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One team will preserve this in its history

It’s another Packers-Seahawks playoff game that promises to be iconic

RB Jamaal Williams
RB Jamaal Williams

GREEN BAY – This one's bound to end up on a wall.

The other two games Packers fans love to remember already are, and the one they'd care to forget is, too, some 2,000 miles away.

To explain:

In the hallway outside the Packers' locker room, which the players walk down to get to the tunnel and head out onto the field, is a series of murals with photo collages depicting 14 historic games played at Lambeau Field, beginning with the first one back on Sept. 29, 1957.

Two of those murals happen to be side by side and represent Seattle's two previous visits to Green Bay in the postseason – the famous Al Harris overtime pick-six triumph in the 2003 NFC Wild Card contest, and the equally iconic snow-globe victory featuring Ryan Grant's record-setting rushing performance in the 2007 NFC Divisional game.

The images of Harris and Grant are most prominent in those pieces, with other game photos surrounding them, plus the game date, brief synopsis and final score all on the bottom of each wall hanging.

There's also a hallway in the Seahawks' facility out west, decorated with photos depicting big plays from that franchise's memorable victories, and yeah, Jermaine Kearse's 35-yard touchdown grab in overtime to complete Seattle's heartbreaking comeback in the 2014 NFC title game is on that wall as well.

So it's a good bet something's going to happen Sunday, when the Packers and Seahawks meet in the playoffs for the fourth time, that's going to end up on a wall. It's practically a given.

But which wall?

If history is any guide, it could come down to which team handles the emotions of the moment better. The emotions meaning the inevitable ups and downs and massive shifts in momentum that have defined the postseason series between these two teams.

Before Harris' pick-six in OT 16 years ago, the Packers had surged from behind to take the lead with two Ahman Green touchdown runs on drives that required Green to convert on fourth-and-1 to keep them alive. Seattle bounced back to tie the game with a TD march of its own before Brett Favre got the Packers in position for a walk-off field goal at the fourth-quarter gun, only to have Ryan Longwell's 47-yard try on a cold, windy day fall short.

It was hard to know who had anything left in the tank for overtime after all that back and forth.

Four years later, it was the Packers again digging out of a hole after Grant's two early fumbles staked the Seahawks to a 14-0 lead. Grant rebounded to rush for 201 yards and three TDs, Green Bay scored on six straight possessions, and Seattle never recovered.

Then five years ago, well, everyone knows the role momentum and a lack of discipline played in the Seahawks' stunning rally.

"You get everything going your way, and then all of a sudden one play happens and everything swings," veteran right tackle Bryan Bulaga said this week, speaking about playoff games in general.

Previous Packers-Seahawks details aside, that's simply the type of game to expect regardless, and Head Coach Matt LaFleur believes his team has been tested time and again in this fashion.

The Cowboys and Chiefs roared back from significant deficits and the Packers ultimately held them off. Green Bay also had to battle back from rough starts both times to beat the Lions.

"You've got to be resilient, and that's what I love about our team is you can't blink," LaFleur said Friday. "If something bad happens or you face a little adversity, you've just got to keep plugging away.

"It's again the character of that locker room, and just how these guys are wired mentally. There's a lot of fight in them, and we're lucky to have that, because that's not always the case with every team."

That team will come out of its locker room shortly after the sun goes down Sunday, and the first two memories that pass on the left will be the commemorations of the two home playoff wins over Seattle.

Additional murals have been added along that wall since (with the older games on the other side of the hallway), and there's room at the end, just before the door to the tunnel, for more.

There's sure to be extra wall space 2,000 miles away as well.

One or the other is getting filled.

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