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'Color-rush' uniforms offer opportunity for creativity

Ty Montgomery's breakout performance gives offense new wrinkle


Jordan from San Jose, CA

Is there anything positive we can take out of the game?

Ty Montgomery. The offensive game plan really gave Montgomery a chance to shine with 10 catches for 98 yards. I know everyone was clamoring for the Packers to run more four- and five-receiver sets, and they got what they asked for on Sunday. Without getting a chance to watch the film yet, I'd say it was the offense's most effective package. I know Montgomery fumbled late, but opposing defenses are going to have to account for that look going forward.

Justin from Tucumcari, NM

Can everyone be reminded that there are only four teams with zero or one loss? Yes, the Packers have issues to work through, but this is still a championship-caliber team and I have faith that they can at least make the wild card. Things look ugly right now but maybe Sunday's game is what it takes for them to get through these issues. You never know.

There's a lot of parity in the NFL this season and very few teams have everything "figured out." Let's also not discount that the Packers' two losses have come to the league's only undefeated team and a 5-1 Cowboys team that leads the league in rushing offense. Neither team is exactly the Washington Generals.

Sam from Kenosha, WI

No question, I just wish you guys the best of luck with the Inbox this week.

Thank you, Sam. You're a kind individual.

Craig from Buffalo, WI

"These are the most important moments." – Mike McCarthy. I couldn't agree more. The response to getting knocked down is what forges character. Who are the 2016 Packers? I'm excited to watch and find out.

That's what it comes down to. The game is over. It doesn't help to beat yourself twice. You have to pull together, learn from it and push forward. That's what the team did in 2010 when it was 3-3 through the first six games.

Col from Ludlow, England

Hi Wes. Does this season feel a lot like the 2010 one did at the same stage?

I wasn't covering the team on a daily basis yet, but it certainly is starting to feel like that from an injury standpoint. While the Packers haven't placed anyone on season-ending injured reserve since the regular season started, it's stressed their depth at a number of positions. Like I said during the Detroit game, I still think that will benefit the team in the long run. However, it does lead to occasional bumps in the road.

John from Allentown, PA

Watching the game, I noticed the Packers went to a full-house formation pretty often, but it seemed like the receiver they had out wide was Trevor Davis. Do you think McCarthy is thinking of using Davis' speed to start setting up some more deep balls?

It leaves the door open for a big play depending on what look the defense is showing. If the defense wants to stack the box with a safety, then it leaves itself vulnerable to Davis' speed.

Mark from WI

Why did the Packers not activate another running back with Starks out and an injured Eddie Lacy?

There are a number of factors the Packers have to weigh when making a roster move. For starters, they felt the injuries to Sam Shields, Jared Cook, James Starks and Quinten Rollins weren't going to force them to go on injured reserve. To clear a spot for a running back, they would have had to cut a player to make room on the 53-man roster. That's a risky proposition. I mean, we all saw what happened with Joe Callahan last week. They felt confident with Ty Montgomery and the big-five receiver packages and proceeded accordingly. As Mike McCarthy put it on Monday, it's not as simple as just give me another RB or CB. Every move has implications.

Andy from Columbus, TX

Would having our top two corners possibly have turned the game a different way? Didn't seem like we could stack the box, or if we did, we gave up easy long completions.

I don't care who you are – losing your top three cornerbacks is going to change your defense. That's just how it is. We'll see this week who's available and who isn't.

Charles from Del City, OK

The last three years Rodgers has not been as good, I'm thinking too much outside interference. What do you think?

I think he won the MVP less than two years ago.

Lambeau Field hosted a Week 6 matchup between the Packers and Cowboys. Photos by Evan Siegle,

Mitch from Milwaukee, WI

Since you are employed by the Packers, are you allowed to say that Aaron Rodgers didn't play well yesterday?

I'm not a coach or a scout. I honestly don't know what's going on with Rodgers. So I'm not going to sit here and spit out 80 different theories to satisfy speculation. If you want me to say Rodgers didn't play well, then fine – Rodgers didn't play well. But does that make you feel any better?

Justin from Titonka, IA

If this team's fate rests on how well Rodgers plays, shouldn't we feel pretty good about this team? Even after yesterday's game?

I think so. Everyone saw what the Packers were able to do in the first half against Detroit. The 34 points weren't by accident. Listen, I'm not ready to sell on Rodgers. Everyone agrees the offense has to play better, but he's played way too well for way too long to write him off. I mean, when was the last time the Packers went into a game where you didn't think they had a prayer of prevailing? That "Any given Sunday" edge Rodgers provides is something 90 percent of the NFL would sell the farm for.

George from Atlanta, GA

I'm not one to complain about play-calling, but on the last play of the first half, why didn't Rodgers spike the ball at the 29-yard line with one second left? Instead, he rushed the snap to try a pass play. A 46-yard FG was certainly in Crosby's range, and would have made it a one-score game.

There wasn't any time left to spike the ball. The quick snap was the only option. I was down on the field for Favre's halftime ceremony and watched it in real time. With no timeouts left, Rodgers did the only thing he could do.

Dale from Kettering, OH

Has the Inbox figured out this football thing isn't as easy as it looks yet?

As I sifted through the comments, I honestly was very impressed with readers' reactions to the game last night. It seems like the anger amplified after sleeping on it. Still, I don't think anyone has been too out of line. There's bound to be frustration for everyone involved.

Joshua from Chesterton, IN

OK, so it's third-and-8. Illegal block in the back on Dallas. Could you please explain to me why the next down is third-and-3?

*You're referring to Cole Beasley's 22-yard catch in the second quarter. While Beasley was tackled at the Green Bay 14, the penalty was enforced at the GB 21, which kept it a 15-yard gain. Then, the referees tacked on the 10-yard penalty. So it was a 5-yard gain on third-and-8, making it third-and-3 from the Packers' 31. *

Phil from Marietta, GA

Can you please explain how a defensive lineman can get called for holding on a running play when he is trying to shed a block? I'd understand it if he tackled a pulling offensive lineman, but that didn't seem to be the case. It looked like he was simply filling his gap on a stretch play.

I have no idea. I asked Mike the same question last night.

Jon from Warsaw, WI

Vic, you were right about the Vikings, they look good. We're all banged up, tired, short week; how do we stack up against the hated Bears? They seem to have a few dilemmas too. These home games are important for us to win, can we bounce back and go 4-2 into the mini-bye?

The Bears have had their own issues in the first six games of the season. They listed 18 players on their injury report for Sunday's game against Jacksonville with Eddie Goldman, Jay Cutler, Jeremy Langford and Leonard Floyd all sitting. On top of that, Kevin White, Kyle Fuller and Lamarr Houston have all been placed on injured reserve. I've been impressed with what Vic Fangio has done with Chicago's defense despite the injuries, but they've had to dig pretty deep into the depth chart to start the season.

Chris from Marshall, WI

Let's deviate from the "fire everybody" and "trade Rodgers" talk for a moment and interject some logic. There is one stat that was the reason for the Packers' loss: four turnovers (minus-2 overall for the game, minus-3 overall on the season). You cannot turn it over that many times and expect to win, especially when the turnovers occur in scoring territory (and also against a playoff-caliber team). Take away the turnovers, and the game is tight heading into the fourth quarter and will most likely be won in the final minutes. Take away the Packers' turnovers and keep the takeaways, and the Packers most likely win. I now return you to your normal crazy Inbox. Sidebar: I think Dallas should keep Prescott as QB.

Prescott exceeded my expectations. He's a big, durable kid who plays beyond his years. I tip my cap to him and the Cowboys. He and Elliott have been the difference in Romo's absence. You're right. You can't turn over the ball four times and expect to win against a good football team. It comes down to protecting the football. I'm curious how that game plays out if Green Bay scores on the opening drive of the second half.

Cris from Sachse, TX

How about that play by Joe Thomas?

Thomas always has been a big-hitting linebacker, but I've been impressed by how much he's been around the ball this season. It just seems like he always puts himself in a position to make a play. I'm not saying anything I haven't said before, but he's up there on the list of most improved Packers.

Frank from Naples, FL

Given the Packers' running back situation, why not bring back John Crockett or Brandon Burks. Certainly they could help?

Crockett currently is on injured reserve and the Packers already have rookie Don Jackson on the practice squad.

Randy from Washington, D.C.

Now that "color-rush" Thursday is coming up, I have a suggestion for the NFL. Instead of going to the trouble of designing the new uniforms and making teams buy them, take a lesson from the 1960s. Broadcast the game in black-and-white. Same effect and cheaper. The way things are now, each team needs at least three different uniforms. I can no longer tell at a glance what teams are playing.

I kind of like the color-rush idea, but that's probably because it's targeted towards millennials. I just think it's a nice change of pace if done properly. I like the Packers' all-white uniforms. It respects the tradition, but it's a new take on things. It offers a chance for creativity.

Don from Stevens Point, WI

At least no one's complaining about the punter.

Ha. I got a good laugh out of this one. Hopefully Steve from Illinois is hanging in there.

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