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Inbox: It's something to monitor moving forward

Let’s hear what the GM and head coach have to say


Will from South Jordan, UT

Hey guys, do we have anything new we can talk about?

Just another day at the office, right? I was initially blown away by the huge number of Inbox submissions that flooded in after the trade news broke, but then upon glancing through them, about two-thirds were about Montgomery's number. You're all so hilarious, and original.

Joel from Bluffton, SC

Insiders, for years it was "In Ted we trust" and now Gute is on the scene. He's definitely made some splashes, and I know he has a bigger picture than us fans...but Ha Ha? He was just entering his prime and appeared to be a core piece of our D. Please help us all see the bigger picture.

There's a lot to try to process here. Clinton-Dix was clearly not in the team's future plans, and I'm sure the business side of things behind closed doors impacted that decision. Also, there's a lot more to player evaluation than I'll ever know. The Josh Sitton move taught me that.

Kyle from Eden Prairie, MN

Am I missing something in the Clinton-Dix deal? When he walks at year end, he probably brings back a fourth in 2020 anyway. So what's the angle? Packers get half a year to look at couple young guys trying out as replacements? Not exactly win-now!

The Packers aren't giving up on the season, so this trade tells me they believe they'll be fine without him. The difference between a regular and comp pick in the fourth round could be upwards of 15-20 spots. As for the current plans at safety, I could see Josh Jones getting a chance. The cornerback position is this team's deepest, so I expect that to be tapped into as well. Maybe Pettine gets creative, I don't know. Beyond that, I need to hear what Gutekunst and McCarthy have to say later this morning. Both are scheduled to hold press conferences. I don't want to speculate or make assumptions.

Tim from Reno, NV

I hope Montgomery has more success in Baltimore. Will you still have questions about his jersey number? Quoth the raven: nevermore!

This was the best one. And amen.

Zach from Clarkfield, MN

What key matchups will you be watching for on Sunday Night? After watching the Bills/Patriots on Monday night, I'm excited to see what the Packers can do in New England.

The Packers' corners showed what they can do last week, but you probably can't match corners on Gronk and White, at least not too often, or you're way too small to stop the run. How the Packers decide to defend Gronk and White is what intrigues me most.

Joe from Sheboygan, WI

Guys, I just heard that there are going to be four NFL games in London in 2019. That is just crazy. I understand that there are folks around the world that love American football but it is American football and not British. It wears teams out having to travel so far just to play a game. What are your thoughts on games in London and why there are so many of them? Thanks and absolutely love reading the Inbox each and every day.

The league is trying to expand its footprint and fan base, and Sunday's crowd at the LA Coliseum just added a whole pile of tea leaves to the suspicion I've held for a while now that the NFL isn't going to have the Packers play the Chargers next season in a 30,000-seat stadium.

Craig from Temperance, MI

Kinda funny game. Was an 8.5 spread, they win by two and Gurley falls down at the 2 or 3. He runs in and covers the spread. Wow. How much money was lost on that play?

Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, but Gurley's smart decision was no doubt huge in Vegas depending on which steadily moving line people bet. Yet another reason, aside from getting fired, that I'd never bet on an NFL game.

Al from Chardon, OH

Good morning, Mike. You have the opportunity to get to know NFL players and specifically Aaron Rodgers more than most of us. We always want chips on Rodgers' shoulder because we believe he will put in more effort and/or be more focused. Do you believe the GOAT angle for the upcoming game with the Patriots provides any additional motivation for Rodgers and/or Brady?

I'm sure they're both jazzed up to face one another for just the second time in their careers, but this isn't the Super Bowl. The GOAT angle is fun, but I already feel like it's being overplayed for a Week 9 game. We all know these two should have met in a Super Bowl, for a real GOAT game, four years ago, in a rematch from that November of one of the best regular-season games ever played at Lambeau.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

Is Josh Jones becoming the next great gunner? He was impressive against the Rams and showed how athletic he is. I know he is disappointed about not getting on the field more, but do you think someone got in his ear and told him to embrace his special-teams role while he works on his DB craft?

I don't know if anyone got in his ear, but his current approach is the only sensible, professional one to take, and now he has potentially a much bigger opportunity in front of him.

Tim from Upland, CA

Hello Wes or Mike, what can the Packers learn from how the Bills' defense kept the Patriots to under 20 points (offensively)? Do you think the Packers have the same "build" of defense to duplicate what the Bills' D did?

The Packers have to do what they do best, which we found out Sunday is to vary and disguise pressure packages as much as possible, and cover like heck on the back end. Brady won't get thrown off as much as Goff did, and he won't take as long to settle in, but a few key, well-executed calls on third down will be needed to make an impact.

Scott from Hamlin, NY

I think part of the reason the Packers were so successful defensively is the refs allowed the players to play. I don't think they'd fare so well in a game officiated more closely.

It's definitely something to monitor moving forward.

Zack from Christiansburg, VA

I hate to write back with a repeat question, but come on. We have to give some love to Lancaster. For him to not get many reps and watch behind that bad man Clark (who is having an All-Pro season), he played very well. Applied pressure and filled lanes. I understand why he doesn't get a lot of reps, but I'm glad he can perform like that when called upon!

Lancaster is a player to watch up front. He earned more snaps on Sunday. He looks like he could be a real beast against the run.

Gina from Waukesha, WI

Not really a question, just a comment. I was so disappointed to hear that Montgomery and his family are getting a backlash from his mistake. I have to admit that I was frustrated with him myself. But to threaten someone or a family member is just unacceptable behavior. IMO you are not of fan of this team or any other team. These are human beings we are talking about here. I hope people can remember that this is just a game and these guys are human beings. Thanks for listening.

Well said. Wes and I discussed this for a bit on "Unscripted," and I also mentioned it in my mid-week chat, **among many other topics that were in the Inbox** before the trade activity hit, so please check that out if you've asked something you haven't seen addressed.

Brian from Chesapeake, VA

For all our collective mental health, can we get more "Unscripted," less Inbox? "Unscripted" is so good. Inbox is a mental drain.

Why the difference? Let's see, both involve me and Wes. One requires additional participation. Oh, yeah.

Andrew from Dayton, OH

I know we are moving onto the Patriots, but how long do you think the window is open for the Rams given all of their top-quality talent at rookie price? I'm more confident in our continued success than theirs. They may have won the battle, but we will win the war.

It'll depend on how they draft the next couple of years, because their cap distribution changes once Goff gets his extension. They've got Gurley, Donald, Woods and Cooks on long-term deals, but Suh is signed only through this year, and Whitworth, Talib and Peters only through 2019. Those are the guys draft picks likely will have to replace for cap purposes to pay Goff.

Brendan from Topeka, KS

I'm having a hard time buying Montgomery's explanation of what transpired Sunday. He's the same guy that was aware enough to lay his body across the field with his foot out of bounds to cause a kick-out-of-bounds penalty a few years back. Plus, doesn't the new kickoff rule force a touchback if the ball breaks the goal line and is not fielded? Do we have any young guys that would be good candidates to take over return responsibilities? Thanks for all your insight! Love the Inbox!

Amidst all the hullabaloo, if there's one totally objective and fair criticism of Montgomery's mistake, it's this, which several readers pointed out. The bottom line is he didn't even have to catch the ball to do his job properly, and he had to know that. Full stop. And now, thankfully, this can be the last we have to say on the matter. The move would seem to foreshadow activating Trevor Davis from IR for the return game. We'll see.

Tom from Oak Forest, IL

Shouldn't Tramon Williams have blocked Sam Shields on the punt before the Rams' safety? At least get in his way?

A popular question, but there's a risk in blocking without knowing where the ball bounces. We saw that in Detroit. The opponent can block you into the ball as well. The returners who successfully do what you're asking (like Alexander did in the preseason) attack a cover guy near the boundary, so they can throw a block and quickly get out of bounds, minimizing risk.

Mike from Stevens Point, WI

At some point we need to stop wringing our hands over the loss to the Rams but...Shields may not have stepped on the goal line but it certainly appeared he broke the plane with the ball in the crook of his right arm! Considering that, shouldn't it have been a touchback?

If the official standing right at the pylon and staring at Shields the whole time isn't going to make the call, it's not going to be made, and there were no camera angles to help.

Terrence from Austin, TX

I almost wrote in immediately following the game but I took a day or two to get some perspective. Special teams has had some execution issues all year (turnovers, missed kicks, 25-yard punt from the 15 with a one-point lead). To their credit, the coverage on kicks has been excellent. Special teams is the only weakness I have seen persist the whole season so far. Do you think special teams will click and just come together or are we in for a long season?

That phase must start holding up its end. Special teams have been a huge factor in two of the three losses. That can't continue.

Scott from Boring, OR

Why do I care so much?

Because there's nothing else to do in your town?

Brady from Lodi, WI

A sentiment I love seeing echoed in the Inbox is "We're nobody's underdog." A McCarthy quote from the Super Bowl XLV run after losing to the Patriots (12-2 after the game) in a close game led by the seventh-round wonder, Matt Flynn. That is a very underrated comment in the widespread Packer fandom. We focus on the R-E-L-A-X, but as Spoff said, the time for that is over. We're facing a very similar schedule to that run. It's "Nobody's Underdog" time.

Apparently it's so underrated we need to clarify McCarthy said it BEFORE the Patriots game, when it became known Rodgers was out with a concussion and it would be Flynn vs. Brady. It wouldn't have meant as much had he said it after.

Phil from Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone on the field is a professional. Our guy made a mistake (Ty fumble). The previous game our guy made the play (King interception). Against the Bears the sack-fumble by Perry to seal the win. Against the Vikings the Diggs and Thielen fourth-quarter TDs. I think you get the point. Almost every game comes down to one or two big plays. Sometimes the other guys getting paid make them.

You mean I'm finally getting through to some of you?

Dylan from Bozeman, MT

A few things: 1. People need to chill. I'm as upset as anybody but as Spoff and Wes said no one is running away with this division. 2. It's hard to beat a team twice. It'd be nice to get another crack at 'em... 3. "Who cares? Go Sox." Gets my IIHOF vote. 4. Awful lot of Vic-isms lately. I love it, hope he's doing well. 5. Prayers to Pittsburgh.

6. I appreciate succinct thoughts.

Daniel from Delta, PA

It would appear MVS has been spending some time with Adams. That move he put on the DB at the line for his TD catch was a thing of beauty. Once he bit, MVS turned on the jets and was GONE. If he gets to be just half as shifty as Adams is, look out. Tough loss indeed but I'm excited about the development of this rookie draft class on both sides of the ball. I feel a strong run coming just at the right time, don't you?

The Packers are capable. Now they have to do it.

Todd from Manitowoc, WI

Does Davante Adams make Aaron Rodgers look that good or is he really just a good quarterback? Asking for a fellow Insider fan.

The Inbox never disappoints. Happy Halloween everybody. Stay safe.