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Hey, kid, catch!


Robert from Harvel, IL

Vic, it is an obvious fact that more offenses are featuring two tight ends and multiple receivers to spread defenses out. However, I have not heard of a solution on the defensive side of the ball on how to consistently defend these spread passing attacks that teams like the Packers, Saints, Patriots and many others present.

The Chiefs and Giants showed us what the solution is: Get pressure with a minimum of rushers because you've got to commit a maximum of defenders to coverage. The Giants were able to get pressure with four and drop seven. That's the solution but there aren't many teams that can get pressure with four against five. In my opinion, it would've been better for the Packers had they not played the Giants in the regular season. I think that game allowed the Giants to get a feel for the Packers offense. I think it showed the Giants exactly what they had to do and they have the rushers to have done it. The sack-strip by Osi Umenyiora in the third quarter was the game-changer.

Matt from Alden, NY

I would love to see Notre Dame in the ACC and maybe we can see some of that Miami-Notre Dame hatred return. I was wondering why you think the ACC is the conference they should join?

They fit there, athletically and academically, as well as market-wise up and down the East Coast. The ACC also includes several schools with which Notre Dame has history. The Big Ten would be a solid geographical fit, but I don't think Notre Dame fits with the big state schools. I think its calculus requirement and Notre Dame's reluctance to red-shirt, gray-shirt, etc., aligns better with the ACC schools. One more thing: I doubt it's been forgotten or totally forgiven that the Big Ten rejected Notre Dame, for really no good reason, a long time ago when Notre Dame petitioned to join the Big Ten. That rejection estranged Notre Dame and Michigan for a lot of years. There's been an edge for the Big Ten under the golden dome ever since.

Tom from Chesterfield, VA

You're a joke. What's worse, you've made this particular forum a joke as well. Who are you to decide what's of interest to Packer fans? What makes you think your take on sports in general or the Packers specifically is any more informative or engaging than the casual fan's? It's little wonder you're on your third franchise. Two words for you, Vic: "buh - bye."

I'll cry all night.

Dave from Calumet, MI

Some medical doctors don't want their sons to play football in high school. Do you have any good (or bad) stories pertaining to the toll that playing high school sports can take on a still-developing body?

I've told the story about my father wanting to talk to the football coach, but I think it bears repeating because all of these years later it still applies. I broke my leg the previous season and when it came time to sign the parental consent form, my father said he wanted to talk to the coach first. So the coach came to the house and listened to my dad and when my father was finished talking, the coach told my father that the time I would spend practicing football would be time I wouldn't spend driving the family car or riding in a car driven by another teenager. My father then signed the parental consent form. There are many dangers for a still-developing body. I can't think of a greater danger for our children than allowing them to drive the car, but we do.

Marty from Louisville, KY

Given both time and opportunity to prove themselves, why is it that some players are great in college but a bust in the NFL?

They hit the wall of their talent or dedication. Successful college players must improve their games to be successful on the NFL level. The scouts aren't looking for guys who were successful in college; everybody knows who they are. The scouts are looking for guys who will be successful in the NFL. Being able to project that success is what makes a scout successful.

Duane from Newnan, GA

Hi, Vic, I was in Green Bay last Friday and I'm sorry I missed you but didn't expect you to be wandering the Lambeau halls at 6:30 p.m. Since you have said in the past you like to meet fans, is there a better time/day to stop by?

Maybe we need to do some kind of meet and greet, other than on a golf course.

Gary from Chippewa Falls, WI

The officials are locked out. Who has the leverage? I say the officials because fans will not tolerate bad calls by replacements.

What if they don't make any calls? They didn't the last time and everybody loved it.

Brian from Ames, IA

You have been asked who the greatest coach was to never win a Super Bowl and, yesterday, who the most underrated coach was. In both instances, you answered Marty Schottenheimer. What makes him so special?

He was successful everywhere he's been. I think Art Modell made a terrible mistake firing him in Cleveland, and I can't imagine how Daniel Snyder could've fired him after just one season in Washington, especially after winning eight of the last 11 games with Tony Banks at quarterback following an 0-5 start. Being fired in San Diego after going 14-2, because the Chargers lost a playoff game to Tom Brady, is just plain ridiculous. What Schottenheimer did in Kansas City year after year without having a true franchise quarterback is special. In the process, he developed a pretty good future head coach.

Bill from Raleigh, NC

I noticed that many times last year the blitz was picked up perfectly by our opponent. Do you think our tendencies were too predictable?

You have to win the one-on-ones. The instances of a rusher being unblocked are rare. Players, not plays.

Josh from Henderson, KY

My friend and I for years have gone back and forth over what's a tougher sport, football or mixed martial arts. He says MMA because it's a no-holds-barred type action. Football is my vote because every down you have 22 guys battling to win their one-on-ones for three hours a week. What say you?

I think the fundamental intent of winning a mixed martial arts contest is, by far, more violent than the intent required to win a football game.

Dan from Vancouver, WA

When you cover road games during the regular season, how early do you get to the city? What's a typical routine for this?

Leave Green Bay early Saturday afternoon, arrive in destination city by late afternoon, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed, wake early and go to the stadium if it's an early start. The fun doesn't start until the game is over.

Chadd from Antigo, WI

I'm predicting the Packers keep six WR and four TE, with Andrew Quarless beginning the season on PUP.

I like it when fans think as GMs.

Darrell from Atlanta, GA

Who do you see as our starting left tackle?

I think it's Marshall Newhouse's job to hold. I thought he made major strides last season. Some people point to rough games against Jared Allen, Tamba Hali and Jason Pierre-Paul. A lot of tackles have bad games against those guys.

Nathanael from North Prairie, WI

In the slideshow of Donald Driver's softball game, I noticed that the defense had six errors by the sixth inning. A reflection on the past year, or a harbinger of things to come?

When I was in Jacksonville, I played on a media team that beat a team of Jaguars players in one of those charity-type softball games. That's when I realized there's no correlation between football and baseball/softball.

Callum from Dumfries, Scotland

Vic, I've been in rugby for years back home in Scotland. The one thing that bugs me most about the NFL is the fact the players don't tackle, they go for this big hit, but it hardly ever works. Is this coached into them or are they taught to wrap up and tackle low but are too lazy to do it?

It's about changing the culture. When the big-hit mentality is changed to a make-the-tackle way of thinking, tackling will improve.

Ryan from Cottage Grove, WI

There's a video going viral of a lady wrestling a cleat Donald Driver threw to a child. In DD's own words, it's pretty disturbing.

Passion will often make us do things we regret. She should've let the kid have the cleat. I'm sure she regrets what she did. Now, if I was Donald's marketing agent, I'd try to find some company that wanted to do a commercial with Donald throwing a cleat at a kid. You know, "Hey, kid, catch!"

Kent from Eagle Grove, IA

Why don't the NFL coaches today wear suits like in the past, when the NBA coaches and assistants still wear suits during every game?

NFL coaches' contracts require that they wear NFL-approved sideline gear, and the companies that have paid handsomely for the NFL to display those companies' lines of apparel typically manufacture and market sports apparel, not suits and ties. If they ever get heavy into the suit-and-tie business, you'll start to see coaches wearing suits and ties on the sidelines again. I can't answer for the NBA.

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