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You win with vinegar, not cream

What about back-to-back Packers-Vikings?


Tom Bismarck, ND

Vic, I assume the touchdown celebration in Pittsburgh is not a reflection of the culture that now exists in their locker room, let alone their beautiful city. If you saw a Green Bay player do that, and I pray we will be spared, what would you say in your column? I'm taking a leap here and thinking you didn't like it, even though it was your beloved Steelers.

I didn't see it, but I'm sure I wouldn't have liked it, which is my reaction to any and all over-the-top celebrations. Never sell, only buy.

Mark from Verona, WI

In Mark Murphy's column he mentioned he didn't like being in the press box because no cheering was allowed. I always thought you were pulling our leg on this press box etiquette. Now I know better. Keep up the good work.

Non-members of the media shouldn't have to live by our rules. They should be provided another space. The press box is a no-cheer zone because its denizens are at work. A few years ago, I sat in front of a TV star who was in the press box, and he was cheering for his favorite team and a member of the media took exception to the cheering. A confrontation ensued. It was not a pretty sight. The whole idea of no cheering in the press box is to avoid those kinds of confrontations. In the Rose Bowl press box for Super Bowl XIV, I sat next to the guy who played Rossi in Lou Grant. He introduced himself and explained he was there to get a feel for the media; he played a reporter in the TV series. At one point early in the game, he asked me why it was so quiet in the press box. I explained it to him and he stared at me as though something was growing from my forehead. I enjoyed his company that day. If you want to fully appreciate the no-cheering-in-the-press-box thing, go to the shot of Larry Fitzgerald's father in the press box at Super Bowl XLIII. His son had just scored the potential game-winning touchdown on a long, catch-and-run scoring play. TV put the camera on Larry's father. There was no reaction. No cheer, not even a smile. He was stoic. He sat and watched as though he didn't know the man who had scored that touchdown was his son. On the inside, he was experiencing all of the emotions of a proud father. On the outside, he was a sportswriter, conducting himself as an esteemed member of the media should. I've never been prouder of my profession.

Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Vic, does the cream always rise to the top?

No, the vinegar does. Cream doesn't win; vinegar does.

Kyra from Quincy, MA

Vic, you always say the season starts in December. What does this mean for the Patriots?

It means they have used the first three months of the season to put themselves into an advantageous position to close the deal.

Paul from Minneapolis, MN

Why is hands to the face a penalty for everyone but the ball carrier?

I don't like it either.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Vic, Mike Zimmer said, "We're not quite as good as we think we are." Does he really believe that or did he just say that to challenge/motivate his team?

Coach Zimmer is the kind of guy who's going to motivate with the truth. If you tell lies, they'll find you out and your message won't resonate. He'll get them back to where they were.

Don from Stevens Point, WI

Vic, with all the disconnect in momentum in today's game due to waiting around for commercials and reviews, do the Packers include these scenarios in their practice routines? You play like you practice.


Tim from Superior, WI

Vic, how strange would it be for the Vikings and the Packers playing in consecutive weeks, Week 17 and wild-card weekend? That's where I see this heading.

That's one of two scenarios I envision. I'd be OK with it.

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