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It's a very intriguing prediction

Hollywood would have a difficult time doing justice to Packers history


Julian from Las Cruces, NM

It's probably a bit late at this minute, but do you feel a movie of the birth of the Packers would be considered in Hollywood? Perhaps not all the history but the start would be nice. Any thoughts?

I thought Cliff Christl said it best at Monday's 100 Seasons announcement, that Hollywood would have a difficult time doing justice to the longtime tenuous nature of the franchise. There's also so much inaccurate information out there, the chances of misrepresenting and cheapening the story are high. If Hollywood does produce one and Cliff isn't at minimum a consultant, the chances become a guarantee.

Matt from Griffith, IN

This draft class has everyone gushing over the quartet of QBs and top-tier defensive talent. Who's your pick for the player not getting enough attention that could end up a first-rounder?


Day 1 of the 13th annual Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour wrapped up with a tailgate party at Verona Area High School to benefit Badger Prairie Needs Network. Photos by Evan Siegle,

Draft guru Gil Brandt went on record the other day stating Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey, already a first-rounder, will go in the top 10. It's a very intriguing prediction, because not only could it mean two members of the same Notre Dame O-line will be top-10 picks (guard Quenton Nelson being the other), but it would push another top-flight defensive player into the teens.**

Ken from Eau Claire, WI

Does the Packers front office, and MM, ever read the Insider in the off chance a contributing fan has a thought that they have not considered and may be of some benefit...especially regarding the draft?

I try not to flatter myself. Now you try.

Ross from Hudson, WI

Is the signing of Tramon Williams an admission he should have never left in the first place?


Packers welcome back CB Tramon Williams who has played in 167 games with 130 starts during his 11 NFL seasons. Photos by Chris Callies, Harmann Studios, AP and James D. Smith

Not necessarily, but it is an admission that the team's efforts at the position since his departure have not gone as planned or hoped.**

Kyle from Osceola, WI

Speaking of Doug Pederson, let's remember that Mark Murphy is the only person to earn a Super Bowl ring as a player and as a team president/owner.

I think that's pretty cool.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

I hate to think it and even worse to say it, but we all know the Packers will have injuries this year. Doesn't that just solidify the "best player available" draft philosophy, since we never know where the leak in the ship is going to occur?

You're never more than two plays away from your deepest position becoming your thinnest. Plus, you don't want to leave better players for your competition to draft. All that said, I think fans need to understand grades on prospects can be very, very close, and a minuscule difference is not going to win out when the roster has glaring needs. A significant difference should and will win out, though.

Connar from Lake Nebagomon, WI

About the specialists not being overworked, in high school we had a kid who only kicked and eventually went on to play in college. He always did his own thing to the side, but he was only allowed to kick every other day because it screwed up his back in previous seasons over-kicking. Is this the normal approach NFL kickers take too?

Practice reps are scripted and monitored, pretty much from OTAs through training camp and the regular season. If the team is going to work on kickoffs and returns on consecutive days, one day will be live kicks and the other will use the JUGS machine. Same with punts/punt returns.

Josiah from Warsaw, IN

If both Fitzpatrick and Ward dropped to 14, who would the Packers be more likely to target? (I can dream, right?!)


Sorry. Elephant, rhinoceros.**

Carrie from Carbondale, PA

In my marriage, I have always been the football fan and my husband has spent the last five years learning. This is the first year he is paying any attention to the draft and offseason preparations. What is the most important thing you can recommend that he read up on/learn about to have a greater appreciation for the upcoming Packers season?

Keep close tabs on the top 2017 defensive draft picks and how much they improve over their rookie seasons. King, Jones, Adams and Biegel will all be counted on to varying degrees in 2018 and will have a big say in how Mike Pettine's first Packers defense performs.

Craig from Laramie, WY

Maybe I've been living under a rock (lotta rocks here in the high country desert!) but I read this week that MM "long ago created the policy of having an advisory committee of veteran players." True? Is there any backstory composition, purpose, anecdotes of their feedback, on this group of players?

It is true, but in keeping with the sanctity of the locker room, the issues discussed and handled are kept tightly internal. I've been here since McCarthy's first season and can't recall a player divulging any specifics to the media.

Ryan from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Mark from Sturgeon Bay is the new Brett from Green Bay. I still believe this is a made-up person to allow you Insiders to insert your own questions. Prove me wrong.


How, exactly?**

Mark from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Can't think of a better person to have in a draft room than Ted Thompson. If you ask his opinion you'll get it. If you do the opposite of what he suggests he won't get upset. The guy has no ego so there is nothing to bruise.

And if his advice leads to a great pick, he won't take any credit for it, just as those advising him in the past didn't, either. He knows the man in the catbird seat gets to take all the praise for the hits and all the blame for the misses. It's in the job description.

Rob from Hollywood, FL

Motion to stop taking questions from people who don't want us to expand our window with one of the best players of all-time.

But mustn't ignorance be exposed lest it infiltrate to an even greater degree?

Tony from Eau Claire, WI

I wonder how many promising football draft prospects failed because they were drafted by a team with no suitable mentors. Have you ever thought about that? Perhaps some folks made it primarily because they met the right teammate or coach on their first team. Conversely, some folks didn't make it mostly because they never had anyone to help them through the first few years.

I don't believe coaches, teammates, systems or environments make or break players. They have an impact and can enhance or diminish a player's career to a certain extent, but a player with the right talent and makeup will find a way.

Andrew from Green Bay, WI

If you sit down at a piano and start playing, are you going to be great right away? Absolutely not. Sure there are a few Mozarts with natural talent, but most people take time to develop that level of talent. The young guys across the roster have some great tools to build on. I'm a data analyst and if I made the predictions the fans were making based on this small a sample size, I'd be fired for stupidity. I guess my question is can fans stop making rash judgments on young guys with incomplete information? Also, is anyone in the locker room really good at piano?


Current and former Packers mingled with students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Day 1 of the 13th annual Tailgate Tour. Photos by Evan Siegle,

I remember Woodson telling me about his piano lessons when he played here, and C.J. Wilson was a very accomplished piano player when he arrived as a rookie in 2010. He had the whole team gathered around the piano at the team hotel the night before Super Bowl XLV. But I haven't heard any piano tales since then.**

Mike from Mount Prospect, IL

Gentlemen, I wonder if team chemistry and locker room atmosphere make much difference. MLB teams like the '70s A's and Yankees didn't get along but found great success on the field. Feel-good teams don't always win. A guy might be a pain in the rear, but his performance on the field is the true test. Isn't the locker-room vibe more an issue/excuse when teams aren't winning?

I think it depends on the sport, because in baseball, when you're in the batter's box, it's up to you and you alone. The game has a different dynamic. There's no doubt in my mind team chemistry and a strong locker room played a big part in the Packers overcoming all their injuries in 2010, and in going from 4-6 to the NFC title game two years ago.

Matt from Los Angeles, CA

Please explain Matt Patricia's pencil. Perhaps because I'm not a rocket scientist, I don't quite understand the utility of graphite on a laminated play sheet.

I need my pencil. I think better with my pencil. Where's my pencil?

Dave from Liverpool

Which draft year was Ted Thompson's best and worst in your opinion?

Well, the 2005 draft would be his best even if he found no players other than Rodgers (which is not the case, with Collins his second pick). A franchise QB has that much value. But taking out 2005, I'd say it's a close call for best between 2009 (Raji, Matthews, Lang) and 2014 (Clinton-Dix, Adams, Linsley), while 2011 was his least fruitful.

Vinny from Arlington, VA

I understand (and actually agree with) the sentiment that you need to wait three years to be able to properly grade a draft. But my question is how does drafting at a higher position impact the grading curve? There should be a higher expectation for a player selected at 14th than towards the end of the round 26-30. The higher up a team selects, shouldn't the evaluation be accelerated? Wouldn't you expect a more immediate contribution from a player drafted in the middle of the round compared with the end of it?

See above.

Keith from Chesterfield, VA

If they get rid of the kickoff, when do I say, "The baloney stops here"? But I wouldn't say baloney.


The Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour surprised 1,880 students at Appleton North High School Tuesday morning. Photos by Evan Siegle,

Nicely done. Maybe the coin toss?**

Greg from Downers Grove, IL

Why does it take the league so long to publish the game schedule? Given they announce the matchups, not sure what takes so long to put it together. Is the final schedule impacted by free agency, the draft, etc.?

The league certainly likes to see the major free-agent moves before finalizing the schedule, but it always comes out before the draft. There are a ton of moving parts, between team requests, network preferences, and other considerations. It's not a simple process.

Jesse from Barneveld, WI

Hi Insiders! In your opinion what is more shocking, the fact that Ditka traded basically his whole draft for one player (Ricky Williams) or the fact that Washington got so little value from those extra picks?

I don't know, but I've always wondered what it felt like to be a Saints scout or personnel executive who spent an entire year working on that draft.

Richard from Center, TX

Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Alex Smith, Matthew Stafford, Jimmy G, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford. Next season's opponents have awesome quarterbacks, do you think the defense will be ready?

Does it have a choice?

Keith from Dearborn, MI

Spoff, would it surprise you more if the Packers drafted a running back or drafted a kicker?

Definitely kicker. You're not spending a draft pick there unless you're moving on and/or want to really push the incumbent for the gig. Even in 2013, with Crosby coming off the shaky year and the Packers drafting 11 players, they didn't take a kicker and found Crosby's competition elsewhere.

Rob from Brookeville, MD

Can we get a guest answer from Dr. McKenzie regarding the difference between recovery from a joint injury (e.g., knee) and a clavicle fracture? Simple bone fractures heal pretty much as good as new. Joints may be easily messed up for the long term. This is at least part of the reason we don't have to "wait and see" how AR recovers.

I agree, but I don't have Dr. McKenzie on speed dial.

Jim from Mazeppa, MN

Hi guys, when QBs move from team to team we often hear about whether they are a match for their play system in terms of how they will integrate. Since we're redoing the playbook, should we have expectations that the first few games might be a little erratic as Aaron and the team learn? Or it is just tweaks to the same system?


Packers S Marwin Evans celebrates his birthday on April 10. Take a look at photos of him from the 2017 season. Photos by Evan Siegle and Corey Wilson,

McCarthy always talks about his offense being built on concepts, not plays. I take this rewriting of the playbook to mean he may be introducing a new concept or two, but the changes for the most part will have to do with new variations on base concepts, and/or how old concepts and variations will be taught. It won't be a whole new playbook no one has seen before.**

Bob from Colby, KS

Did you choose Conklin because he was a Packer fan growing up, he was a tight end, or both?

Both. Just a heads-up, with two weeks to go on Prospect Primers, a lot of bigger names are coming, starting today. The ACC and the SEC will be the two conferences that make up the bulk of the remaining posts.

Rob from Wilmington, NC

If a player gets flagged for a cheap shot and is suspended, he loses his pay. Has there been any discussion applying this to the new rule for ejecting players? I don't know how they'd do it, but it makes sense to me to penalize the individual (with a ding in the wallet) as well as the team that he plays for.

I would expect any ejected player to be subject to further league discipline, including fines and/or suspensions.

Matt from Hartford, WI

Take on the Titans' new look?

Not crazy about the font of the uniform numbers, but I like the helmet.

Zane from Gratiot, WI

Are you as happy as I am? Just found out the NFL finally got smart and got rid of the color-rush uniforms! I could stomach the Packers uniforms but not many of the others. Enough that I wouldn't even watch the games the Packers were not playing in. Now I will start watching the other games on Thursday nights. Do you think there were a lot of people like me?


The Packers departed for the 13th annual Tailgate Tour which will travel throughout southern Wisconsin, eastern Iowa & the Milwaukee area to visit with fans. Photos by Evan Siegle,

I think the matchups are the biggest factor, and it sounds like more high-profile games could be ticketed for the new Thursday night package on FOX. Color-rush will be up to each team, no longer mandatory.**

David from Los Angeles, CA

Hi Mike, the whole Andrew Luck situation seems very strange to me. Am I the only one? Everything said by the coaches and Andrew himself does not give me confidence that he'll be back soon, and if he is, I don't believe he will resemble the player he was several years ago. Something just doesn't feel right. What are your thoughts?

I haven't followed it too closely, but I remember last year at this time the organization was spouting guarantees Luck would be playing in Week 1. Maybe this time everyone is being a little more cautious and realistic.

Davy from Chetek, WI

1,392 games played, and 13 championships won. That means the Packers need another Lombardi Trophy this year to keep on their one-championship-per-100-games average.

OK, then. Have a great day, everybody.

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