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2022 Packers Schedule

2022 Home Opponents

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Sunday, Jan. 8
7:20 p.m. CT


2022 Away Opponents

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Sunday, Dec. 25
12 p.m. CT


GREEN BAY – The opponents on the Packers' 2022 schedule have been finalized.

Next season, Green Bay will play eight home games, eight road games, and one neutral-site game in the NFL's 17-game format. Here's the rundown.

Home (8): Vikings, Bears, Lions, Cowboys, Rams, Patriots, Jets, Titans

Road (8): Vikings, Bears, Lions, Eagles, Commanders, Buccaneers, Bills, Dolphins

International (1): Giants (The Packers will play an international regular-season game for the first time in 2022, with a matchup set for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.)

In addition to the six NFC North games, the Packers and their division foes will be playing every team in the NFC East and AFC East based on the league's schedule rotation. The home/away assignments are the opposite of the last time the NFC North was matched up against those full divisions, which was 2019 for the NFC East and 2018 for the AFC East.

Because the Packers won the NFC North, they are also slated to play the division winners in the NFC West and NFC South (one home, one away) plus the winner of the AFC South as the "17th game." In 2022, the extra game is a home game for all teams in the NFC after it was a home game for all teams in the AFC this past season, but the Packers' extra game will be played as a neutral-site international game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

The full NFL schedule with dates and kickoff times will be released on May 12, 2022.