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Young and unproven better than old and proven

You have to pay to shake somebody else's tree


Zack from Tallahassee, FL

Vic, do you think we'll ever see a resurgence in the academy (Army/Navy/Air Force) football programs? Will there ever be another Staubach?

They've always had an unfair advantage: They pay their players. That advantage was compromised, however, when players outgrew the academies' size restrictions. If the game continues to favor spread formations, and I think it will, it will return to a size that'll allow the academies' to play on a level playing field with the rest of college football. They will then need to make one more change: Exempt players from their service obligation to play in the NFL. If and when they do that, the academies will be able to compete with the big boys.

Keith from Lake Geneva, WI

Vic, why do fans continue to overvalue players? You made the statement, but after seeing what happened to Steven Jackson, going down for at least a month, you'd think we'd learn. The front office clearly saw an aging vet with a history of injuries that limits how much time he can actually stay on the field. The Rams seem to have noticed it, too, otherwise they wouldn't have let a possible Hall of Fame candidate go. Packers made the right move.

Fans love familiarity. They get stuck on a name and they don't want to let go. They're afraid of the unknown. They should be afraid of the old and proven, not the young and unproven. By the time they're proven, their arrow is pointing down. It's a young man's game.

Conor from Milwaukee, WI

You should have no problem using your big head to turn the pages.

I think that's a shot.

Donald from Lexington, KY

Looks like the Ravens went out back and shook the starting-caliber left tackle tree and came back with one. Just saying.

Oh, no, that was somebody else's tree they shook, and you have to pay to shake somebody else's tree. Just saying.

Roland from Glen Cove, NY

I am one of many fans frustrated by the fact that Eddie Lacy hasn't been able to get a full game under his belt. Do you think he can pound away at the Detroit defenses and make that eighth man cheat up a little?

That's the plan.

Holger from Guayaquil, Ecuador

A mile high? Real football (or soccer to you) is often played in cities like La Paz (3,650 meters), Cuzco (3,400 meters) or Quito (2,880 meters). And those soccer players are not paid as high as football players so that can't be an issue. Well-prepared players should not have a problem playing just a mile high.

I think I once covered a game in La Paz, or maybe it was Cuzco or Quito, I'm not sure. I remember it was high.

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