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Your stomach will tell you when it's crunch time

Marshawn Lynch is the guy who scares me


Austin from Onalaska, WI

Could a win vs. Seattle be disastrous? You never want to peak too early.

You're being serious, aren't you?

Jon from Cheyenne, WY

Do you expect to see more pressure on Wilson or simply containment?

As Marshawn Lynch goes, so go Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. The Packers have played Wilson pretty well. Lynch is the guy who scares me.

Zak from South Bend, IN

Vic, we know you are close with Fred Taylor. Do you have an opinion on the actions of his son Kelvin during Florida's game and the berating of him from the coach?

That was tough to watch. That's not going to help Florida's recruiting.

Jacob from Urk, The Netherlands

Vic, sorry in advance if this is a really dumb question. It's about the onside kick. What is the difference between the onside kick and a normal kick? Why do you try and catch the onside kick? Can't you just let it fall on the ground like a normal kick?

A kickoff is a live ball; you can't let it roll dead, as you can a punt. I saw a player try to let a kickoff roll dead. Barry Foster did it in San Francisco a long time ago. It was the turning point in a close game. He learned a very tough lesson, on a weekend when it didn't help his cause that he missed the team plane.

Bryan from Hendersonville, WI

Vic, the scuttlebutt I overheard in the restroom at halftime Sunday was that Jacksonville is all but a done deal for moving to London.

Somebody better tell the owner because he just committed to building a $30-$40 million indoor practice facility in Jacksonville.

Wes from Valparaiso, IN

We are heading into a stretch of four home games in the next five weeks. The Packers dominated opponents at Lambeau last year. I know it's early in the season, but how important is it the Packers perform well during this part of the schedule?

It's an opportunity to achieve the fast start Mike McCarthy wants. You know, we should all get a sense of calm when McCarthy sets targets and makes big-letters promises. If the Packers win these next four home games, we're all gonna have a real good bye week.

Danny from Fitchburg, WI

Vic, I can't say I agree with your fourth-quarter stat for QBs because fourth-quarter passer rating is so often inflated with meaningless touchdowns. There must be a better way to quantitatively assess end-of-game performance.

There is. Use your eyes and your brain. If the touchdowns are meaningless, then it wasn't crunch time, so it doesn't count. I know when it's crunch time. I don't even have to use my eyes. I feel it in my stomach. Stats should be used to tell you what you already know.

Matt from La Crosse, WI

For the past few seasons, I have not been shy to voice my displeasure of Dom Capers' defense. I thought we played far too much zone and let the offense come to us, rather than go after them. However, after watching this past game, I am a changed man. I loved many of his called blitzes and man coverage. The problem now is poor tackling and a lack of an inside linebacker presence. Your thoughts?

He needs to call plays with better tackling and inside linebacker presence.

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