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Inbox: It's as good a barometer as any

That level of overall, spread-out production will mean significant success

QB Aaron Rodgers
QB Aaron Rodgers

Dale from Wilton, WI

Is the baloney stopping soon, or do we have another month and a half?

T-minus 54 days and counting.

Joshua from Toro Salto, TX

Just watched the video of Josh Norman jumping over a bull. Wes should give that a shot. If not a bull, at least a decent-sized dog. Or Spoff! Yes! He should leap over Spoff! It'd be a great intro clip for "Packers Unscripted."

T-minus 53 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 48 seconds and counting.

Max from Troy, MO

If you could pick one player from a non-traditional position to get an offensive touchdown, who would you pick? We've talked a lot about Bakhtiari lately, and the Fridge is a relatively famous example, but I wonder if you've seen that "something" from anybody else.

Mike Daniels. He might tackle the goal post to celebrate. I remember McCarthy putting him in the backfield to block once or twice. I've always wondered how badly he wanted the ball.

Patrick from Fort Collins, CO

I always enjoy a grammar discussion because grammar has such a broad definition. It can refer to poor syntax, morphology, style/editing, semantics, and/or phonology. Perception of good vs. poor grammar is often relative to a person's culture, location, dialect, race, ethnicity, age, context, upbringing, situation, context, profession, style guidelines, etc. Our opinions of what is good or bad grammar may also reflect our own biases. That being said, nobody likes to read sloppy writing.


Scott from Salem, OR

In "Murphy Takes Five," in regard to Packers Everywhere pep rallies, Mark stated, "... rallies set this year on the days before games at Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas (as well as at a home game)." Is there going to be a home game "pep rally" this season?

Yes. I believe it's going to be the night before the Oakland game.

Nick from White Bear Township, MN

Hi Guys! Just read the II from a couple of days ago with the question about a single player's career sacks against one QB. Instantly, I remembered the terror of watching John Randle slice through our offensive line and slam our ol' gunslinger No. 4 to the ground. Favre and Randle had a great rivalry! Any specific moments you can recall when our guys bested Randle for a change?

The numbers say Randle had 14 sacks in 23 career games against the Packers, with 12½ sacks of Favre in 18 games against him. That's rather remarkable, and one particular stretch is probably what's sticking out in your mind. From the second game in '93 through the first game in '96, Randle sacked Favre 8½ times over six games, including 3½ times in September of 1996 when the Metrodome was the Packers' house of horrors (and the Vikings handed the Packers their only loss through the first nine games of that season). Green Bay had more success against Randle later in his career, as he posted just two sacks in his final nine Packers-Vikings contests.

Dale from Prescott, WI

Mike, I know you talk of playing racquetball, which I loved playing in my younger days. How many days a week you play? Also, you ever play pickle ball? Back is feeling better and a buddy of mine wants to teach me. Any pointers?

I try to play twice a week whenever my schedule allows. I've never played pickle ball, but I've had people suggest it to me. I'm going to have to try it sometime.

Suzanne from Elgin, TX

Hi II: Can players in their rookie season be selected to the Pro Bowl? If yes, how frequently or infrequently does it happen? If yes, whom (or should it be who...Sister Noraleen never got that syntax thing burned in my brain) from the Packers has made that big of an impression as a rookie?

It's who, and if you want another quick tip, you can remove the "of" and simply say, "Who from the Packers has made that big an impression as a rookie?" The answer is yes, it happens all the time. I believe six rookies were Pro Bowl selections last season. Since the league merger, Green Bay rookies to earn the honor are John Brockington in '71, James Lofton in '78, Clay Matthews in '09 and Eddie Lacy in '13.

Dan from Cromwell, CT

Mike, don't forget Justin and Jordan McCray also. Jordan spent time in training camp with the Packers.

Yes, but Jordan never played in a regular-season game. The list of brothers was based on the official all-time roster, and players have to appear in a regular-season game to qualify.

John from Madison, AL

Tony from River Falls had asked what will happen when the Raiders move to Vegas. Could you foresee Mark Davis leaving the name and the colors back in Oakland like Art Modell did when he moved his team to Baltimore? Will Oakland eventually get a new NFL franchise or will Oakland become a dead market? I never was fond of the Oakland Raiders but I truly feel bad for all their dedicated fans in northern California.

I do, too, and I don't see another team coming to Oakland without a new stadium. If the area wasn't going to build one to keep the Raiders, I can't imagine it building one for a new team with the 49ers (and their new stadium) also in the market. As of now, they're slated to play as the Las Vegas Raiders, and it would be a shame if those iconic colors and logo went away. I don't see that happening. A lot of circumstances surrounding Modell and the Browns were different.

Patrick from Inver Grove Heights, MN

You kind of forget how amazing GB has been in finding undrafted FA gems until you see an all-undrafted team typed out. Some of my favorite players come from that list: Kuhn, Allison, Lane Taylor, Cullen Jenkins, Tramon and then there's one of my all-time favorites Atari ("ATTACK") Bigby. I suppose that's why we've been so successful over the past 25 years.

My list was just from the last 13 years, so it didn't include guys like Samkon Gado, Tony Fisher, Bernardo Harris, George Koonce and John Jurkovic from the previous dozen years.

Ron from Broken Arrow, OK

Mike, in regards to the question about the Packers carrying two kickers on their roster for a season, that happened in 1983. Jan Stenerud handled the field goals and extra points, Eddie Garcia did the kickoffs.

Thanks, I knew I was forgetting an instance.

Jeff from Greenwood, MN

Hi Mike, since it is summer please let me counter the gentleman from PA who called old Yankee Stadium a dump. As one who grew up in NY I just couldn't let that be the last word. I wouldn't want those who never had the privilege to be there to take that as fact. Sure, the hallways were cramped and you can stuck sitting behind a pole but as crazy as it sounds that was part of the magic. Just realizing what individuals and teams graced that field is what I believe Wes was looking to experience.

No doubt, and I share Wes's regret that I never got there myself.

K.J. from Louisville, KY

1. Do you think Bakhtiari could successfully navigate a "Lambeau Leap"? 2. Assuming a successful "Leap," are there any league or team rules prohibiting a beer chug whilst completing said "Leap"? Inquiring minds need to know.

Bakhtiari has done the leap on Family Night before, so that part's no problem. I don't think the chug would be in the best interests of his team, his quarterback or his pocketbook, for that matter. Probably have to hope for an OT game-winner.

Dan from Galesville, WI

Why is stealing first base not inviting? I'm presuming the optimal point would be during a wild pitch. I would like to see that. The pressure is on the pitcher and catcher.

Puh-leeze. Tinkering and experimenting with rules here and there is fine, but a fundamental change like this one would be a disaster for the game.

Mark from Carmel, IN

Bob Kahler's name in II brought back a great memory. I read years ago (probably on packers.com) that Bob was the only living player to have played for Curly Lambeau. I did some research and called the man at his home in FL. He was gracious and talked with me for about 15 minutes about his time in GB, his life after football and then gave me his address to send a leather football helmet for him to sign. It proudly sits with the modern helmets in my basement. Just another great GB memory.

That's simply outstanding.

Steven from Silver Spring, MD

With CB such a deep position and S so thin, which CBs are most likely to transition over to the other room? If Josh Jackson truly is a half-step slower than the other CB candidates, wouldn't that make him a really fast safety? And coming from Iowa you know he can tackle and play the run.

As mentioned in the spring, Natrell Jamerson was taking snaps at safety during OTAs despite still being listed on the roster as a corner. But the segment of the fan base that has been obsessed all offseason with moving Jackson to safety needs to let the kid develop. If the Packers were going to give up on Jackson as a corner after his rookie year, they wouldn't have drafted him in the middle of the second round. He's got skills you can't teach.

Alex from Eau Claire, WI

Spoff, a few months back you mentioned the book "Astroball" as one you were planning to read for pleasure. I chose this book for my book club based off your recommendation, and wow did it not disappoint. Usually I'm speed reading and cramming the week of our meeting to finish the book chosen. Not this time, finished with two weeks to spare as I couldn't put it down. Now my question, can you please suggest some more non-fiction books that you have read for pleasure? I need to know!

I recently finished "Carry On" by award-winning ESPN producer Lisa Fenn. It's fantastic and I recommend it to anybody, whether a sports fan or not. Great read. I'm also currently in the middle of "War Football," which was just published. Shameless plug for the author, a grad school friend of mine named Chris Serb, who worked for years researching and exploring the connection between the football teams at WWI military training sites and the birth of professional football and the NFL shortly thereafter. Interesting history and I'm learning a lot.

Rob from Edmonton, Alberta

Mike, with the passing of Jim Bouton this week, I'm curious as to how old you were when you read "Ball Four"? I read "Instant Replay" when I was 11 and "Ball Four" when I was 13. Both books left an indelible impression on me, but for different reasons if you catch my drift...

I read "Ball Four" in my early 20s. That book leaves an indelible impression on anybody. RIP, Bulldog.

Andy from AZ

If all goes to plan and Rodgers stays healthy enough to play all 16 games, what kind of dream scenario TD total could he/we (I'm the owner) be looking at in a Matt LaFleur offense? Balance can bring easier opportunities based on unpredictability, but I imagine rob him of some chances as well.

I think you have to score 50-plus touchdowns to be a legitimate contender in the NFL these days. We reference the balance of the 2014 offense a lot, and it's for valid reasons. The unit scored 52 touchdowns (the defense and special teams added six more that year), and what stood out was the division of labor – passed for 38 TDs, rushed for 14 – and three legitimate go-to players. Nelson had 13 scores, Cobb 12 and Lacy 13 more (nine rushing, four receiving). That level of overall, spread-out production will mean significant success. It's as good a barometer as any.

Packers CB Tony Brown celebrates his birthday on July 13. Take a look at photos of him from the 2018 season.

Michael from Hammond, IN

Do you believe that the team has a chance to compete for the Central Division title this year?

Nope. They haven't had a chance since 2001.

Christopher from Savage, MN

18 games with a 16 per player limit. That must be the owners trying to punk us during the dead zone for a laugh right?

Apparently not, if the WSJ report is accurate. The potential problems and unintended consequences with such a structure are almost boundless. From public comments it doesn't appear Mark Murphy is on board, so I hope this gains zero traction. As Murphy mentioned to a few reporters in separate interviews over the financial report, a 17-3 format is more realistic, with one international/neutral-site game for each team. That's a change I could live with.

Nick from Portland, OR

Under what circumstances would you consider holding out?

Only if Wes gets a microphone for "Three Things" ahead of me. Have a great weekend, everybody.


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