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You never know which rookies will rise up

And the easiest prediction ever came true


Brandon from River Falls, WI

So, do anything exciting this past weekend?


The three days went by in a blur. The day off was even blurrier. Onward.**

Noor from Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi Insiders, just thinking out loud here. Imagine if next year's Saints' first-day draft pick becomes an upper half pick. That's lots of upside to the trade. NFC South is not an easy division.

If the Packers and Saints both make the playoffs, Green Bay will be able to target a top-15 player and move up for him if desired. If one or both doesn't make the playoffs, the target can be even higher.

Paul from Milwaukee, WI

Good after-draft day morning, guys. Do you think the Packers drafted more for need than the BAP strategy? Though I think they had a superb draft this year, it seems they loaded up on two of their biggest needs. Pass rushers were just not available in this year's class so I understand why they didn't get one until the seventh round, but what's your take on the Packers' draft in general?


It wasn't need drafting or we would have seen a pass rusher much earlier than the final round, an offensive lineman earlier than the fifth, and a tight end somewhere along the line. The way I read it, Jackson in the second and St. Brown in the sixth were at least two players rated higher they did not expect to be there at those spots, and Gutekunst wasn't going to reach for a need.**

Ryan from Sioux Falls, SD

I know that it is way too early for this one but, by my count the team now has 22 players between the DB and WR positions. Can I call upon your expert prognostication skills and give me a number as to how many are kept on the final 53-man roster?

No way I can give you exact numbers, but it won't be fewer than 10 DBs nor fewer than five WRs. Beyond that, there are an inordinate number of factors that will come into play.

Dennis from Waucoma, IA

Out of all the draft picks, how many do you think will make a roster this year or next? Has anybody ever figured out the percentage that don't make it?

Called it on the Monday cut-down questions. Easiest prediction ever.

Pat from Madison, WI

Why draft a long snapper who has had multiple ACL injuries? No other team drafted a LS. Am I missing something? Couldn't we have gotten him for free as a UDFA?

Possibly, but the Packers avoided having to compete for the services of the guy they wanted. It's a luxury you have when you draft 11 players.

Gabriel from Milwaukee, WI

What do you think about Marquez Valdes-Scantling? We may have a sleeper pick!


Take a look at Packers fifth round draft pick WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling at USF. Photos by AP.

I'm very interested to see what 6-4, 206 looks like running a 4.37.**

Cheri from Joliet, IL

With three receivers drafted and one UFA, are there enough numbers available? Who decides what numbers the new players are assigned?


How can we let the draft go by without a question on uniform numbers? The GM decides.**

Owen from Oakland, CA

Best value pick from Day 3?

I think it's St. Brown. In his conference call, he sounded a little miffed that he was on the board until late sixth. We'll see if he channels the motivation constructively.

Justin from Richland Center, WI

"I played around 203 in college, and I'm probably around 218 right now...I ran fast at the combine (4.48), I feel good, my muscles are strong. I can definitely carry more." If the number is 99.5 for the number of emails you've received suggesting Equanimeous St. Brown see if he can carry enough weight to convert to a tight end, I'll take the over on that bet. All day long. I'm not suggesting that, though...don't want to get banned.


Folks need to understand that a player who hasn't blocked edge rushers before can't suddenly learn to do it in the NFL. Tight end isn't all about having the requisite size, and if your plan is to always have him be a stand-up tight end in the slot, then he's not really a tight end anyway.**

Mike from Novato, CA

An interesting draft. Looks like a real emphasis on athletic ability in this one. More speed on defense, and speed/size on offense. Also, with Looney (who I think will contribute more than some might think) they have the makings of mixing more 4-3 concepts, and a good rotation all along the line. Plus, it looks like they're committed to keeping Jones at safety. What do you see the big impacts being, now that you've had a day to digest it?


King, Alexander and Jackson should be a cornerback trio we're talking about for a long time in Green Bay, Burks brings a level of speed and athleticism to the middle of the defense (without sacrificing size) that's been missing, the wide receiver group will physically look different, and the punting battle in training camp should be an entertaining one.**

Ricky from Lula, GA

So Mayock guessed correctly on two draft picks in the first round, while Kiper was correct on four; that's 6.25 and 12.5 percent correct, respectively. I imagine the statistics are not in their favor if further rounds were examined. I guess Green Bay isn't the only team that secures its draft room.

How many rumors you heard in the final week turned out to be true? There's as much misinformation as real information leading up to the draft. It makes for great fodder and conversation, but it means nothing. We never really know what these teams think of these players until they start picking, and Thursday night's first round this year once again was proof of that.

Matt from Roanoke, VA

Holy competition! This training camp is going to be a blast to follow. Can't decide if CB or WR will be more fun to watch unfold. Thoughts?

The pecking order and alignment at corner may be uncertain, but I think we have a pretty good idea who's going to be on the field most of the time. At receiver, beyond Adams and Cobb, we really don't.

Tony from Burbank, CA

The Saints spent two first-round draft picks on Marcus Davenport. Do the Saints know something everyone else doesn't about this player or are they desperate?

The Saints made the investment they did in Davenport because they see his upside as more certain than others. Time will tell if they're right.

Rob from Lafayette, IN

That secondary though. Gutekunst waved his magic wand and turned the team's biggest weakness into a likely area of strength.


It needs to be an area of strength. It's going to need help from the pass rush, too. As Larry pointed out last week, having Biegel is like an extra draft pick at edge rusher this year, but given how this draft fell, I wonder if Gutekunst will have to make another Ahmad Brooks-type of acquisition to bolster the depth this summer.**

Ken from New York, NY

This is the first time I've ever had my enthusiasm for the draft immediately tempered by the knowledge that it's been large numbers of injuries that have determined the outcome of the Packers' seasons in recent years.

The health factor will never go away. If injuries aren't affecting your team, they're affecting someone else's. It's the way it is. But as for the draft, it's always good to remember that of the three rookies who had the biggest impact on the Packers' Super Bowl run in 2010, one was a first-rounder (Bulaga), one didn't see the field until November (Starks), and one was undrafted (Shields). You never know which rookies will rise up.

Chris from Lakeville, MN

No trading on Saturday tells me Gute's board held up really strong. I love that it allowed them to keep their picks and invest in the special-teams guys. Every area of this team is going to have competition.


A rather accurate and succinct way of looking at it.**

Ashton from Bluffdale, WI

Very excited for the 2018 Packers secondary, but what should we call it? Seattle had the Legion of Boom, the Cardinals are the No-Fly Zone, what should the Packers' secondary be called?

Better. That's good enough for me.

Chris from Kirksville, MO

I really like the versatility Gute picked in this draft. In particular, I love that we picked guys that used to play other skill positions. Our top two picks, Alexander and Jackson used to play as receivers, but converted because their team had other needs. If they turn out anything like defensive versions of Ty Montgomery, I consider that a win. To that end, how important do you think it is for a player to have experience with other positions? Is that a factor when setting up the draft board?

It's a bonus. Whether or not they can play, and make plays, at their primary position is the top priority. Versatility is great and all, but it should never supersede playmaking ability.

Dan from Golden, CO

After neglecting pass rushers for two straight drafts, the staff obviously feels the players they have will suffice. How much of this do think has to do with Mike Pettine's new scheme? Seems almost a given they expect the front four to be the pass rushers. Thoughts on this?


Take a look at Packers seventh round draft pick LB Kendall Donnerson at Southeast Missouri State. Photos by Southeast Missouri State.

The signing of Wilkerson clearly signaled where the foundation of Pettine's defense lies. That said, if an edge rusher they believed in had been available when on the clock, I have no doubt the Packers would have taken one. It was not a deep draft for edge rushers. The last recognizable names, to me, went early in the fourth round, but the Packers traded that top pick in the fourth to get back in the third for Burks. That tells us what Gutekunst thought of him, because he knew he was giving up a valuable pick.**

John from Belle Plaine, MN

So unless I counted incorrectly you got 2-of-9 right on the Prospect Primers. I won't count the punter and long-snapper picks as those positions don't really get much attention anyways.

I was really hoping for at least three to match our 2014 mark. Oh well. For what it's worth, four times within three picks after the Packers chose a player, a Primer player was drafted. We had them spread out throughout several rounds of the draft, but it felt like the ball on the roulette wheel just barely kept missing our bet.

Liana from Madison, WI

Can you please explain the rationale for drafting a punter in the fifth round? I know that JK Scott was great in college, but I also thought Justin Vogel was coming off a very good season for us. Would you take this as a sign that the Packers lack confidence in Vogel? If they just wanted to bring in competition, I feel like they would sign either a veteran or undrafted free agent, but to use a draft pick makes me think that Vogel's job is in serious question.


Take a look at Packers fifth round draft pick P JK Scott at Alabama. Photos by AP.

I think that's a valid way to look at it.**

Darryl from Hatboro, PA

Nice to see that my purchase of a few items from the Pro Shop gave the Packers enough revenue to purchase you guys a third microphone for the "Three Things" segment.

Much appreciated.

Ryan from Fredericton, New Brunswick

Thank you, Insiders, for what I would say was the most comprehensive draft coverage yet. You have provided so much quality video and writing these past few days I still find myself searching the site for new things. This year I really took notice of the interviews with Jon-Eric Sullivan and Sam Seale. Both are interesting men who clearly know the game of football. It also gives a better picture of how much a team sport football is, that so many intense jobs are required, and everyone is totally invested in the actual results on Sundays. It was very interesting to hear Seale refer to his reactions when the Packers miss the playoffs, and refer to the team with the word "we."

I can't begin to explain how many individuals and how much dedication goes into something like the draft. It's the lifeblood of the team and the resources poured into it reflect that. When it translates to victories on the field, the pride they feel is real, as is the disappointment when it doesn't. I'm just here to chronicle the results and consider it a privilege to do so, and to have gotten to know so many impressive behind-the-scenes people, like the ones you mentioned, and several more.

Paul from Lansing, IL

Hey Insiders, do you think Gute trades up or back in the first round next year? Just wanted to be first.

Happy post-draft Monday, everybody.

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