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Inbox: There's plenty to like about all those guys

The offseason isn’t over yet

LSU WR Justin Jefferson

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

No April Fool's joke yesterday! I thought either Wes or Hod would have come up with something.

I wasn't in the April Fool's spirit yesterday either. Seems the Inbox community spirit is in good shape overall, though.

Martin from Milwaukee, WI

Why are you two guys that write this column so amateurish in your writing style? You make Wisconsin look sooo "bush" with your childish writings. Maybe that's the best the Packers can get. We can always hope the future drags this column into the big leagues in the future.

Well, most of the community spirit. Glad to be back, folks.

Evan from Polonia, WI

What's your take on the new playoff format? Personally, I'm not a huge fan of it.

I think I made my opinion pretty clear when it was first proposed. The part nobody is talking about is for all the additional games in Week 17 that could have playoff implications, I think there will be just as many games involving playoff qualifiers sitting their starters because there's only one bye on the table.

Marc from Aachen, Germany

Securing the No. 1 seed will be achieved within the regular season and that's why I still can see the importance of those games. Which doesn't make me any less opposed to the new system, though.

My train of imaginary horribles sees the No. 1 seed manifesting itself in the on-paper advantage it is, and Super Bowl matchups regularly pitting top seeds year after year, which will be used as an excuse to go to a 16-team format and eliminate the bye altogether. Then half the league is in the postseason, just like the NBA and NHL.

Perry from Ishpeming, MI

Now that my traditionalist attitude has managed to give in to the 17-game schedule and seventh playoff team, was there any consideration to ranking the playoff teams regardless of winning a division or not? It drives me nuts to see a nine-win division winner host a 12- or 13-win wild-card team. Your thoughts? Thanks for all you guys are doing during this mess.

This has come up at different times over the years, and the owners have remained rather steadfast in wanting a division title to mean hosting a playoff game. I don't see that changing, and frankly I don't have a problem with it.

Bob from Wintersville, OH

Heard a unique story from a friend of mine who knows all the players involved. Zach Collaros, Derek Wolfe, and the Kelce brothers all roomed together at the University of Cincinnati. Those four players have three separate Super Bowls and a Grey Cup Championship between them. Have you ever heard of such a group of champions being tied together like this?

Can't say I have, but that's pretty remarkable, and they all play different positions to boot.

Ben from Spokane, WA

Bo Levi Mitchell played his college ball a few miles from where I live at Eastern Washington where he won an FCS national championship. He's the real deal.

Either way somebody's gotta make a movie on this guy.

Tucker from Belton, TX

Man, I haven't heard the name Bo Levi Mitchell in years. We were both QBs in the same graduating class in the Houston area. We went to a camp at SMU and were competing throughout the whole thing. He was clearly better than me, but I wasn't awful. At the end of the three-day camp there was an award ceremony and I won the most valuable passer award. I was pumped, I thought I had him. Immediately after I sat down, they called him up and offered him a full ride...at least I still have my plaque.

Casting call starts with you.

Jerry from Erie, PA

Good morning Spoff, would you be so kind in printing the league average percentage of completions in field goals from last season? Do you think this coming season it could go up even higher?

Last year, kickers made 833 of 1,018 field goals, or 81.8%. I think that was actually down from some recent seasons.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Mike, what kind of candy is growing stale in your desk drawer at Lambeau?

I think everything I had in there was still unopened, so fingers crossed it's all still good.

Dave from Germantown, TN

With the country getting used to social distancing and stay at home, do you think this will have a long-term negative impact on people's desire to watch live pro football with 70,000-plus strangers?

Over the long haul I don't think so, because we're social creatures by nature. Maybe this upcoming season, more folks would be hesitant. I would understand that. But if scientists can develop a vaccine in 12-18 months like they're saying, eventually this virus won't be much different from the seasonal flu (theoretically).

Jeff from Kenosha, WI

Hi guys, I've been reading scouting reports and watching videos clips of some of the WRs in this draft. Gutey has got to feel like a kid in a candy store. If he goes with a WR in the first would you rather see him go with a big fast guy like Denzel Mims, a big physical guy like Tee Higgins or a perfect slot guy like Justin Jefferson?

There's plenty to like about all those guys, but I'm a tad partial to Jefferson because of his versatility and the fact that the SEC sends a ton of DBs to the NFL.

Ohm from Richmond, VA

After doing some research about the prospects in the upcoming draft, LSU's Justin Jefferson and Patrick Queen stand out from other potential options at pick No. 30. Who would benefit the Pack the most, a shifty slot receiver or an athletic linebacker?

Having the choice of those two at 30 would be a wonderful problem to have. Given that choice and the receiver depth in the draft, I'd probably take Queen.

Ken from Boynton Beach, FL

Hey guys, so if we drafted Denzel Mims and when Rodgers called a play in the huddle designed for him, would Aaron just say "Mims the word"?

Please see yourself out.

TK from Grafton, WI

When was the last time GB picked a player you really wanted them to take that ended up disappointing? How about the last guy they took that you hadn't heard of that turned out well?

If we're talking high draft picks, I remember thinking the trade up for Jerel Worthy in 2012 was a good move, and I had pretty much no idea who Jordy Nelson was in 2008.

Al from Green Bay, WI

GM Spoff, you are on the clock with pick No. 30. The best available player on your board is a QB. What's your call? Pick the QB or seek a fair trade?

I'm seeking an unfair trade in my favor.

Robert from Verona, WI

I read an article claiming the Packers have gotten worse this offseason. It listed the players we've lost, including, Bulaga, Graham, Martinez, Goodson, Allison, Vitale, and Fackrell. Bulaga is clearly a big loss, and arguments can be made about Martinez as well. The rest of these players (while we liked them as fans and will miss them) seem like guys that Gute can adequately replace and maybe even improve on through the draft and/or improvements by players already on the roster. Thoughts?

The easiest prediction in the world of predictions this year would have been to say that between the start of free agency and prior to the draft, the Packers would get "worse." But the offseason isn't over yet. Far from it.

Scott from Las Vegas, NV

Guys, most of what I've read seems to indicate the biggest needs for the Packers are OT, ILB, IDL, WR, and TE. Although they already picked up Rick Wagner in free agency, would you think an OT would be the most important need to protect Rogers at this stage in his career?

Wagner is 30 years old. The Packers need to plan for the future at right tackle.

Sue from Tomah, WI

For either of you: Have you discovered something surprising/interesting about yourself during this stay-at-home venture?

Yeah, I don't look at the clock as much, and have very little sense of what time it is, when I have nowhere to go.

Tony from Chanhassen, MN

In a year when teams will have less time to get rookies acclimated, what positions are typically easier to pick up as a rookie or would be easiest to get comfortable using distance learning?

Interesting question. I think by and large it's more about the players than the positions. Some guys can learn really well on a tablet. Others need the reps on the field more. All of them have to adjust to the speed of the game, which is the hardest part and requires the on-field work.

Mark from Birmingham, AL

"Fans always want to trade back – until their team misses on a player. Then, it's outrageous, egregious, preposterous." So, we can blame all trade-back decisions that don't work out on Jackie Chiles?

To deleterious effect.

Donna from Darien, WI

Thanks for the Three Things video posted on Wednesday! And thank you for helping us keep our sanity during this crazy time in the world. Be safe everyone!

At one point before we started recording, we had almost the entire department on that call. It was good to see everyone again.

Tony from Southington, CT

Any comments on Blake Martinez's comment on Pettine's/Green Bay's dismissal of the ILB position?

Wes summed it up well. We'll see what happens. Scheme fit can matter. It proved helpful for guys like Casey Hayward and Micah Hyde, not so much for Greg Jennings and Matt Flynn.

Mike from New Orleans, LA

Can you fill the Inbox with Tim Boyle stories? Or just other person-to-person interactions you've had with players that us fans may not get to experience?

One random offseason Friday I went straight from work to the liquor store down the street from Lambeau. I was in the beer section. Saw Morgan Burnett in the wine section. He knew I was buying for me. I knew he was buying for his wife. We just looked at each other and laughed.

Statham from Pineview, GA

Who the heck saw that coming for Helen? What an epic ending!

I guess now it's on to "Tiger King" for me. Maybe.

Rueben from Huntingburg, IN

Not a question just a comment regarding another one of Wes's pearls: "I don't need to climb the whole staircase. I just need a step." I work at a local grocery store. I had been focused on climbing the whole staircase (getting to the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic without symptoms). This pearl has helped me adjust my focus to one step (daily adhering to safe practices and distance). If we all do this we can meet at the top of the staircase. Thank you. Stay safe everyone.

Happy Thursday.


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