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Nothing wrong with steady

HOF senior committee appears out to right a wrong


Susan from Inman, SC

As a lifelong Packer fan, I am thrilled to hear that Jerry Kramer is a finalist for the Hall of Fame! Is there anything we, as fans, can do to sway the committee to vote for him? Letters? Emails?

I think the public support for Kramer is already overwhelming, but you're welcome to pursue what your heart desires. In the end, it'll come down to the presentation made by the senior committee to the full panel on voting day. As**I wrote yesterday**, normally the senior committee considers cases that have fallen through the cracks, like Dave Robinson's. Making Kramer a finalist 21 years after he was already a senior finalist (and after nine times as a regular finalist) suggests the senior committee is out to right a wrong, not just present another case. I think that bodes well for Kramer.

Hero from Chino, CA

What do you think the biggest difference between this year's squad and last year's squad is (not just in terms of players added/lost)?

Compared to last year at this time, experience. Compared to the end of last season, health, which is the ultimate X factor once the real games begin.

Jessi from Sterling, KS

I read the article on Ha Ha (thank you Wes!), and I just wanted to let you two know I really enjoy these personal windows into the hearts of the Packer players when you two write them. It enables us to see beyond the uniform on the field and their stats, and bring us down to the reality of all the facets of life these men are walking through. How do you guys know when to pursue one of the players for a story? How does it evolve?

When you find something out that's worth exploring, you see where it goes. Amidst the daily coverage of the team, travel, Unscripted, Inbox, etc., it can be hard to find the time for extended pieces, but we're trying to help each other when the opportunities arise. Wes's piece on Clinton-Dix is well done. The story of the original meeting between his grandfather and the judge is my favorite part.

Barton from Tulum, Quintana Roo Mexico

Sure hope Mr. Bulaga's injury is not serious and great to see Mr. Murphy's play at right tackle has improved. Too bad he has to face Von Miller Saturday. Will the Packers have to adjust blocking assignments to protect Mr. Rodgers?

You would anytime a backup lineman has to face an elite rusher like that, preseason or not.

Bill from Wilmington, DE

Mike, I understand the Packers can bring anyone in at any time, but does Vogel seem to have punter wrapped up?

Wrapped up? No. In decent position? Yes.

Jake from Loveland, CO

Insiders, thanks for all your work this summer! Am I correct in assuming that players on the bubble are fighting for 63 spots, not 53? After all, a job is still a job whether you play on Sunday or not.

True. The pay isn't the same, though.

Mike from Somerset, WI

Mike, McCarthy's comment on needing 70-plus players to win the last Super Bowl reminded me that roster cuts do not mean the end of the line. It made me realize that one of the guys that doesn't make the 53 could have a James Starks impact on the Packers' 2017 season.

Right, or it could be a guy who's not even here right now, like Howard Green or Erik Walden.

Nick from Sturtevant, WI

Referencing Wednesday's “Three Things,” I'd like to see Adams jump over Wes on the sidelines rather than a tackling dummy. Just saying.

I wouldn't put it past him.

Nathan from San Diego, CA

I have a theory as to why people keep thinking there is a chance to trade Hundley this season. They're thinking back to the situation the Vikings were in last season when they broke the bank to grab Bradford, a proven starter.

Yes, but there was also a strong connection between Bradford and Vikings assistant coach Pat Shurmur, who had worked with Bradford on two previous teams and then took over as Minnesota's offensive coordinator at midseason last year.

Dan from Leland, NC

Is there much duplication in the questions you receive each day? Is there much duplication in the questions you receive each day?

All all the the time time.

Geert from Old Windsor, UK

Why would the Packers keep three QBs on the 53? The drop from Rodgers to a third-string QB would be significant. But the drop between our third string and another team's practice squad not so significant. Would it not help a team more to get more depth/special-teams contributors?

Your third sentence sounds awfully presumptuous, unless you're tapped into every team's personnel from across the pond. If you have a No. 3 QB you don't want to risk losing, especially when your No. 2 might draw legitimate trade interest next winter, you keep him.

Nathan from Baltimore, MD

I though McCarthy's comment about having another week to coach young players was very interesting. Have the Packers ever released a player in the cuts to 75 and brought him back later that season?

Yes. In 2008, running back DeShawn Wynn was released in the cut-down to 75, signed to the practice squad after final cuts, and added to the active roster in mid-October. He went on to play in games both that season and the next.

William from Milwaukee, WI

After watching the first two preseason games, and after reviewing the schedule, regarding the upcoming 2017 season: "I don't see a loss." What say you?

You're aware this is the NFL, right?

Ed from Henryville, IN

Morning, Insiders. I'm going to make a bold prediction. I'm going to say that not only will Geronimo be the breakout player this year, but he'll also be the No. 3 receiver in yards and TDs. You guys see a lot more of the players than I do so I'm curious about your thoughts on it.

With the two new tight ends and good health amongst the top three receivers, I don't see it. Some of the snaps for the top three will even get taken away by two-TE sets. But Allison's development will greatly reduce the angst should one of the top three need to miss a game here or there.

Steve from Wichita, KS

Was wanting to ask about Lance Kendricks. I was excited when we signed him with Bennett. I haven't heard much about him and haven't gotten to watch any preseason games. How is he doing? How's he finding himself in the offense?

I would sum up his camp in one word. Steady. Nothing wrong with steady.

Pat from Charlotte, NC

I watched a replay of the game against Washington. When Davis muffed the punt, the ball did not hit the turf before he was hit by the defender. Isn't that the same thing that happened to Davis last year against the Titans? The commentary after that game was that it should have been a penalty, because he was hit after the muff but before the ball hit the ground. So, should there have been a penalty called on Saturday?

No. Davis called for a fair catch in Tennessee. He didn't last week.

Marc from Mequon, WI

Insider, has there ever been discussion in the league about reducing the number of regular-season games, but expanding the field of teams for the playoffs?

There was legitimate talk a couple of years ago about adding one playoff team per conference, but it had nothing to do with the regular season. For the record, I'm against the idea, but the talk fizzled and I'm not sure why.

Greg from Westerville, OH

Biff and Spoff, I am confident Aaron Rodgers can make good on his statement that he can play football into his 40s. People forget that Aaron had zero miles on his football odometer for his first three years in the league because he basically carried a clipboard and watched Brett Favre. That's three years of not being sacked or otherwise physically beaten up. In reality, his body has played nine years, not 12 years, and this should add to career longevity.

I don't doubt Rodgers either, but let's not pretend he was physically unscathed until 2008. He had ACL surgery in college, broke a foot in '06 and pulled a hamstring pretty badly in '07. As a starter, he's had multiple concussions ('10), a broken collarbone ('13), a nasty calf pull ('14), and I'm sure plenty of other undocumented issues. He keeps himself in tremendous shape, and science keeps improving all the time, but let's be real about the wear and tear.

Kevin from Rockton, IL

Wes/Mike, in the last 20 years, who was the earliest-round Packers rookie draft pick to be released prior to the start of the regular season?

I believe it was 2006 fourth-round pick Cory Rodgers, a receiver/returner from TCU.

Al from Green Bay, WI

Insiders, I'm looking forward to the Denver game. If you could "pre-write" your lede, would you like it to be: A) Hundley continues to impress, or B) Running game comes to life, or C) Opportunistic defense keys victory? Keep up the great work!

You've given me headline choices, not ledes. In any event, in your context I'm going with: D) Packers' starting units show they're ready.

Bob from Abilene, TX

Mike, with all we have heard regarding the projected gloom and doom when the next CBA comes about, do you really believe that there will be a work stoppage? And if there is, how damaging do you think it will be to the league? It sure is a scary thing to consider.

We're three years away from serious negotiations. I chalk up everything now to posturing.

Jesse from Bismarck, ND

I think Eric Winston forgets that it's the fans who afford his owner the ability to write his paycheck. I think I can speak for all fans when I say that I hope the league is around in 20 years.

As someone who makes a living in this business, I hope so, too.

Jonathan from Paducah, KY

I am on a question-posted draught. Do you ever find yourself pulling for a team that has been on an extended playoff draught? I for one, would love to see the Browns get off the "shnide."

How do you whiff on drought and schneid but connect on the hyphen in the compound modifier? Stunning. Nearly as stunning is Buffalo having not been to the playoffs this century, considering how good the Bills were in the 1990s.

Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Do coaches keep copious notes on cut players' tendencies in case they end up playing against them?

They don't have to. Most coaches have incredible memories, and if that fails them, there's film.

Jim from Mukwonago, WI

Come the beginning of the regular season, if rookie DT Montravius Adams still needs several more weeks, to come back from his injury. Where does he likely end up, on IR, on the PUP, on the PS, or on the 53?

He's not eligible for PUP, and you can rule out the practice squad because the Packers aren't likely to expose a third-round pick to waivers. Depending on the timeline, IR would be an option, but he'd be out at least six weeks of practice and eight weeks of games before being eligible to return.

Ken from Long Beach, CA

Guys, with almost 1,200 players to be released the task of evaluating talent must be overwhelming. How does TT and his front office manage to determine if a cut player is worth bringing to Green Bay? Game film might be the simple answer but there has to be more to the process.

The bubble players are studied all preseason and ranked. It's like a whole new draft board, except the rankings are also against the Packers' projected roster and practice squad. If a player ranked high enough comes available, they react accordingly. Better than someone on the 53? Put in a waiver claim. Better than one of the next 10? Get a call in to the agent in case he clears waivers to talk practice-squad signing. You have to be prepared, because on Labor Day weekend it's a flurry of activity.

Doug from St. Germain, WI

Has anyone heard from Vic since the solar eclipse? South Carolina was ground zero, and I'm wondering if his hand froze to a gas pump in the sudden temperature drop. Did Flip and Flop reverse their sequence? Did the revolving light on his Steelers helmet start spinning at light speed? Did the "Thing" reproduce?

All I can picture after reading this is the Terrible Towel becoming a helicopter blade and Vic getting to actually enjoy the ride.

Evan from Appleton, WI

Jerry Kramer is one step closer to immortality. Now the wait begins for Feb. 3. Even if we as Packer fans have nothing to root for the week of the Super Bowl, this is something everyone can rally behind.

I thought it would be appropriate to both start and end today's column on Kramer. I'm just going to say I hope I'm in Minneapolis on Super Bowl weekend to cover the Kramer news first-hand, and I hope I get to miss a few days of training camp next summer to go to Canton.

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