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Nothing wrong with a good problem

Third MVP means second Super Bowl


Jay from Flint, MI

Tackling donuts? My favorite donut to tackle is Krispy Kreme original glazed. What's yours?

An old-fashioned dunker, and I don't even drink coffee.

Ben from Hazel Green, WI

Seems like there's always a move made that sounds great in the offseason but hurts the Packers later in the year, for example, McCarthy giving up his play-calling last year. To me, I think Datone Jones' move to OLB is this year's move that will hurt later, especially considering the depth at OLB and lack thereof along the defensive line.

Hey, it's not like Jones and Julius Peppers have forgotten how to play on the defensive line if they're needed in a pinch. I don't see a downside to the move with Jones.

Jon from Rochester, MN

Mike or Wes, I'm excited about the potential of Martinez. So far he's been in the starting lineup. How much of that is purely him looking excellent in camp, and how much of that is due to Barrington being out? We need that chase 'backer, is he our guy?

He sure looks the part, but he hasn't even played a preseason game yet. I'm very curious to see what happens with the ILB reps when Barrington returns. If it causes a problem, it'll be a good problem.

Mark from Denver, CO

Mike, I studied in Sevilla and found the people as family-friendly as they are in Wisconsin. Where in Spain did you study and what was your most favorite part beside the afternoon naps of course?

Sevilla for me, too. I went on the study abroad program my dad founded and directed at UW-Platteville and transferred all my credits back to Lawrence. Siestas ruled. I'm not even a soccer fan, but my greatest memory was attending a World Cup qualifier between Spain and Denmark. Painted my face, the whole bit. When in Rome, ya know. Just getting the tickets is a story too long for this space, but it involved walking through the city streets at 4 a.m., avoiding a mounted police stampede and seeing a protective iron railing bent at a 45-degree angle by a crush of bodies. Good times, and the game was still three days away.

Walter from Brownsville, MN

Who do you think will gain more yards this year, Lacy or Adrian Peterson? Contract year vs. age. I'm going with Lacy. You heard it here first.

OK, then. I heard this here first, too.

Mike from Charlotte, NC

I keep reading about bold predictions. Most of them either predict a great year for a great player – who knew? – or follow the usual favored rookies. I like actual boldness, and in the spirit of being bold, I predict Justin Perillo will have a better year than Gronkowski. Almost nobody will agree, but if they did, it wouldn't be bold. The story of an underdog would be much more compelling than Gronk yet again having a good year for the Patriots. Big deal. Is that bold enough?

Bold is not the word I would use to describe that, but if you're trying to get this column renamed the Inbox of Insanity, you're making progress, and you're not alone.

Josh from Pullman, WA

The kicking discussion on Saturday gave me an epiphany. Since only the trailing team needs the opportunity to regain the ball using an onside kick, make it so that the PAT and kickoff are linked, and between the two plays you can only kick once. So if the team wants to kick onsides they have to go for two. If they kick the PAT, then it's automatic ball on the 20 for the opponent. Best idea I've seen, anybody have a better one?

Yeah, my idea is for Josh to not have any more epiphanies. Serenity now. OK, enough diversions.

Gordy from Tomahawk, WI

The Packers need to hire full time the young girl who sang the national anthem for Family Night. That is one of the best I have heard at a game in a long time.

It was fabulous. I've always been a traditionalist and would prefer the anthem to be played by a band, but I'll take a talented kid anytime, too.

The Packers held their second night practice of training camp on Monday at Ray Nitschke Field. Photos by Matt Becker, Ryan Hartwig and Andrew Temperly,

James from Chicago, IL

Al Harris changed my life. I had just moved to Chicago. I had heard about a great place to watch Packers games, Will's Northwoods Inn. Didn't get a chance to watch a regular-season game there and didn't appear I would get to watch a playoff game there either. Then Al Harris stepped in front of Hasselbeck's pass and sealed the win. The following week I went to Will's and during the game I started talking to a cute girl. This past Thursday that girl and I celebrated our ninth anniversary. The only reason we were both in Will's that day was because of Al Harris.

That's a touching story. I gather you must have asked her out before fourth-and-26?

Ryan from Beaver Dam, WI

With so much being made over the years of "Green Bay is so small the visiting team has to stay in Appleton," do you think once the Lodge Kohler is done, will the visiting team stay there?

Uh, no. You've got it all wrong. The visiting team doesn't stay in Green Bay, in part, because the local hotels use home-game weekends to ask for two-night minimums, and a visiting team is only staying one night. I expect Lodge Kohler to be a fans' hotel, through and through.

Rick from Bluffton, SC

The Pack has a lot of young talent that could probably make the team and we will have to let some of them go because of roster limits. So my question is why not bundle some draft picks and move up in the draft once in a while, maybe every third year or so? What is the downside other than getting a bust high draft choice?

Depth only seems superfluous on a healthy team.

Mathies from Copenhagen, Denmark

David Bakhtiari is a great, young left tackle. But if Spriggs develops and turns out to be a viable option next year, I'd much rather re-sign Sitton and Lang, and spare the $10 million per year Bakhtiari would demand. Your thoughts?

I'd rather have a young, proven left tackle and a viable, inexpensive backup for both tackle spots who's hungry to start and establish himself when the time comes. Were you not watching when the Packers had injuries at tackle last year? Saving money is not worth baring the cupboard.

Kathryn from Green Bay, WI

I doubt that this "question" will even get looked at because it is clearly coming from a female. I feel the Packer organization has clearly made an error by changing this format and allowing two chauvinists to participate. Mike and Wes have answered 70 questions in the previous four columns. One question was clearly from a woman, "Jennifer" (and that question was hardly answered with respect), and the other 69 from males. I will not be reading this column any longer and so I guess I will not even see if this is posted. Good luck GUYS. Evidently, this is not a platform for ALL fans. Perhaps the organization would like to start a site that women who have legitimate questions about the team can submit. Novel idea huh?

I am truly sorry you feel that way. I can honestly tell you that I pay no attention to the name of the person submitting the question. I select the questions based on their content, the context of where the column is going that day, etc. The designation of who and where is an afterthought to me. If you don't want to accept that explanation, that's your prerogative, but it's the truth.

Doom from Shenzhen, China

I got the fever! Seven wide baby!

Who needs Rodgers? Cobb can play quarterback! And he's a southpaw, too!

Howard from Sarasota, FL

I just purchased tickets to the Jacksonville game. Are the Packers planning to hold a pep rally there, and if so where? Sure would be great if Vic would stop by to say hello.

Keep an eye out for an announcement soon of this year's Packers Everywhere pep rallies. There will be one in Canton this weekend, and others are being finalized.

Ben from Washington, DC

I've already lost track of who does which day. Mike, was it Georgetown, or American?

There's no set routine. It depends on our schedules. It was neither. I covered politics for a quarter as part of my grad studies at Northwestern. We ran the Medill News Service in D.C., and I was actually at the first Congressional hearing on the Oklahoma City bombing in the spring of '95. Intense stuff.

Louis from Warrington, UK

I think Aaron Rodgers is going to have another MVP season this year. If he does, is the rest of the roster (particularly the defense) good enough to ensure the Lombardi Trophy comes home?

If Rodgers wins his third MVP this season, and maintains that level of play in the postseason, he'll win his second Super Bowl.

Tyler from Grantsburg, WI

The NFL has already experimented with cameras on the pylons. Do you think they'd try to put cameras in the first-down markers to make it easier to review whether or not the player got the first down?

At some point, I don't know when, GPS technology is going to take over all of it. It'll be in the ball, in the pylons, the markers, the sidelines, the goal posts. First downs, touchdowns, in or out of bounds, you name it, no human ruling needed.

Andrew from Los Angeles, CA

Vic, you sure put lipstick on a pig giving us Spofford and Wes.

Never been there, but I love L.A.

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