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Packers at Chiefs Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Chiefs game. See his take on the first half.

Hi everybody. Let's go.

Comment From Guest

Is Davante losing the wr competition tonight?

I don't think he's losing anything. The route on the 4th down play didn't look great, but I thought the 3rd down throw was behind him.

Comment From BrettGB 

Thoughts on Daniel?

I think he's had a really solid game. He's upping his chances of winning a job.

Comment From Mike

Is Davante on the roster bubble? He's gotten a ton of snaps for a guy who is supposed to be the 3rd WR.

I really don't know how the WR position is going to shake out. Nothing would surprise me necessarily at this point.

Comment From PeteT 

Any word on the shoulder injury to Davis?

No update.

Comment From Kyle 

What do we make of the RB battle?

Neither guy doing much so far. I think Burks is the front-runner for the No. 3 job, but if there's somebody better available on waivers on Saturday, I could see a move being made.

Comment From nathan

thoughts on schum?

Solid start. Can't complain.

Comment From Guest

It looked like they gave each of the recievers a deep shot, and Abredaris came down with his. WIll Adams get another shot?

I doubt it. I think we'll see Allison and Waters in the second half more. That was a heck of a catch by Abby. Wow.

Comment From daire 

hundley to play the 2nd half?

No. I think Williams, maybe a little more Callahan before they make the switch.

Comment From Daniel

how is the view from the press box?

We're really high up here, but you can see everything.

Comment From Guest 

Callahan continues to impress...your thoughts?

This has been his least impressive game in my opinion.

Comment From Nathan 

Really impressed with Brice in general this offseason. Do you think he has a good chance of making it?

Yes, I do.

Comment From Matt

Run hasn't been very good through the first half, any thoughts on why?

Not much room to run. Backup O-line has been up and down.

Comment From Dave 

Would Montgomery normally be rushing the punt?

If it wasn't before, it's probably in the plans now, eh?

Comment From Lola 

What's it a fumble?

I thought it was really close. Too close to overturn.

Comment From Guest

Can the Packers get away with stashing Callahan on the practice squad?

I seem to be in the minority among the fans, but I don't see him getting claimed.

Comment From Mike 

Has Price, Ringo, or Kuder stood out a ton so far? I can't watch the game from the radio studio I'm working in, just listen.

I saw Ringo in the backfield in one running play, leading to a tackle by Fackrell. Other than that, nothing has stood out to me.

Comment From Guest 

We are not in NY on a boat--can't watch the game. What's your biggest takeaway so far?

Good start for Schum and strong game, when he most needed it, by Rob Daniel.

Comment From Mike 

So with 2nd string OL struggling, what does this say about our depth at OL? Still solid like we think?

Nobody has a dynamite full second unit. You just need some guys to be able to fill in here and there in a pinch. I think the Packers have that.

Comment From Dave 

Do you keep expecting a guy in a duck blind to shoot down one of Barclay's shotgun snaps?

Some of those haven't looked too good, have they? But Barclay has come a long way at center this camp. He's to be commended overall, in my view.

Comment From Nathan 

Would Brice's spot be in addition to Banjo? Unusual to keep 5 safeties. There is special teams to consider, though.

Yes, I think both Banjo and Brice make it.

Comment From Ed 

Were you surprised that Edgar Bennett was calling the offensive plays tonight?

No, McCarthy usually as the OC call the plays in the last preseason game. He's been doing that for a while.

Comment From Ollie 

R U planning to watch Bucky at Lambeau on Saturday?

Yeah, can't wait! Wes is covering the roster cuts so I can have a day off. Yay for me!

Comment From Chase 

I'm so excited about cook ! I think he will be just what we need to convert in the red zone. Your thoughts on cook ?

Boy, he looks really good. I can see a really big year coming. A lot to like there.

Comment From Daniel 

The punt that stopped on the goalline was impressive.

Almost stayed in play long enough, but not quite.

Comment From Daniel 

I usually hate halftime, but this makes it fun. Thanks for helping me pass the time.

Like wise.

Comment From Kelly 

Will you have any input on the final cuts? Can you at least do a story giving us some kind of inside access to the process?

I don't think they're going to be asking my opinion. There's not much to report on the process. They call guys, tell them to bring their playbook, and deliver the news. Some exit interviews with various people, and then it's on to the 24-hour waiver period to look at options and decide on the practice squad. Second half is underway. Thanks everyone. I'm out.

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