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Wisconsin Native And Packer Fan Wins Punt, Pass & Kick National Title


Nine-year-old Logan Weckerly hadn't been born yet when the Packers won Super Bowl XXXI in the New Orleans Superdome back in January of 1997.

But he knew about it, and he's awful proud to deliver the Packers another title of sorts on that same field.

Last weekend Weckerly, of Monroe, Wis., won the national championship in the 8/9 boys division of the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick finals, held at the Superdome prior to the Saints-Eagles NFC Divisional Playoff game. He was then introduced to the sellout crowd and a national TV audience between the third and fourth quarters, wearing the jersey of his favorite and home-state team, the Packers.

Weckerly won his age group by booting a punt 61 feet, rifling a pass 80 feet, and launching a kick 78 feet for a total of 219 feet, or 73 yards, all on the same field Brett Favre threw those memorable touchdown passes to Andre Rison and Antonio Freeman to beat the Patriots for the franchise's third Super Bowl title.

"He's so up on football, knows everything about it," said Logan's mom Traci. "His dad had talked about that. He was excited.

"He couldn't believe he was on the field with all the big guys who actually play there. He was in awe."

Weckerly had a blast throughout all the levels of competition. His journey began by winning the local contest in Monroe, then a regional one at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Next came the statewide phase at the Hutson Center in Green Bay, which Weckerly won with a combined score of 228 feet, and he attended his first game at Lambeau Field that weekend, against the Patriots.

Despite the shutout loss that Sunday, Weckerly thought "it was the best thing in the world," according to his mom. Only that wasn't all.

The Weckerly family waited and watched the internet as other Punt, Pass and Kick competitions were posted. The top four nationwide in each age group would advance to the national finals in New Orleans, and Weckerly's 228 total feet ended up second.

So Logan, Traci, father Dave and younger sibling Hunter all flew south - the first plane trip for the boys - but not before some extensive practice with dad and brother on Logan's weakest skill.

{sportsad300}"The kick had been his worst," Traci said. "He plays soccer, so he had been kicking with the side of his foot instead of with his toe. Working hard on that really paid off. That's what won it for him was his kick."

Indeed, Weckerly's 78-foot kick in New Orleans was 23 feet longer than his kick in Green Bay, which helped compensate for not being able to match the 90-foot punt he nailed in the Hutson Center.

In the nationals, Weckerly defeated the second-place competitor, representing the Cleveland Browns, by a total of 12 feet, and he brought home various clothes and gifts, as well as the champion's trophy.

Weckerly was one of four Wisconsinites representing the Packers in the nationals, the most of any team. Mikayla Hilton of Saukville (girls 10/11), Aleeah Baker of Superior (girls 14/15), and Lucas Weiss of River Falls (boys 14/15) each finished third in their respective divisions.

Because of the Packers' national fan base, and the proximity of New Orleans to Favre's Mississippi home, the "Packer kids" got a lot of support from the fans, Traci said.

And Logan, who's aware Favre and Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk were both Punt, Pass and Kick participants as youngsters, may have found the incentive he needs to continue his football career.

"He could have gone out for tackle football this year but he chose soccer," Traci said. "He said next year he's going out for tackle football, so we'll see."

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