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Why don't Packers fans trust their defense?

Whatever you think it is, it likely isn't


Jordan from West Palm Beach, FL

Aren't most of us just casual fans when our team isn't playing?

That's the theory. At some point, we're all casual fans, and that means the game must be painted with a broad brush.

Bob from Conway, NJ

I have been a Packers fan since the early 1960s. I have great confidence our offense can score against anyone, but my fear is with our defense. Is my concern justified if we want to be a Super Bowl contender?

At this point, your concern is not justified. One of the things I've noticed about Packers fans is they have a natural distrust of defense. I think it's in the DNA.

Eric from Oshkosh, WI

Which do you think is more important, having an opportunistic defense that creates a few turnovers, or having a stout defense that keeps people from moving the chains?

I believe a defense that denies yardage is more dependable than a defense reliant on creating turnovers.

Stephen from Chicago, IL

After a Week 3 loss that put the Packers at 1-2 and started talk of the demise of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense, the Packers have won four in a row. After a Week 4 loss to the Chiefs, everyone declared the Patriots season over and Tom Brady washed up. They've since won three in a row. Both teams are in first or tied for first in their respective divisions. If chortling is the surefire way to stop a hot streak, then declaring a team dead is sure to start one.

You're absolutely right. Whatever you think it is, it likely isn't.

Chris from Middletown, CT

Maybe growing up in New England as a Red Sox fan made me a little superstitious, but when I was young, it seemed like anytime they were doing well and I would start to chortle, the bottom would fall out. I since learned not to do that and they have enjoyed success (this season notwithstanding), as have the Packers.

I played a lot of baseball in my youth, and I remember having a manager that told me to be very protective of hot streaks. He said make them last as long as you can because hot streaks are followed by slumps, and batting slumps are like head colds: No matter what you do, they last two weeks. That's why I don't like chortling; I hate head colds.

J.D. from Palm Bay, FL

When you looked it up, did you also notice Virginia has a Lick Skillet and Kentucky has a Lick Skillet? What's the deal?

Alabama is also checking in with a Lick Skillet. I'd just like to know what was in that skillet.

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