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AED Resources

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AED - Resources

Below are some resources and suggestions that may help your organization get started in researching opportunities to obtain an AED or receive CPR or AED training. Some of the recommended resources include federal or state grant programs and nonprofit organizations. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, and eligibility requirements for these programs may vary.

Additionally, the NFL recently founded The Smart Heart Sports Coalition to advance the adoption of lifesaving policies for student athletes. The Smart Heart Sports Coalition is advocating for all 50 states to adopt evidence-based policies that will prevent fatal outcomes from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) among high school students. Learn more here and join the effort by calling the representatives in your state to support the best practices identified by the coalition to prevent death from SCA.

CPR Savers & First Aid Supply offers grant programs and provides a list of resources for those seeking funds for AEDs provides options for those seeking an AED, from private and public businesses to agencies, institutions and even individuals. 

Project ADAM helps schools, youth sports teams, and communities develop practiced response plans to sudden cardiac arrest, with a variety of toolkits and checklists available for organizations to ensure they are "heart safe."

GotAED: This crowd funding site is dedicated to placing AEDs in schools and wherever kids learn & play, helping organizations create a campaign and share with a network to raise funds

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation has a variety of funding resources for private and public organizations seeking AEDs

Hopey’s Heart Foundation donates AEDs to tax-exempt organizations or government entities based on application.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. They offer resources and information on AEDs, including grant opportunities for schools and community organizations. They also have a program called Heartsaver AED that teaches people how to use AEDs.

The American Red Cross also offers resources on AEDs and options to purchase them for a workplace.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers grant opportunities through their Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program. This program provides funding for fire departments and other first responder organizations to purchase equipment, including AEDs.

U.S. Department of Education offers discretionary grants for emergency response and crisis management plans to local education agencies to strengthen and improve emergency response and crisis management plans.

Wisconsin Department of Health Service offers a variety of grants that could be used towards an AED unit. 

Wisconsin Public Service Foundation (WPS) provides a variety of grants that can be used to support public safety response. To qualify, organizations must provide emergency response services in the WPS service area. 

Civic Groups such as the Lions Clubs, Moose Lodges, Elks Clubs, Kiwanis, Rotary Clubs, Masonic Temples and Optimist Clubs often offer grants and opportunities to obtain units and trainings. Please reach out to the local group in your area to inquire. 

Local Hospitals and Medical Centers may also offer resources on AEDs and funding opportunities. They may have programs in place to donate AEDs to qualifying organizations or offer information on grant opportunities.