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You can't go wrong with big guys

Cornerback is position that requires depth


Ken Page from Wolcott, CT

Some mock drafts say the Packers go for Eddie Goldman. What do you think of him?

You wanna stop the run? Here's your guy. Goldman is a born two-gapper. He eats and defeats blocks. He's a pure run-stuffer and he projects perfectly for a 3-4 team looking for its nose tackle of the future. I've always liked Florida State defensive linemen.

Pat from Altoona, WI

Any names on your list of possible undrafted guys Ted may go after or that you like?

I have no idea who Ted Thompson might like among the undrafted guys. Thompson is Mr. Stealth when it comes to draft information. I'll give you a guy who's come to my attention: Tony Steward, LB, Clemson. Steward was one of the most celebrated recruits in the country coming out of high school. Injuries dogged his career at Clemson, but he came on late and developed into a special teams star. Steward can really run; he's a top athlete.

Ross from New Berlin, WI

I think I have come to the conclusion myself and the fans need a Week 2 win more than the Packers do.

You're right.

Geordie from Brantford, Ontario

Vic, what positional or depth needs do the Packers need to fill in the draft this year?

They need to address cornerback, inside linebacker and tight end. If they address those three positions, they'll also address special teams because those positions traditionally produce special teams players.

Bob from Grand Rapids, MI

You mentioned Anthony and Kendricks as possible fits for the Packers, but not Benardrick McKinney. Do you think he will be gone long before then, or do you think he wouldn't fit?

Tony Pauline believes McKinney is better suited for outside linebacker, and most of our discussions have been about inside guys.

Matt from Lincoln City, OR

Dante Fowler didn't make your top five?

Huey Richardson and Derrick Harvey have scarred me.

David from San Luis Obispo, CA

Have you ever covered a better sideline receiver than Jordy Nelson?

If I have, it's Jimmy Smith. That's pretty good company.

Mark from New Brighton, MN

Your comment concerning Holmgren/Dilfer/Hasselbeck, Noll/Malone/Brister, Belichick/Testaverde/Bledsoe makes an important point. So how ought we evaluate Joe Gibbs, who won Super Bowls with Theismann, Williams and Rypien at the helm?

How do we evaluate him? He's in the Hall of Fame. He won championships with multiple quarterbacks. Shula only won with Griese. Lombardi only with Starr. Noll only with Bradshaw. Landry only with Staubach, although Landry used Morton in a two-QB system for one of those titles. Ewbank won with Unitas and Namath, but those are two Hall of Famers. Gibbs won with three quarterbacks, none of whom are in the Hall of Fame. It's an amazing feat.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, how about Tom Matte as the greatest backup quarterback who wasn't actually a quarterback?

He's the definition of it. Matte invented the wrist band playbook.

Josh from Burnham, PA

Vic, I agree 32 is a good number, but we all know the league wants to get bigger, so when do you think will be a good time to add expansion teams?

If the London experiment was to hit a home run, and if the NFL began to grow tentacles in Europe, then you might consider expansion. That's way down the road. There is absolutely nothing right now that suggests or invites expansion.

Scott from Greensburg, IN

Your preference, if Anthony and Kendricks are both still on the board at 30? Secondly, does the presence of both make GM Vic more likely to trade back, thinking he can get one later?

I have a real high opinion of both of those guys. I favor Anthony, but not by much. My phone line is always open.

Matt from Philadelphia, PA

ESPN and NFL Network are not allowing their reporters to tweet draft selections before they are announced by Goodell. I personally like this because I don't see the need to know a pick 30 seconds before it is announced but, from a journalistic standpoint, what do you think about these two networks essentially gagging their reporters to satisfy the league?

We're not talking about national security and need to know issues here. We're not even talking about injuries that might impact a game. We're talking about an event that is purely about entertainment. I'm fine with it.

Tom from Riverside, CA

Vic, leading up to last year's draft, you were craving Mosley. Any similar cravings this year?

I talked about Anthony. I think Kevin Johnson would be a great pick for the Packers, but I suspect he has risen above No. 30. I like Byron Jones. I don't think you can go wrong with the defensive linemen that fit where the Packers are picking. Goldman, Malcom Brown, Jordan Phillips and Carl Davis are quality big guys.

Bryan from Springfield

Vic, what is Paul Tagliabue's legacy?

During his time as commissioner, revenue exploded. I'll also remember him for the 2006 CBA, which was so bad it forced a lockout and gave us the game-saving CBA of 2011.

Omar from Morelia, Mexico

Tell us Otto Graham's story.

Graham said he was having a bad game and Paul Brown benched him. Brown then walked down the sideline to where Graham was sitting and said loud enough to an assistant coach for Graham could hear, "At least now we have someone in there with the guts to stay in the pocket." Graham said he became enraged, and was held back by a teammate. It's an edge game.

Ben from Hollister, CA

Vic, in light of the speculation about Chip Kelly reaching for Mariota, have there been any memorable cases of college-turned-NFL coaches nabbing their past players come draft day?

Steve Spurrier didn't draft them while he was the coach of the Redskins, but he signed so many former Florida players he turned Washington into Gainesville north. Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerffel were his quarterbacks. Willie Jackson, Chris Doering and Jacquez Green were wide receivers on the Redskins' roster. Spurrier was going to win with scheme. The best decision he made was going back to college football.

Jake from Madison, WI

Vic, what would you say is the most important position in football to have quality depth?

I'll say it's cornerback because today's spread offenses test that depth. You can have two great corners, but the offense only has to find one weakness in your sub-package coverage and it'll pound on it all day. That's exactly what Mike McCarthy did against the Patriots with Davante Adams. Why throw at Revis and Browner when you can throw at a reserve?

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