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Why don't punters aim for the corners anymore? Read Tim Masthay's chat


Hey Packer nation. I'm ready to chat with you for the next 30 minutes. Looking forward to your questions!

Comment From Becky 

It's National Donut Day today so what is your favorite Donut.

I don't really eat donuts, but I enjoy going to Dunkin Donuts for their coffee and to pick up a donut for my three year old daughter, who loves them. Sometimes I'll get one with green and gold icing because she likes the Packer ones.

Comment From Zach 

I heard Aaron Rodgers refer to you as "Ginge" during a post-game press conference. Is that a nickname that everyone has given you, or just Rodgers?

You're correct that it started with Aaron Rodgers' press conference -- during my rookie season he referred to me as the "Ginger Wolverine" due to my obnoxiously long sideburns and now the name has shortened to "Ginge" and has stuck with me.

Comment From Jenna 

What do you like most about being a player on the Green Bay Packers?

There's a lot of things I like about it. One of the most special parts is working on a day to day basis with my teammates. It's a special locker room and has been every year of my six years here. It's really just a great privilege to be a Packer.

Comment From Jimmy Jo 

Do you like being part of the ginger nation? You and Kuhn represent well!

It's funny you mention that. Apparently, today is "Appreciate a Ginger Day", or something along those lines. Coach McCarthy brought it to the attention of the team prior to having me break the team huddle at the end of practice. John, on the other hand, does not fully commit to being considered a ginger. But we all know the truth.

Comment From Zach 

Do you prefer Android, or Apple?

I'm an Apple guy, courtesy of my wife. She convinced me of its merits several years ago and I've become a fan.

Comment From Hunter 

what is your favorite pregame ritual

Prior to beginning our kicking and punting routines, Mason and I will run wide receiver routes and throw the football around. It's a really fun way to warm up.

Comment From Beers and brats 

Is it true you are a slow reader? I've heard stories it takes you a whole week to read the newspaper.

Hi, Brett. Only when you and Mason insist on distracting my reading.

Comment From Karl 

What's the most important fundamental for a punter?

I would say there are several fundamentals that are key for punters, but perhaps the most crucial is a punter's drop. Without a good drop, it's almost impossible to hit a good punt.

Comment From Mike D. 

Do you think your Father's superior knowledge of physical chemistry has played a role in your efforts to become such an outstanding punter?

I would say no, considering that physics is probably a more applicable science to my skill-set. Interestingly enough, I only made one 'C' in high school and it was in chemistry, despite my dad having a PhD and being a college professor of chemistry.

Comment From Joshua 


I take it that you noticed my jersey. I've become a huge Tottenham Hotspur fan over the past couple of years. In fact, they played a match today, which I recorded and will watch after my kids go to sleep tonight.

Comment From Dylan 

Parks and Recreation or The Office?

Never saw Parks and Recreation, but I always really enjoyed The Office.

Comment From Josh 

North London is red. Do you agree?

Let's find out Sunday at 10 a.m.

Comment From Bo 

Who is the best non kicker/punter that can kick or punt?

I haven't seen him do much full punting or kicking, but Brett Goode is a heck of a onside kick specialist.

Comment From Ben 

Who was your favorite football team growing up?

I was a Buffalo Bills fan. Loved watching Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith and Andre Reed. Unfortunately, that means my childhood was filled with a lot of heartbreak. What made matters worse was that my brother was a Dallas Cowboys fan. I'm thankful that as a player I was able to be on the winning side of a Super Bowl and hopefully will be again.

Comment From Greg Whitehead 

What's your favourite away stadium to play in?

I don't know that I have a favorite but one of the things I like about playing in the NFL is getting to travel around the country and play in a wide variety of venues.

Comment From Eric 

How old were you when you first realized you wanted to be a punter in the NFL?

I didn't start playing football until I was 16 and that was only because one of my very good friends and head football coach at my high school convinced me to give it a try. Needless to say, I'm thankful they did.

Comment From Guest 

Best place to eat in town?

There are several places in town that I enjoy, but to narrow it down to one, I would probably have to go with Cheesecake Heaven. My wife and I love going there and taking our kids. The atmosphere is great and the food is great.

Comment From Adam 

Who did you idolize as a high schooler?

I looked up to my older brother quite a bit. He was a really good athlete and competing with him my whole life made me a better athlete. I dreamed of being a professional athlete since I was a really little boy, so I also looked up to professional athletes in general.

Comment From BrettGB 

Tim, what was it like to kick in the Super Bowl?

The first punt of the Super Bowl was perhaps the most nervous I've ever been for a punt. After that, I settled in and it felt like a normal game. So I would say the game had a ton of energy and to an even larger extent than normal, I had to be in tune with staying focused and composed. To come out on the winning side was tremendously satisfying.

Comment From Kevin from Saxon,Wi 

Have you ever kicked field goals in a game?

I was more of a kicker in high school than a punter. So to answer your question, yes, but not since high school. And in fact, the University of Kentucky was the only school that seriously recruited me to punt. When I was being recruited, Steve Ortmayer, our special teams coordinator, and Rich Brooks, the head coach, convinced me that if I chose to punt at the University of Kentucky, I would be an All-SEC punter and an NFL punter before it was all said and done.

Comment From Emily Lefler 

Do you prefer home or being in Green Bay?

For the past six years, Green Bay has been home. This is where my wife and I have spent the majority of our married life. It's where our kids were born, it's where we've built a house and it's where we've created a ton of memories with the Packers and all our friends here.

Comment From Kyle 

Do you practice anything other than punting? Running? Tackling?

Certainly. I am involved with the strength and conditioning portion of our program just like the rest of the team. I'm also fond of practicing yoga for its flexibility, balance, strength and focus components.

Comment From Logan 

What is your favorite food

Adam Korzun, Packers director of performance nutrition, keeps our cafeteria stocked with a ton of great food. One food I'm particularly fond of is salmon and Adam brings in New Zealand salmon, which I've found to be unbelievably delicious. In fact, I often joke with my wife that when I'm no longer playing for the Packers, the most difficult aspect of the transition will be no longer having access to the cafeteria. The Packers feed us like kings.

Comment From Gary U

Why don't punters aim for corners anymore? Ray Guy did it all the time

I haven't run the statistical analysis, but I am pretty confident that punters in today's game are probably better at placing punts inside the 20 than at any other time in the NFL's history. The reason for this is the adaptation of the end-under-end Australian-style punt that Darren Bennett pioneered roughly 20 years ago. As of today, I believe every single punter in the NFL uses the end-under-end punt. The main reason for this is that this style of punt makes controlling distance easier. The coffin corner punt that you mention can be a highly effective punt and I have no doubt that there have been punters quite skilled at it but it is a more difficult punt to control and results in more touchbacks and mishits than does the Aussie-style punt.

Comment From Guest

Do you ever wanted to do the Lambeau Leap?

That would be absolutely awesome. Maybe one day...

Thanks for chatting. Have a great night, everyone!

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