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Green Bay Packers Al Treml

Al Treml


Al Treml​

Inducted: 2008

Film Director/Video Director: 1967-2001

Hired by the legendary Vince Lombardi in 1967, Treml filled the demanding posts of film and video director for 34 years. He started filming Packers games in 1964 on a part-time basis while working for WBAY-TV in Green Bay. When Lombardi hired him full-time three years later, Treml became only the second full-time film director in the NFL. He wound up working for nine of the Packers' head coaches, from Lombardi to Mike Sherman, and retired as the NFL's longest-serving video director.

Treml's title changed when technology changed in 1986. Over that run, he also seamlessly adjusted from shooting film to becoming a videographer. In fact, the Packers were the first NFL team to utilize non-linear digital editing, and every other team soon followed: The advancement allowed for instant editing. In 1986, Treml was elected the first chairman of the NFL Video Directors Committee.  

"Al Treml told me once that at his first meeting with Coach Lombardi, he was told, 'Treml, I don't know the first thing about film, but you'd better know what the hell you're doing,'" said Dick Jauron, an NFL player for eight years, assistant coach with the Packers from 1986 to 1994 and later a head coach in Chicago and Buffalo. "I spent nine years working with Al and I can guarantee that not only did he know exactly what he was doing, but he did it better than anyone else in the business."

Prior to being employed by the Packers, Treml worked for WFRV-TV (1960-63) and WBAY (1964-67) as a news and sports photographer. His primary duties with the Packers were shooting games and daily practices and running what eventually became a three-person department.  In 2014, Treml was inducted into the College Sports Video Association Hall of Fame for his contribution to the development of sports video.

Born Dec. 3, 1936, in Green Bay. Given name Albert Raymond Treml. Graduated from Green Bay Central Catholic High School in 1955.

- By Cliff Christl