Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc.

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc.

Hall of Fame, Inc.

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame was the first hall of fame built to honor a single professional American football team. The original Packers Hall of Fame consisted of exhibits displayed in the concourse of the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena. In 1967, the Packer Hall of Fame Association, a separate, independent corporate entity from the team, was founded. Annual induction ceremonies began in 1970. The Hall of Fame's first permanent facility was an addition to the Brown County Veterans Arena and was formally dedicated on April 3, 1976, by President Gerald R. Ford.


The Hall of Fame was relocated to a new home within the new Lambeau Field Atrium on Sept. 4, 2003. On Aug. 21, 2015, a completely new Hall of Fame opened on the first floor. The new Hall has 15,000 square feet contains a vast array of Packers memorabilia, artifacts and trophies. A tribute to the greatest story in sports, the new facility uses the latest technology, enhanced interactive displays and a treasure trove of artifacts to educate and inspire visitors about the rich history of the Packers, as well as the teams of today.

Mission Statement

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc., established in 1967, is an independent not-for profit organization committed to preserving and advancing the storied history of the Green Bay Packers.

The organization promotes the Hall of Fame as a national historic museum. The museum showcases the history of the Green Bay Packers, serving as a resource for Green Bay, the state of Wisconsin and Packers fans everywhere. We also support local community needs, identify and preserve artifacts, promote tourism, and are advocates for Packers alumni.

Packers Hall of Fame Inc. Events

The Packers Hall of Fame Inc., is an independent not-for-profit organization separate from the Green Bay Packers. The Hall was established in 1967, when the Packers organization itself did not have a Hall of Fame or museum, to preserve and advance the storied history of the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers Hall of Fame Inc. host two events a year.


Packers Hall of Fame inductees gather each summer for the Packers Hall of Fame, Inc. Golf Classic.

Each participating team will be paired with a former Packers great for a day of fun and golf on one of Wisconsin more challenging golf courses.


Held annually in the Lambeau Field Atrium, this event recognizes the legends of Green Bay Packers history with their induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc. inducted former Packers Tim Harris and Greg Jennings at the 51st Hall of Fame Induction Banquet on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022, in the Lambeau Field Atrium.

For information regarding participation and sponsorship, contact Sam Kluck at


Since 1970, 166 individuals have had the honor of being inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame.

At the Packers Hall of Fame Annual induction banquet, the Packers Hall of Fame Inc., honor individuals that have made a significant impact on the Green Bay Packers or the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc. They recognize these key contributors through induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, the Bart and Cherry Starr Recognition Award and the Bob Harlan Leadership Award.

The Bart and Cherry Starr Recognition Award honors a person(s) who has exemplified outstanding character and leadership in their field of expertise while consistently demonstrating personal conviction and commitment to the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, Inc. and the preservation of Green Bay Packers history.


  • 2012 - Bob Harlan
  • 2013 - Bill Brault
  • 2014 - Herman Reckelberg
  • 2015 - Mike Gage
  • 2016 - Tom Hutchison
  • 2017 - Johnnie Gray
  • 2018 - Denny Tattum
  • 2019 - Cliff Christl
  • 2020 - Zeke Bratkowski
  • 2022 - Bart Starr, Jr.

The Bob Harlan Leadership Award is presented in honor of former Green Bay Packers President/CEO and Packers Hall of Famer Bob Harlan, who demonstrated exceptional and inspiring leadership throughout his 37-year career with the Packers and most notably during his 19 years as President/CEO of the team. Candidates for the award are those who have embodied the extraordinary integrity, character and determination emblematic of Bob Harlan during their career or association with the Packers.


  • 2019 - Jerry Parins
  • 2020 - Bud Selig
  • 2022 - Dr. Pat McKenzie

Contact Us

For information regarding the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame museum hours and operations, please contact (920) 569-7512 and press option #1 or email


Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, Inc.
2230 S. Ashland Ave. Suite 102
Green Bay, WI 54304

Donate Memorabilia

Donating objects associated with Green Bay Packers history is very important to help tell the story of the Green Bay Packers.

If you own an object that is part of Packers history and are interested in sharing it please complete the form below.

Packers Hall of Fame, Inc. Personnel

Executive Committee

  • Tom Konop President
  • Tom Murphy Vice President
  • Randy Brice Treasurer
  • Don Sipes
  • John Smits
  • Perry Kidder
  • Scott Teerlinck

Board of Directors

  • Aaron Popkey Director of Public Affairs
  • Chris Nerat
  • Dale Jaeger
  • Edward Martin
  • Geoff Lacy
  • Jennifer Ark Director of Stadium Services
  • Kramer Rock
  • Mark Wagner
  • Mark Higgins
  • Matt Gage
  • Mike Becker
  • Pepper Burruss

Directors Emeritus

  • James DeWees
  • Bob Harlan Chairman Emeritus
  • Thomas Hutchison
  • Gary Knafelc
  • Charles Lane
  • Herman Reckelberg
  • Paul Schneider
  • Robert Schulze
  • Gus Swoboda
  • Denny Tattum
  • David Zimmerman

Office Staff

  • Katie Foust Archival Assistant
  • Sam Kluck Executive Director