Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the Packers' mailing address?

Green Bay Packers
P.O. Box 10628
Green Bay, WI 54307-0628

Does the Packers organization take phone calls regarding fantasy football?

All fantasy football inquiries will be directed to, where injury reports and audio of the head coach's press conference are available.

How do I get a representative to appear at my corporate or charity event?

Requests for appearances should be sent to:

Coaches and Players Appearances
Green Bay Packers
PO Box 10628
Green Bay, WI 54307-0628
Please click here for more information and guidelines.

Do the Packers donate items to charity events and auctions?

Yes. Please click here for more information.

What are the official color shades of the Packers?

Dark Green (PMS 5535-C), Gold (PMS 1235-C) and White

Can I buy Packers stock?

No. The Packers have had five stock sales over team history: 1923, 1935, 1950, 1997 and most recently in 2011. A total of 5,011,557 shares are owned by 360,584 stockholders (no one person can own more than 200,000 shares to prevent an individual from attempting to take control of the team). Not only are the Packers no longer selling shares, but existing shares may not be resold or otherwise redistributed. Click here to learn more.

Is there a Packers fan club?

Yes. The Packers Partners Club of Champions was launched in July of 2001. For more information on membership and benefits, click here.

Also, for Packers fans under the age of 14 there is the Junior Power Pack. For more information on membership and benefits, click here.

Do the Packers have cheerleaders?

The Packers haven't had official cheerleaders since 1988, however cheerleaders from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and St. Norbert College appear at home games throughout the season. The Packers discontinued their squad of official cheerleaders in large part due to fan indifference. There are no plans to return to official cheerleaders.

Where does the team hold practices? Are they open to the public?

The Packers hold practices at Clarke Hinkle Field, Ray Nitschke Field or inside the Don Huston Center. All three practice facilities sit in a row just east of Lambeau Field across Oneida Street. Before game days, the Packers generally hold a brief walkthrough practice at Lambeau Field.

During training camp, most practices are open to the public and held at Ray Nitschke Field. A detailed training camp schedule, with a list of open practices, is usually posted in late June at Practices are closed during the regular season. Practices inside the Don Hutson center are closed to the public due to space limitations. Walkthrough practices in Lambeau Field also are closed.

What's the meaning behind the Packers Pro Shop slogan, 'Where your purchases help the Packers win?'

The Packers Pro Shop and are the only shopping locations where the Packers organization inherits all sales revenue. Revenue from Packers merchandise sold elsewhere - your local mall, for example - is shared by the entire league. In other words: Buy from the Pro Shop, help the Packers win. Buy anywhere else, help the Chicago Bears win, too.

Fan Mail/Autographs
Where can I send a letter to a player or coach?

Fan mail can be sent to:
Attention: Individual Player/Coach Name

Green Bay Packers
P.O. BOX 10628
Green Bay, WI 54307-0628

Do the Packers forward fan mail and autograph requests to former players?

The Packers will attempt to forward mail to former players, as available, but cannot guarantee the delivery of such items. Send at your own risk.

How did the Packers get their name?

The team’s original sponsor in 1919 was the Indian Packing Company. The nickname Packers was derived from that and coined by the Green Bay Press-Gazette. In 1921, when the Packers joined what is now the National Football League, the Acme Packing Company purchased uniforms and briefly sponsored the team. Acme Packing had purchased Indian Packing prior to the 1921 season. At the end of the 1921 season, the Packers played a non-league game against Racine and used at least three players under assumed names who had eligibility remaining at the University of Notre Dame. As a result, Green Bay was booted out of the league on Jan. 28, 1922. Nearly six months later, Green Bay was readmitted under a private corporation that dropped the name Packers in an effort to dissociate itself from Acme Packing. However, sportswriters and others continued using the nickname, Packers, and the team eventually embraced it again, too.

What's the origin of the Packers' 'G' logo?

The ‘G’ that adorns the Packers’ helmets was unveiled at an intra-squad game played on Aug. 5, 1961 at old City Stadium behind Green Bay East High School. New City Stadium, now Lambeau Field, had been recently reseeded and wasn’t ready for use. Old City Stadium had been the Packers’ home from 1925 to 1956. Adopting the ‘G’ as the team’s logo was likely the brainchild of coach and general manager Vince Lombardi with input from equipment manager Gerald “Dad” Braisher. It was understood at the time that the ‘G’ stood for Green Bay and it still does today.

Who designed the 'G'?

Typical of Lombardi, there was no announcement, much less fanfare, associated with the unveiling of the ‘G’. As can best be determined, John Gordon, an assistant to Braisher and an art student at St. Norbert College, sketched the ‘G’ in the shape of a football and Romo Display Advertising Inc. of Green Bay turned it into an artistic rendering. Over the years, the shape of the Packers ‘G’ has been modified – today’s version is more of an oval – but it remains one of the most iconic logos in sports.

What is the Lambeau Leap and who invented it?

Robert Brooks is credited with popularizing the celebratory move, but safety LeRoy Butler is the innovator of the Lambeau Leap - the touchdown celebration in which the scoring player leaps into the arms of awaiting fans in the stands.

Butler 'invented' the move Dec. 26, 1993. Here's how it happened: In the fourth quarter, Los Angeles Raiders quarterback Vince Evans completes a second-down swing pass to running back Randy Jordan, who takes the ball to the Raiders' 40-yard-line before Butler forces a fumble that is recovered by Reggie White at the Raiders' 35.

After running with the ball for 10 yards, White lateralles it to Butler, who runs the remaining 25 yards into the end zone and then makes a spontaneous leap into the arms of fans in the south bleachers. The Packers go on to win 28-0 to clinch what would be the first of six consecutive playoff berths.

Who was involved in the trade that brought Brett Favre to the Packers?

The history of the 1992 trade that brought Brett Favre to Green Bay unfolds as such:

  1. Packers acquire 17th overall pick of 1992 draft in trade with Philadelphia Eagles
  2. Packers trade 17th overall choice to Atlanta Falcons for Brett Favre, who is coming off his rookie season (2 games, 0-for-5 passing, 2 interceptions)
  3. Falcons trade back two places with the Dallas Cowboys, coming to own the 19th overall selection of the 1992 draft
  4. With the 19th selection, Falcons draft running back Tony Smith, a former teammate of Favre's from Southern Mississippi
  5. Smith is the second running back selected in the draft after Stanford fullback Tommy Vardell (9th overall)
  6. Smith goes on to play three NFL seasons with the Falcons (87 carries, 329 yards, 2 touchdowns; 56 punt returns for 485 yards, 0 touchdowns; 61 kickoff returns, 1,453 yards, 1 touchdown)
  7. Players Atlanta missed drafting by trading back two spots: Texas A&M cornerback Kevin Smith (17th) and Washington defensive back Dana Hall (18th).

What's the best way to contact someone about this website?

Send questions/comments to:

Attention: Manager of Digital
Green Bay Packers
P.O. BOX 10628
Green Bay, WI 54307-0628

Can I listen to Packers games over the Internet?

Starting in 2003, the NFL launched a subscription audio/video service called NFL Field Pass. Because game broadcasts are included in this service, cannot offer free links to the game broadcasts. However, links to NFL Field Pass are available on, with broadcasts beginning 30 minutes prior to kickoff. To learn more about NFL Field Pass, click here.

To listen to a game broadcast, access the appropriate Gameday page and find the link within the Live Game Coverage box. Listeners will need to use the latest free version of the RealOne audio player.

Can I email Packers players or coaches?

No, but you can write letters to them (see above to get the mailing address).

I was the winner of your trivia contest. When can I expect my prize package?

Winners of the weekly trivia contest will receive their prize package in approximately 6-8 weeks.

I signed up for the Packers Partners Club of Champions, but I can't get into the message board. What's wrong?

Probably one of two things: Either your membership has expired and you need to renew, or - if you've just signed up - your name hasn't been logged into the system. This usually takes just a day or two. No longer than a week.

I signed up for eNews, but I don't want it anymore. How do I unsubscribe?

Just click here to go to the eNews page and find the link that says 'unsubscribe.' You can also find this link at the bottom of your eNews newsletters.

I'm out of town and want to watch a Packers game, where should I go?

If you’re looking for a bar to watch the game, try www.packerseverywhere.comPackers Everywhere was created to let you know where you can gather with other Packers fans to watch games and have all kinds of other Packers-related fun.

Why does release signings sometimes a day after I've read about them elsewhere? posts signings as soon as they are announced by the Green Bay Packers organization. Sometimes other media outlets report that a player has agreed to terms, or is about to sign, but that doesn't mean the player is under contract. The Packers do not announce signings until the contract has been inked. When you read it on, you know the deal has been completed.

Lambeau Field Atrium
What is the Lambeau Field Atrium? When is it open?

For all questions regarding the Lambeau Field Atrium click here.

What is 1919 Kitchen & Tap? When is it open?

For all questions regarding 1919 Kitchen & Tap click here.

Where is the Packers Hall of Fame? When is it open?

For all questions regarding the Packers Hall of Fame click here.

Lambeau Field - Lambeau Field A-Z Guide
Can I take a tour of Lambeau Field?

Yes! For information on Lambeau Field's exclusive stadium tours click here.

Where does the term 'Frozen Tundra' come from?

No one knows for sure who coined the term, but it's been attributed to NFL Films narrator John Facenda. Facenda is believed to be the first to call Lambeau Field the Frozen Tundra in reference to the legendary Ice Bowl, December 31, 1967, when the turf actually froze because of temperatures that were minus-13 degrees at kickoff, with a minus-46 wind chill.

What kind of grass is installed at Lambeau Field?

Installed in 2007, the top level of the field system is 12 inches of root-zone sand and Kentucky bluegrass turf. DD GrassMaster synthetic fibers are stitched into the surface, providing strength and stability to the field. Fibers extend approximately seven inches below the surface and are exposed approximately one inch above the surface and are spaced every three-quarters of an inch. Approximately 20 million individual stitches make up the process.

How long has the ground included heating coils?

Installed in 2007 and contains more than 30 miles of radiant heating pipe, which can maintain a root-zone temperature of 55-plus degrees to keep the ground from freezing during the season's latter months. First system was put in by Vince Lombardi for 1967 season (failed during Ice Bowl).

How long is the waiting list for season tickets? How do I sign up?

The season ticket waiting list has more than 81,000 names. The Packers tell fans adding their names that the average wait is 30 years. To get your name on the season ticket waiting list, click here.