's a new challenge to myself and I just take it one day at a time. I'm thankful for the opportunity that I have been given.

Comment From Mike M

My son plays DE and is in 7th grade. He wants to play in the NFL. Any advice you could give him?

Grades are #1. Second: Do something every day to better yourself. Pushups and situps every night (Herschel Walker). Put your son in boxing now. That will help him.

Comment From Trevor

Whats your favorite pre game song to get you jacked?

Nas "If I Ruled The World"

Comment From Ryan

Hello Datone. What pregame rituals do you have?

I eat corn flakes before every game. I don't know why. That's how I grew up. Eating corn flakes. I stick to my ritual.

Comment From Steven not Evan

What's your favorite cereal?

Fruity Pebbles

Comment From Katherine

Do you ever get nervous before a game?

I wore #56 in college. If you flip around my number, #95 = #56.

Comment From Chris v

Do you play madden?

I'm unbeatable at Madden. I've been holding it down since Madden '03.

Comment From Kullin

2pac or Biggie?

I'm a 2Pac fan

Comment From Steve

Favorite number Jordan?

Retro 4

Comment From Dylan

On your free time, who from the team do you hangout with?

Everyone on the D-line.

Comment From Nick S

How do you feel about autographs and taking pictures with fans?

I love it. Love taking pictures with the fans. Signing autographs. One day this game will end and no one will want to take a picture with me, so I take advantage of it while I can.

Comment From Joe

Is there another player that you like competing with during practices or games that keeps you motivated

Guys like Julius and Clay.

Comment From Glenn

Who's the fastest in the 40 on the Packer's D-Line? Pennel?


Comment From Jay

Do you ever hang out with the guys on offense?

All the time. Brett Hundley (went to college with him). I hang out with Starks sometimes. A few of the offensive lineman. I used to always hang out with Scott Tolzien. Scott big-timed me.

Comment From Matt

Who has the best touchdown celebrations on the team?

James Jones has the best celebration. When he does his son's TD celebration.

Comment From Dan L

After a home game, how much time do you take to get out of Lambeau? What do you do after a home game?

I like to get in the cold tub after a game. Hang out with family. Eat a little bit.

Comment From Bryce

Best athlete on the team, regardless of size or position?

Julius Peppers is the best athlete I have ever met. I feel like he could have gone pro at any sport he wanted to. If he went to the NBA, he would have been very dominant.

Comment From Derek

Can you do a discount double check belt when you get a sack on thursday?


Comment From Guest

Who can eat the most on the D-line?

B.J. Raji. He's a garbage disposal. He wiped out Golden Corral.

Comment From LaFlare

Starting 5 current NBA players

Steph Curry, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook

Comment From Bryce

Datone, how does being a college athlete compare to being a professional?

College prepares you to become a pro. Being a pro prepares you for life after football.

Comment From Joseph

What's your favorite drink?


Comment From Chet

What are your plans when you eventually retire?

Try to take over the world.

Comment From Max

PS4 or Xbox One?

Both. Whatever one you want to lose on.

Comment From Jay

who was the role model you looked up to as a kid?

Kobe Bryant. I've been watching him play since I was six years old growing up in the southern California area. He was huge.

Comment From James Daniels

Do you have a certain diet you have to stick too?

Low-carb, gluten-free

Comment From Katherine

Favorite state?

California! It never rains.

Comment From BrettGB

What was your 1st thought when the Packers drafted you?

I hope it doesn't get too cold.

Comment From Guest

JJ Watt or Clay Matthews?

Clay Matthews. He's a SoCal guy.

Comment From Aaron

Hows life?

Life's great. Can't complain!

Comment From Jason

What was being a rookie like in Green Bay?

KFC every Wednesday. Lots of Five Hour Energy shots.

Comment From Jonathon

What's your favorite place to get a bite to eat?

Texas Roadhouse. Turn up - I'm there tonight!

Comment From Jay

Favorite NFL team and player growing up?

Indianapolis Colts because I loved Peyton Manning. Favorite player was Michael Strahan.

Comment From Bruce

Do a lot of guys watch other football games when they get a chance, or do they tend to just focus on their jobs?

Oh yeah. We watch football non-stop and you hope the other guys don't do as well that play your position.

Comment From Vince

Which coach at any level has made the biggest impact on your life?

My high school coach. Without him I probably wouldn't be where I am today.

Comment From Joel

My nephew is a DE also he strives to do whatever it takes to give him and his team the advantage. Do you think it's better to be a thin quick off the line DE? Or should he gain some mass and be a rock?

Tell him to work on his speed first, then worry about getting big later. He should run high school track. I ran the 100, 200 and 400 in high school. It helped me. I never won a race, but the results paid dividends.

Comment From Jason

I've always wondered, do you play as yourself in madden or is that something NFL players just don't do? Is it weird?

I always play as myself, I play with the Green Bay Packers. The crazy thing: I played with the Packers before I came here. The cardinal rule: You can't play with the team that just won the Super Bowl. It's hard buying the Madden game because they always make me weak. Please boost my stats, EA!

Comment From Steve

Do you like playing games on the holidays?

Yeah. My family is very competitive. We have a ping pong table in the basement and we get after it!

Comment From Jimmy D

On the road, have you ever experienced a fire alarm at your hotel or other distraction possibly meant to knock the team out of its routine?

LOL - I've never!

Comment From AKod

What do you love the most about the packers?

The fan base. The Green Bay Packers are everything to Wisconsin natives. It's bigger than just the team. We're all a family.

Comment From Derek

Who pulls the most pranks on the team?

One time Red Batty popped out of my locker on Halloween. It scared me.

Comment From Jay

Would you ever like to be put in as a tight end or eligible receiver just once?

Yeah. I would love to be put in as a tight end. Just throw me the ball, Coach!

Comment From Katherine

Do you like cheese? Since it is Wisconsin's pride.

Yes I do! Queso!

Comment From Bruce

If it makes you feel any better, you're my favorite pash rusher to use on the Packers in Madden

I sub myself in in Madden

Comment From Jay

When people give you grief do you remind them that they must be perfect and never make a mistake?

No one really gives me grief. At the end of the day I have to look myself in the mirror and own my mistakes. As long as my family has my back, my teammates and coaches have my back, I'm OK.

Comment From Steve

What should I watch on Netflix?

NARCOS. Breaking Bad.

Comment From Woody

What usually wins...hard work or talent?

Neither. Grit.

Comment From Chuck

Besides yourself , who is the strongest defensive lineman?

I'd have to say Mike Daniels. He eats weights for breakfast.

Comment From Jay

A was at the thanksgiving game, was hot chocolate available on the sidelines?

No hot chocolate was available.

Comment From Dawn

How much pain are you in the day after a game, even at your age?

Probably a 4/10. Never true injuries. Just soreness, a few scratches here and there. Nothing crazy.

Comment From John

What's the quadratic formula? Need you for Math HW

x = [-b ± √(b2 - 4ac)]/2a

Nerd at heart. UCLA. Go Bruins! I'm out!**

Comment From Edwin J.

Those questions (stunk)

OK. You have one wish. Go ahead. Nothing too extreme.

Come on, Edwin. I'm waiting.

Comment From Edwin J.

Are you a Christian?

Yes I am. My wife is a Catholic and I attend a non-denominational Christian church.

Comment From Steven

What is going on? lol

It just got real!

Comment From Evan is better than Steven

Help me out Datone. My friend is bragging because he got an answer from you. What do you put on your toast?

B.J. Raji came out with a new breakfast jelly line.

Comment From Coach K

What number did you wear your 10th grade year playing varsity football?

#76. First number.

Keep it on the low.

Comment From Max

If you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment... would capture it, or just let it slip

Let's make a remix Max.

Comment From Katherine

What is your favorite subject in school?

P.E. I was a history major at UCLA. I had a minor in Urban Planning

Comment From Ren

Favorite UCLA memory?

Beating USC my senior year. I'm out! Thanks for the questions!

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