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Why is that play not reviewable?

I can live with the game's foibles


Austin from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, I love this football team. Can I just relax and watch?

If you can, you'll eliminate the anxiety that causes fans to agonize through the season, just wishing to win it all so they can savor victory through the offseason. Why not savor games as they're being played? You can do that if you can eliminate the fear of losing. It can be crippling. Don't let it do it to you. Be courageous. Defeat fear.

Taylor from Amarillo, TX

Vic, a couple of years ago, it seemed the Lions were a team with the arrow pointing up. It feels like that's not the case now. What happened?

The only thing wrong with the Lions is their record. They'll fix it and you won't be asking this question then. The Packers are 4-0 and everybody is feeling good. Let's make sure we don't feel too good.

Scotty from Lombard, IL

Vic, if all goes right, the Pirates could play the Yankees in this year's World Series. This would be the first time these two teams faced each other (in the World Series) since 1960, which was a great match.

They play every day on the wall in my study, and the Pirates win every time, 10-9.

Phil from Plymouth, MN

Vic, it's pretty clear now. God lives in Wisconsin but loves Seattle. What a lucky break. I didn't know that rule, but it looked odd when he knocked it out of the end zone. Didn't seem right. Did you know that rule?

I knew the rule, and so did the defender, as evidenced by the way he attempted to disguise his intended bat of the ball. I kept waiting for the flag. When it didn't come, I decided the official looking right at it had determined the defender didn't touch the ball or the defender unintentionally batted it in his attempt to recover it. I wasn't sure what to think. That's where my knowledge of the rulebook governing this play ended. I didn't know it wasn't a reviewable play. Why is it not reviewable? It seems to be a definitively perfect play for replay review. Once again, replay review has failed us. Get rid of it. If we can't use it for everything, we should use it for nothing. Fairness should not be selective.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, you said the Packers have had a different approach every week to stop the different running backs. How do the Packers stop Todd Gurley?

I don't think there's enough tape on him as a pro to know for sure what his running style is.

Jon from Anaheim, CA

You know what flabbergasts me most about this impressive start to the season? It's the fact it will be meaningless at the next downturn in performance. We'll be right back to "Fire Capers," and "We need to spend some money in free agency." I, for one, am appreciating what this team is doing, from management to the coaching staff to the players. It's something to see.

You're right. Why are we unable to remain calm in defeat? More importantly, why do we feel the need to transfer our pain to others? Sports reveals our flaws.

Anthony from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, I just want the refs to be held accountable. I know after each game they get graded and that determines their likeliness of reffing in the playoffs, but it's got to go more than that. The Lions are now 0-4. These types of things can cost coaches their jobs, yet, the refs are not fazed. How is it the No. 1 sporting event in America is being reffed by part-time workers? It's ridiculous.

Anthony, I'm going to try to answer your question calmly but, frankly, your attitude is chafing me. First of all, NFL officials are about as part-time as I am. They spend nearly all of their waking hours working on their "part-time job," and that's in the offseason, too. I know that to be a fact because I know some of these guys. As for the remainder of your question/diatribe, I think you have a massive problem with having made football too important in your life. When you get to the point you won't forgive an error in judgment, especially in a game, you've lost perspective. The back judge made an error in judgment, and the defender succeeded in deceiving the official; kind of unfair, isn't it? Officials tend to be perfectionists. I guarantee he'll lose sleep on this one. Players make mistakes. Coaches make mistakes. We all make mistakes. If you want to blame someone, blame the replay-review system that failed you. I suspect you're somebody who's willing to commit hours and hours to getting it right. I'm not. I can live with mistakes. I wish there were two NFLs, one for the people who believe replay review is the star, and one for people such as myself who enjoy the game and can live with its foibles.

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