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Wolf: Favre 'Too Young To Retire'


Former general manager Ron Wolf attended the Green Bay Packers' training camp practices Tuesday on the invitation of current general manager and head coach Mike Sherman.

Wolf said he was in town to fulfill his duty as a team consultant. And after watching the Packers' morning practice, the man responsible for bringing Brett Favre to Green Bay, was asked when he thought the three-time MVP might leave the town and the game.

"There's an old country and western song, 'Who's Going To Fill Their Shoes?' I'm sure the Packers are wondering about that, too," Wolf said. "But he's too young to retire. I can't imagine him retiring."

Wolf then added, "You know, you people up here are spoiled because you have the best there is at the most important position in the game. You need to go to some of these other places and see exactly what they play with, and you can appreciate how good he really is."

Not that Wolf needs a reminder. After seeing Favre juxtaposed against other Packers quarterbacks over the years, he's well aware of Favre's special gift.

"We would see it here every day," Wolf said, "because there were guys like Mark Brunell out here, Ty Detmer, Aaron Brooks, Kurt Warner, but he (outshined them). He was like an ace over a deuce with all those people ... That's how good he is."

Himself retired since June 2001, Wolf said he has no interest in returning to the day-to-day football operations of the NFL, but is always happy to return to Green Bay.

"I don't have the same interest in football that I used to have, but I certainly have a big interest in what goes on here because this is really and truly the cornerstone of the National Football League and what the National Football League is all about," Wolf said. "It's kind of like the mecca, and it's a great, great pleasure to be here."

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