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Inbox: It'll get sorted out in due time

The contact at running back isn’t real until the games are


Neal from Fort Worth, TX

Wes, there's no crying in baseball (or softball).

Try telling that to a softball team of 10-year-old girls. It didn't go over well.

Aaron from Lexington, KY

Who's your best example of a rookie who didn't seem to have it in camp, but became a real player in real games?

I wouldn't say "didn't seem to have it," but I remember back in 2013 thinking Eddie Lacy never appeared to stand out in practice, and then he really showed up in the games, obviously. I think running back might be the most difficult position to decipher what a player has, because the contact at that position isn't real until the games are.

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Tony from River Falls, WI

I'm surprised by how many coaches NFL teams have today compared to past years. Do you see this number increasing in the future as well?

It'll reach a limit at some point, I would think, but I don't know what that limit will be.

Alan from Madison, WI

Did you manage to watch the MLB Draft on Monday night? As big a baseball fan as I am, it lacks the drama and tension that the NFL Draft has. Even the baseball players seemed subdued and generally showed little emotion after being selected. What are your views on the differences and similarities between the two drafts?

In football, the next step after the draft is the NFL. That gives the event a whole different perspective. In baseball, the selections might take three, five, seven years or more to make the majors, and many of them will never put on a big-league uniform. There's really no comparison. It's not even apples and oranges. It's apples and avocados.

Matthias from Hartford, WI

Who was the last player picked in the supplemental draft by the Packers? And who was the best player picked in the supplemental draft by the Packers?

Mike Wahle, 1998.

Aaron from Marshfield, WI

Ted Thompson was conservative in free agency, but that resulted in a lot of extra lottery tickets come draft time. Like most of us, I'm very pleased with the splashy work Brian Gutekunst has put in this far. If we remain this active in free agency throughout his career we'll stop getting all the compensatory picks, right? There's always a trade-off.

Of course there is. But if you remain successful with draft-and-develop, and hit on the multi-year free agents you do sign, being on the minus side of the compensatory free-agent ledger won't necessarily be an annual occurrence.

Tristan from Aurora, CO

In 15 years, is Joe Whitt Jr. a head coach somewhere?

I think so.

Al from Green Bay, WI

It stands to reason that Green Bay's secondary and defensive line will be stronger this year. I believe Nick Perry will benefit from this, and will register double-digit sacks if he can stay healthy. Is that reasonable or overly optimistic?

I believe the Packers are counting on a healthy Perry delivering double-digit sacks.

Daniel from Johnston, IA

You can't talk recent dominant performances without bringing up Ty Montgomery at Chicago in 2016 - 98 yards after contact.

That was actually No. 2 on my list after the Rodgers six-TD half I mentioned, though I also like Wes's picks of Daniels vs. Seattle last year and Lacy at TCF Bank in '14.

Aaron from Sour Lake, TX

It seems like Rodgers is impressed with our young secondary. Is this a good sign?

How can it not be? Though he was quick to point out no one has put on pads yet.

Mitch from Oak Creek, WI

Hey guys, what do you make of Aaron's "dice them up" comments regarding the new corners? Obviously it is his competitiveness coming through, but is he now the wiley ol' veteran of the team?

He has been for the last couple of years. I liked his joke from earlier about coming into the locker room, seeing eight guys all sitting in a row at their lockers staring at their phones, and saying, "You know, you can talk to each other."

Eric from Rothschild, WI

Packers at Raiders, instead of a coin flip, Aaron vs. Jordy at midfield. Winner gets choice like winning the coin toss. I'd watch it, more entertaining than a coin flipping.

It'll never happen, but I like this idea. If they're both captains for the preseason game this summer, maybe they'll each take a ball out to midfield, just for the heck of it.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

How do you think the question marks on the offensive line will affect the productivity of the run game early on?

It'll get sorted out in due time. If the competitions at right guard and right tackle (if Bulaga is not ready) were loaded with a bunch of rookies, it would feel different. Other than Madison, the rest of the competitors at those spots - Spriggs, Murphy, Bell, McCray, Patrick - all have NFL experience, so I don't anticipate a chemistry issue.

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Jay from Land O'Lakes, FL

Guys, it's sad that people on both sides can't put aside politics to celebrate excellence in sports.

Yes it is, but you're not surprised by what has transpired, are you?

Thomas from Wien, Austria

Hey Insiders! Just wanted to say it speaks volumes about Aaron Rodgers' professionalism that he's out there during OTAs instead of using it as a bargaining chip like others.

It certainly speaks to his commitment to the team, but I wouldn't call a player who is sitting out voluntary activities for leverage unprofessional. This is a business, first and foremost, and I don't begrudge players who make business decisions.

Rick from Atlanta, GA

Just wanted to say how fantastic it is to always see so many questions from folks all over the world. It's nice to know I'm not the only one watching live games in the middle of the night when living abroad. Which brings me to my question: If you could live anywhere in the world besides the U.S., where would it be and why?

The only place abroad I've ever spent considerable time is Seville, Spain, during my senior year in college. I could get used to paella, sangria and siestas again.

David from Moore, ID

The 8-yard onside kickoff could work without endless reviews if you move the kickoff point up two yards.

Good call.

Elliott from Valparaiso, IN

With the talk of Pettine's new scheme and defensive adjustments, I was wondering what happens to communication on "hurry-up" offensive drives? Say the quarterback calls "hurry-up" and rushes to the line. Is the D-coordinator quickly yelling things to the player with the communications helmet between plays? If so, how much of an adjustment could even be made on the fly? Or, does the defense just stay in the same formation over and over?

In a no-huddle scenario, the helmet communicators are shut off as the offense comes to the line of scrimmage. Also, the offense isn't substituting, or it has to give the defense the opportunity to sub. But the same personnel doesn't require the same formation, on either side of the ball. Defenders in certain personnel groups should know their assignments based on the offensive formation, and communication usually falls to a linebacker or safety as signal-caller. If the defense is caught in a bad matchup, it can try to sub or call timeout.

Jeff from Green Bay, WI

I rewatched a YouTube video recently of Aaron Rodgers with his Microsoft Surface tablet during a game after reviewing an interception play. It really got me to wondering if other positions will integrate play or technique review on the sidelines using tablets or other devices? I've seen WR/TE players huddle with a QB and position coach to understand where something went wrong, but this seems to be something all could benefit from in the future.

The information on the sideline tablets remains limited to still photos and has not progressed to video in the regular season (it has been a preseason experiment in recent years). There was a proposal at the owners' meeting back in March to allow video access on the sideline, but strong opposition from coaches led to the issue getting tabled. A lot of coaches feel if it's too easy to figure out in-game adjustments, a competitive element is lost. The edge for those who are better prepared would be negated. I tend to agree, but in-game video on the sideline seems all but inevitable at some point down the road.

Don from Swaledale, IA

You spoke about the "heads-up" rule. Is this another rule for the refs to watch for and have even more time spent/wasted with replays?

My understanding is the only time the helmet-use rule will go to replay is if the officials have decided to eject a player from the game.

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Bill from Kansas City, MO

How many current Packers do you think are locks to make the Packers Hall of Fame? I think it's Aaron Rodgers, Mason Crosby, Randall Cobb and Clay Matthews right now. I think that if the following have a few more good seasons as Packers they will make it: Mike Daniels, Bakhtiari, Bulaga. I think that Davante Adams and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix could do it, and that the others are uncertain right now. What do you think of my choices?

You left out Tramon Williams.

Kirsten from Madison, WI

Regarding how many X players at a given position the Packers keep, is that mainly determined by the talent of the players or by the scheme the coaches want to play? In other words, do the coaches pretty much have in mind, right now, that they need X number at a given position for the game they want to play? Or will they determine, as part of the summer program, what their schemes will look like based on how well the players on the field are performing?

Your minimums for each position, along with current injuries, dictate much of the 46-man game-day roster, and the final decisions for the 53 are usually the best remaining players. The overall scheme is not really the consideration you're suggesting, though certain players' skill sets can certainly impact game plans for a given week.

Ethan from La Crosse, WI

Evan got some great pictures for Wes's article about the team’s sporting clay excursion. This is a great thing McCarthy does every year, and it's always fun to read about after, especially for the rookies' reactions. Do you know if Evan got to take a few shots himself?

Apparently, and Wes did, too. They're both better shots than I am, for sure. Have a good day.