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You must be willing to risk despair

The long haul will answer all questions


Jill Guilford, CT

When did the team arrive in Denver? Do you think the elevation of Denver played a role in Sunday's loss?

The Packers arrived in Denver on Saturday morning. I don't think the elevation played any part in the outcome of the game. I watched closely for hands on hips and didn't see it happen until late in the game, when the issue was pretty much decided.

Justin from Tampa, FL

I'm shocked at how bad we got dominated on both sides of the ball. What happened? Were they just the better team that day? Or is there more to this?

The Broncos were the better team on Sunday; there's no doubt about that. I don't have answers for your other questions. They'll be answered by what remains of the season. That's the charm of investing your emotions in a football team. You have to invest yourself for the long haul. A season ebbs and flows. There are heights and depths. The win over Seattle was a high point. We've reached a low point. Anybody who wasn't expecting periods of disappointment wasn't being realistic. To pursue the ultimate high, you must be willing to risk despair. I'm undaunted by last night's loss, and I'm prepared to endure other such disappointments.

K.B. from Dickinson, ND

Vic, I am confused as to how the refs did not stop James Jones' only catch. It appeared to me and the broadcast team forward progress had stopped.

I felt that way, too, but I'm not going to complain too much because I don't think it was a game-changing play, plus, I'm so worn out by officiating and penalties that I just don't want to go there anymore. The Broncos were penalized 11 times and won. That's amazing, but it's the result of tight pass defense. This major emphasis on illegal contact, holding and pass interference is really ruining the game for me. There are just too many penalties.

Joseph from Sioux City, IA

Describe the Packers in three words. Here are mine: Average, overrated, unadaptable.

I'm not going to play that game, but I will comment on your attempt. I feel badly for you. I'm sure you're a diehard Packers fan who would be celebrating victory today had the outcome been different. One loss does this to you? One loss causes you to abandon your belief and lash out at those you love?  What three words would you use to describe your reaction to this loss?

Garrett from Janesville, WI

Do the Packers need to replace starters?

Help is not on the way. A continued effort to improve is.

Kent from Norwalk, IA

Vic, I am really tired of all the discussion on the team's identity. Why does the identity of the team seem so important to so many? Wins and losses are all that should matter at this time. Correct? Right now we have one loss. There seems to be a lot of overreaction.

I, too, am tired of this mania to proclaim an identity. In my opinion, you can't manufacture identity, nor can you claim an identity until the season is near an end. Your identity is a result of what you do. Seven games aren't enough to create a lasting identity. I don't think the identity of last year's team was cemented until Aaron Rodgers was forced to play on a bad leg. That's when we found out what that team really was. What will cement this team's identity? I don't think we can answer that, yet. I'm a patient man. I love the ride.

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