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Running QB not here to stay without protections

What would you say to the team?


Jack from San Francisco, CA

What about you, Vic? Do you think running quarterbacks are here to stay?

Not without protections from the league. As James Harrison said, "There goes the wildcat," just replace wildcat with read option.

Eric from Milwaukee, WI

Prediction for Sunday: I say Packers, 35-14.

I say Packers, 86-3. You think I'm stupid?

Duke from Edinburg, TX

Vic, in your players, not plays mantra, what role does a coach play?

He teaches his players to execute the plays he creates.

Kenneth from Ballerup, Denmark

So Peyton Manning tied the record for most touchdown passes in a game. Then I have a look at the other record holders and three of those set the record in the '60s. I thought the league was a low-scoring, run-the-ball kind of thing in the old days? What happened in the '60s?

The AFL happened in the '60s. It was a league built on the pass; George Blanda is one of those three. It caused a brief shift in the game. It also created a league of haves and have-nots. There was no parity in the '60s.

Marco from Lima, Peru

Vic, 104 pass attempts! This was almost unwatchable. Isn't it time to rethink this basketball-on-grass idea? That was not fun at all.

It'll change as the season wears on. The sense I got from watching last night's game is that those teams were not prepared to start the season.

Zac from Gilbert, AZ

I'd do anything to be a fly on the wall during the pregame speech McCarthy is going to give before the players run out onto Candlestick. If you were McCarthy, what would you say to the players for a pregame speech?

I would say, "I can't help you now. Good luck." What would you say to the team?

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