In Kind/Item Donations

The Green Bay Packers take pride in supporting a wide variety of charity efforts by donating assorted items.  Donated items are primarily used in raffles and/or auctions.


To determine the eligibility of a request, the following criteria are taken into consideration:

  • Location of the organization and/or those benefiting from the organization’s services;
  • Status of the organization (i.e. IRS classification);
  • Purpose of the event;
  • Event date; and
  • Limitations listed below.


Due to the high volume of requests submitted, limited supplies, and other restrictions, donation requests received from or for the following are not eligible and will be declined:

  • Organizations not located in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, or Iowa;
  • Fund raising efforts that do not benefit residents of Wisconsin, Michigan, or Iowa;
  • Requests submitted without a minimum of six-weeks advance notice;
  • Special requests for specific items and/or specific autographs;
  • Autographs on personal items regardless of the intended use of the items.  All personal items received will be returned to the sender unsigned;
  • Tickets for home and/or away games;
  • Tickets for non-football events held at Lambeau Field;
  • On-field/pre-game passes;
  • Lambeau Field tours; and
  • Employee recognition events, company picnics, and/or other events where fundraising is not part of the event or where fundraising does not support a non-profit organization or charitable cause.

Donation Application Process

We require all donation requests and supporting documentation be submitted online.

Applications can be submitted at any time; however, only those submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to the event date will be considered.  For example, if the event is three weeks away when the application is submitted, the application will be declined for insufficient lead time.

To prevent possible processing delays, please review the following information before selecting an application to complete.

RETURNING APPLICANTS: If your password was set prior to September 21, 2013, it must be typed in all lowercase letters

Donation Application - All non-profit organizations, schools, colleges/universities, military organizations, and committee members/individuals seeking donations for events raising funds for any of these or similar organizations.  Click here to complete the Donation Application.

Benefit Application - Committee members/individuals involved in fund raising events that are open to the public with all proceeds designated to an individual or family affected by a significant hardship.  Click here to complete the Benefit Application.

Relay for Life Application - Non-profit organizations and committee members seeking a donation that will be used at a Relay for Life event.  Click here to complete the Relay for Life Application.

United Way Application - Committee members involved with workplace campaigns during which all funds raised will be donated to the United Way.  Click here to complete the United Way Application.

DO NOT use these applications to request grants from the Green Bay Packers Foundation or to request event sponsorships from the Green Bay Packers organization.  Click here to find information regarding the Green Bay Packers Foundation and its grant cycle.  Contact us for information regarding event sponsorships.

Post-Event Donation Evaluation

As we continue to evaluate how the items we donate contribute to the success of events, we ask that a donation evaluation be completed in return for receiving a donation that was used as a raffle or auction item.  Login to your account here to access the donation evaluation.  On your account page, locate the “New” heading, click the evaluation name below the heading to open, complete, and submit the evaluation.

If the “New” heading does not appear on your account page, send an email to: and include the name and address of the organization benefiting from the donation, date of the event, name and/or purpose of the event, item donated, and dollar amount raised from the item donated.

Online Account Access and/or Maintenance

RETURNING APPLICANTS:  If your password was set prior to September 21, 2013, it must be typed in all lowercase letters

Click here to access your account to do any of the following:

  • Complete the post-event donation evaluation;
  • Return to a saved but NOT submitted application;
  • Access and review previously submitted applications;
  • Change the email address used to log in; and
  • Change the password associated with the account/email.

Need More Information?

To learn more about the online application process, including how to create an account, review the FAQ or contact us.