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Inbox: It's on film now

That was the bounce-back performance you wanted to see from J’Mon Moore


Lori from Brookfield, WI

Wes, since Mike expected to be normal after a couple days, hold onto your lunch today!

Duly noted. I was a zombie on Saturday, but if you'll indulge me, I just wanted to give a shout-out to my lovely wife. She was up early and brought our son to the airport to surprise me. Only one problem – our plane got back 30 minutes earlier than the time I told her. So I was already home and in bed when she finally texted asking where I was. I love you, Cait. Good morning!

Joe from Bloomington, IN

What's the benefit in taking a red-eye? People have to sleep sometime, why not on schedule?

As someone who used to do the 4 a.m. wake-up calls after games, I'll attest it's so much better to sleep in your own bed. Professionally, I think it's easier to get back to Green Bay and give the players a full day off. Injured players also can get treatment at the facility immediately.

Jay from Land O Lakes, FL

Are you as happy as I am about getting the Colts' leading tackler and a four-year starter at Florida? The Green M&Ms (Martinez and Morrison).

By all accounts, Antonio Morrison is a better fit for a 3-4 defense than the scheme Indianapolis was installing. He's a good athlete who hustles to the ball. Martinez, who was taken six picks after Morrison in 2016, has been able to adapt to all types of linebackers and hybrid safeties. Morrison is here to compete like everyone else.

Green Bay made its first road trip of the preseason, traveling to Oakland to face the Raiders

Max from Sherwood Park, Alberta

Does the trade for Antonio Morrison mean that the injury to Oren Burks does not have a positive outlook?

Not necessarily. Burks didn't say much about the injury, but it sounds like the feedback from the MRI was positive. Mike McCarthy concurred **during his Sunday news conference**. The Packers needed more options at inside linebacker and Morrison has a lot of experience for a 23-year-old player.

Jack from Frankfort, IL

How many players have the Packers released during this camp?

One. Ethan Cooper.

Mike from Algoma, WI

Was the Pipkins-for-Morrison trade straight-up? While I hope Lenzy has a good career with the Colts, I'm glad to see the

Packers were able to shore up a position of need.

It was player for player. Pipkins is an NFL player in my eyes, but I don't know how good his chances were at making Green Bay's 53-man roster. The Colts are in a similar boat at cornerback as the Packers were at inside linebacker. The trade made sense for both players/teams.

John from Madison, WI

Oh no! We lost a preseason game! Fire everyone! Is the sky falling in the Inbox this morning?

I have to admit I was caught a little off-guard by the comments when I opened my email on Sunday evening. If I didn't know better I would have thought this was the regular season.

Helen from Omaha, NE

I've been a Packers fan for over 40 years. Many people in the Inbox might be a little miffed, but I also bleed Cornhusker red. Our hiring of Scott Frost has brought us hope to get our program back to dominating like the Tom Osborne era. Anyway, have the Packers drafted any other NE players besides Ahman Green?

The Packers actually didn't draft Green. They traded for him in 2000. The last Cornhusker Green Bay drafted was a running back, though – Brandon Jackson in 2007.

Barry from Aberdeen, SD

We know Aaron Rodgers won't play this Thursday nor will most, if any, of the starters. Is it possible we see DeShone Kizer start the game with the second-stringers and then Brett Hundley and Tim Boyle, or will it be as it's been? I would like to see what Kizer can do at least with the second string.

You never know, but I'd be somewhat surprised if Hundley doesn't start. Going off recent preseason history, the presumptive No. 2 always has started when Rodgers sits (Matt Flynn ahead of Scott Tolzien in 2014, Tolzien ahead of Hundley in 2015 and so on).

Justin from Chandler, AZ

In response to Michael from Kaukauna, WI, please keep the comments to football, readers come here for primarily one reason and that is to catch up on the Packers.

Did you know on this date in 2003 Mars made its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years, passing 34,646,418 miles (55,758,005 km) distant? Wild stuff.

Dale from Hudson, WI

Aaron Jones received a two-game suspension. I see several suspensions get appealed and reduced. Do you know what they're appealing? It would be nice to be only a one-game suspension and have Aaron ready for the Vikings.

The NFL doesn't announce suspensions until the appeals process is over. So Jones' two-game suspension is final.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Wes, which player made his best case for being on the roster during the Raiders game?

Hello again, Lori. I thought J'Mon Moore reminded everyone how talented he truly is. That was the type of bounce-back performance you wanted to see from Moore.

Bill from Raleigh, NC

The hit on a defenseless receiver penalty from tackling J'mon Moore's fourth-quarter catch is why replay is needed. I believe the hit was clean, but it was only a couple inches from being a hit to the head. This is where we are ... and it's not a great place.

That hit gave me pause because I could see that getting called during the regular season and impacting a game. To me, it was a great play by Quincy Mauger and a great catch by Moore. You can't govern a subjective league with objective rules. Common sense prevailed on the catch rule. Hopefully, the same eventually will happen here.

Paul from De Pere, WI

How would you interpret Tim Boyle sitting on the shelf for preseason Game 3?

It's not too out of the ordinary. The Packers gave him 1½ quarters last week against Pittsburgh, but it was fairly obvious Kizer was going to play most, if not all, of the second half after Hundley got the first.

Rob from Buckinghamshire, UK

At least special teams got a lot of practice. How did JK Scott do? The stats on look OK, but don't provide much detail.

My thoughts are pretty much the same as Spoff. I felt Scott was exceptional through the first three quarters. He struck the ball well and placed it where his gunners could make a play. There was a little letup near the end, but I'll still take a 44.7 net any day of the week…and especially Sunday.

Christopher from Valrico, FL

"If we were to lose all of our starting offensive linemen at the same time, we might just be in trouble..." said EVERY NFL coach ever! While our O-line did not look the part, I urge all readers to R-E-L-A-X, because while we may lose one or maybe two linemen for a couple of games, I don't think we need to worry about losing all five. With that being said, I thought Moore finally showed out, and our young corners looked tough to beat. What did you guys take from the game?

There are potential playmakers littered throughout the defense, particularly at cornerback. The Packers have two quality prospects in Alexander and Jackson, but don't necessarily have to rush them on the field. They'll count on them at some point this season, but the presence of Tramon Williams, Kevin King and Davon House affords Green Bay time to be patient with its rookies. The Packers haven't had that luxury in some time.

Peter from Lansing, MI

Do you think the changes to the kickoff will change the composition of players on coverage? From watching the first three games, it seems like the plays are less about top-end speed and getting there first, and more about being able to work through a crowd and make a tackle. Will this have an effect on the 53-man roster?

I have noticed more of a change on the kickoff return than the coverage units. Instead of keeping a lineman and tight end in the "posse," the Packers have been pairing two of their rookie receivers with the returner. It's still mainly linebackers and defensive backs on the coverage team, though.

Ryan from Gulfport, MS

With all teams playing their final preseason game this Thursday, it got me thinking. Do the Packers send scouts to all these games, or do they just have people constantly reviewing game tape? Is there a group of college scouts and a group of pro scouts?

Both. NFL teams have scouts attending games during the preseason and regular season. Tim Terry, a former personnel executive here, was back in town on behalf of the Cleveland Browns during the Packers-Steelers game. It's the calm before the cut-down story. You have to be ready.

Marty from Cuenca, Ecuador

Two less obvious positives struck me from the Raiders game. The first: Jaire Alexander's comfort in the punt game, and his confidence in handling three different and potentially disastrous situations. The second: Kendall Donnerson. I saw him bull rush a fullback into the QB, flushing him out. Later he chased down a ball carrier for a loss after sprinting from the opposite side of the field. Your thoughts?

Those punt situations certainly were interesting. I'd like to see him get some more opportunities there in the finale against Kansas City, especially if Trevor Davis isn't able to return yet. I'm high on Donnerson. I don't know what the Packers' plans are for him, but I thought he flashed those intangibles we talked about after Green Bay drafted him. He's a raw pass-rusher, but definitely an explosive athlete.

Luke from Eagle, CO

In regards to the two team planes, who decides who rides where? Is that a head coach thing? Or is it really not as important as to take up Mike McCarthy's time and is delegated to someone else? Do plane assignments ever change throughout the season for any reason?

It's pretty simple. The rookies and first-year players are on one plane and the vets on the other. Once the regular season starts, football pretty much will be on one plane and associate staff (including yours truly) is on the other.

Bobby from Bowbells, ND

Which do you think is more demoralizing to a QB: throwing a pick-six or throwing an interception in the end zone on a long (near) scoring drive?


Tom from Vista, CA

Do you have any shareable stories about vets welcoming newcomers, as reporters or players?

James Campen thought I was Rob Demovsky's intern after I got promoted to the beat in 2012. It made for a pretty funny moment.

Jessi from Sterling, KS

How do coaches evaluate a player when penalties are taking what would have been points on the board both offensively and defensively? Do they still get "credit" in the coaches' eyes for their playmaking ability?

Without talking to Joe Whitt Jr., I'd have to imagine the Packers defensive pass-game coordinator is pleased with what he's seen from Josh Jackson. The penalty had nothing to do with Jackson making that play. As Tramon Williams said after the game, it's on film now. Teams will have to respect what they saw from Jackson in that game.

Jim from McLean, VA

Regarding Rick's question regarding "The Leap," if Butler was considered to be on the bubble for the Hall (which we likely agree he's a better candidate than that), would the iconic moment that started a wonderful new NFL tradition help push him over the 6-foot-4 hurdle?

First, people need to lighten up and watch "Anchorman." Yeesh. Second, I agree. In my argument for Jerry Kramer's enshrinement, I always included on his resume his work on behalf of the Packers and the NFL as a whole. Butler was a Hall of Fame player on the field, but it should be noted how his actions transcended the league. You can't tell his story without mentioning the Lambeau Leap.

Jimi from Boulder, CO

Not a question, I just wanted to say how happy I was seeing Sam Shields get an interception. It would be pretty neat if he can make an improbable comeback.

Great player. There's never been a question about that. I just can't help but hold my breath watching him, though. Shields is a good dude who is not making much (comparatively) in LA. I just wish for him to have a happy and productive life once this chapter is over.

Robert from Fond du Lac, WI

Reading the story about Adams and the fan reminded me of a Milwaukee Brewers player back in the late 1990s. Closer Doug Jones would hang out after games signing autographs until every kid who wanted one would get it. I asked him about it and he said it ensured that kids who only got to go to one game would have great memories. Is there anyone in the Packers organization or the NFL that you know of that has a zeal for signing autographs for children?

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is one of the best in my book. He always takes an extra minute to sign autographs or take pictures with young fans. Considering how bright Adams' star is shining, he definitely hasn't let success change him. If you follow the **@packers Instagram page**, you've probably seen how often he's signing after training-camp practices.

Patrick from Gardenville, ON

Every single time I see you guys on video, you are wearing Packers gear of some kind. It's a nice variety. Cool stuff. Do you two actually own clothing that is not Packers related?

Yes, I have a B.J. Whitmer T-shirt I wear on my off-days.

Michael from Phoenix, AZ

Since they traded for Morrison, do you think they are giving up on getting Mack?

There is so much going on with this question. It's just the best.