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Women A Large Part Of NFL


From stay-at-home moms to stockbrokers, 43 percent of the NFL's fan base is women. Whether they're grand moms, working moms or women just working hard, 54 million women find time to fit in NFL football each year.

Online, more than 25 percent of an estimated 15 million fantasy players are women, according to a study conducted by the Ipsos marketing research company. That totals 3.75 million women.

More than one million girls annually participate in NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass & Kick.

And more women watch the Super Bowl than the Academy Awards. This year, 44 percent more women watched Super Bowl XXXVIII (39.2 million) than watched the Academy Awards (27.1 million).

Each season, more than 10,000 women attend NFL 101 Workshops for Women. NFL 101 covers life in the NFL, the history of football, strategy, equipment, officiating and other football subjects.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, for example, held their third annual Motorola Women's Training Camp in 2003.

"I had such a good time," said Ann Karaica of Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. "The whole thing is so organized. It amazes me. I like the idea of learning what the players do. I've learned to appreciate them more as players. When they make mistakes I don't criticize them like I used to because I now understand how difficult it really is."

More than 20 teams offer NFL 101 Workshops for Women.

Behind the scenes, more and more women are making advances on the administrative side at the league and club levels of the NFL.

"One of our key priorities is to have a league that represents, supports and celebrates diversity," Commissioner Tagliabue says. "Women have a significant and growing role in our league. They are an increasing part of our fan base, and there are more women contributing to the league and our clubs in executive and staff positions today than ever before."

Female executives at the league and the 32 teams help the game's popularity stay strong:

Theresa Abato (Dir. of Premium Services) Baltimore Ravens

Charlotte Anderson (VP/Dir. Charities/Spec. Events) Dallas Cowboys

Dawn Aponte (Salary Cap Analyst) New York Jets

Jennifer Ark (Dir. of Premium Guest Services) Green Bay Packers

Mary Pat Augenthaler (Sr. Dir. of Special Events) NFL

Anita Bailey (Dir. of Corporate Sponsorship)Kansas City Chiefs

Susan Bass (VP of Communications/Community Relations) Atlanta Falcons

Nancy Behar (Dir. of Broadcast Administration) NFL

Jamia Bigalow (Dir. of Affiliate Marketing) NFL

Katie Blackburn (Executive VP) Cincinnati Bengals

Tracey Bleczinski (Dir. of Retail Development) NFL

Katie Boes (Sr. Dir. of International Media) NFL

Linda Bogdan (Corporate VP) Buffalo Bills

Jeanne Bonk (VP & Chief Financial/Administrative Officer) San Diego Chargers

Danielle Boyce (Dir. of Regional Sales/Marketing) New Orleans Saints

Adrian Bracy (VP of Finance) St. Louis Rams

Edwina Britton (Dir. of Finance) Jacksonville Jaguars

Lynn Carrozzi (Ticket Manager) San Francisco 49ers

Rena Clark (VP of Community Affairs & Corporate Philanthropy) New England Patriots

Beth Colleton (Dir. of Community Affairs) NFL

Carol Constantine (Dir. of Labor Administration & Information) NFL

Annette Coyne (Dir. of Special Events) Kansas City Chiefs

Valerie Cross (Dir. of Player Benefits) NFL

Pat Curley (VP of Information Technology) New England Patriots

Robin Dally (Dir. of Sponsorship Sales) NFL

Anastasia Danias (Associate Counsel) NFL

Shawn Dennis (VP of Marketing Services) NFL

Lisa Dixon (Dir. of Consumer Marketing) Baltimore Ravens

Diane Downing (Dir. of Stadium Operations) Cleveland Browns

Jesse Ewing (VP of Strategic Development) NFL

Judy Fearing (VP of Marketing) NFL Network

Jen Ferron (Exec. Dir. of Marketing Operations) New England Patriots

Georgia Frontiere (Owner) St. Louis Rams

Cindy Galloway (Sr. Dir. of Community Development) Denver Broncos

Beth Gay (Dir. of Player Development) Detroit Lions

Nancy Gill (Sr. VP of Human Resources) NFL

Paula Guibault (Sr. Intellectual Property Counsel) NFL

Leslie Hammond (Dir. of Media Services) NFL

Cindy Hart (Dir. of Suite Sales & Services and Special Events) New Orleans Saints

Renee Harvey (Dir., Community Relations & Assist. Dir., Cleveland Browns Foundation) Cleveland Browns

Kate Hogan (Dir. of Retail Operations) Green Bay Packers

Karen Hudson (Dir. of Marketing) NFL

Maryruth Hughey (Dir. of Ticket Operations) New England Patriots

Jennifer Johnston (Dir. of Creative Services) Jacksonville Jaguars

Joann Kamay-Sahm (Dir. of Network Services DGA) NFL

Erica Klair (Dir. of Marketing) NFL

Adrienne Klotz (Lighting Dir.) NFL Network

Roxanne Kosarzycki (General Counsel) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kimberley Layton (Dir. of Community Relations) San Diego Chargers

Lisa Lazarus (Labor Relations Counsel) NFL

Rita LeBlanc (Finance and Business Executive) New Orleans Saints

Belinda Lerner (Sr. Dir. of Employee Relations) NFL

Francine Lubera (Dir. of Publications and Assistant Public Relations Dir.) Baltimore Ravens

Melanie Marohl (Salary Cap Analyst) Green Bay Packers

Susan McBride-Rothman (VP of Consumer Products) NFL

Sandra McCann (Dir. of Financial Planning) NFL

Virginia McCaskey (Owner) Chicago Bears

Vicky Neumeyer (General Counsel) New Orleans Saints

Tracy Perlman (Dir. of Marketing) NFL

Christine Procops (VP and CFO) New York Giants

Sue Robichek (Dir. of Special Events & Planning) NFL

Krista Saponara (Feature Producer) NFL Network

Charleen Sharpe (Comptroller) New Orleans Saints

Brenda Sniezek (Dir. of Community Relations) Kansas City Chiefs

Allison Stangeby (Dir. of Community Relations) New York Giants

Donna Steele (Dir. of Purchasing) NFL

Jill Strafaci (Sr. VP of Finance & Administration) Miami Dolphins

Michelle Tessier (Dir. of Public Relations) Washington Redskins

Suzie Thomas (Sr. VP/General Counsel/Chief Administrative Officer) Houston Texans

Amy Trask (Chief Executive) Oakland Raiders

Vicki Vannieuwenhoven (Dir. of Finance) Green Bay Packers

Heather Wallace (Production Accountant) NFL Network

Deborah Wardrop (Dir. of Hospitality) NFL

Delores Barr Weaver (Chair/CEO of Jaguars Foundation) Jacksonville Jaguars

Marsha Wells (Controller) San Diego Chargers

Debby Whelchel (Controller) San Francisco 49ers

Kimberly Williams (Sr. VP of Finance & NFL Business Ventures) NFL

Catherine Yancy (Sr. Dir. of Marketing & Entertainment Programming) NFL

Denise DeBartolo York (Owner) San Francisco 49ers

Karen Zust (CFO) Chicago Bears

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