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Tundra Tales Reading Program

Tundra Tales Reading Program

The Green Bay Packers are ready to kick off the 2023 Tundra Tales At-Home Reading Program for students in 4K through fifth grade. The Tundra Tales Program is meant to encourage children to read outside of school to help reach grade level reading proficiency. Participants will be able to read their way to scoring admission to the Packers Hall of Fame!

Tundra Tales is open to anyone to participate: individual classrooms, entire schools, Parent Teacher Organizations, virtual schools, after school programs, homeschools, and even individual families. There are further guidelines to be eligible for the grants.

Program Information

The Tundra Tales program runs from Monday, October 16, 2023 – Sunday, November 19, 2023. During this time, 4K through fifth grade participants must read or be read to for an average of 60 minutes per week outside of the school day for four weeks, for a TOTAL of 240 minutes. An extra week to achieve the total goal has been included to accommodate school schedules.

Once registered, Coordinators will receive links for the program appropriate materials, including the Reading Log and Parent/Guardian Letter that you may copy for your participants. These materials will be available in both English and Spanish. You can also find these forms at the Tundra Tales website, along with suggested reading lists, other helpful tips and tricks, and general information.

How do you record your participant's reading?

A parent/guardian or adult is responsible for being the record keeper and will help complete and sign the program appropriate Tundra Tales Reading Log and submit them to you upon completion. A link to submit your participant's final completion numbers will initially be sent via email on Friday, November 10, 2023. The final Tundra Tales Reading Logs should be returned to you by Monday, November 20, 2023. The deadline to enter final participant completion numbers for Tundra Tales is Monday, November 27, 2023.

Grant Eligibility

To qualify for grant dollars, the public or private school coordinator submits their participant completion number by Monday, November 27, 2023. Each classroom with at least 75% participant completion will receive $100. Each public or private Wisconsin school that has 5 or more classrooms complete the program with at least 75% participation per class will be entered to win one of five $1,000 grants for literacy resources. In addition, participants still have the opportunity to qualify for the final prize, one student and adult Hall of Fame admission voucher per participant.

Grant funding MUST be used towards literacy resources (books, online magazines subscriptions, etc.).

Grant funding is provided through Green Bay Packers Give Back and is open to public and private schools only. Checks will be made out to schools or districts, with letters specifying how those funds should be distributed to individual teachers or classrooms. In order to release funding, the Green Bay Packers Community Outreach department must have a W9 on file. W9 forms are available upon request.