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Xavier McKinney is 'great pro' with 'great attitude, great effort'

Key comments from Packers’ coordinators

Safety Xavier McKinney
Safety Xavier McKinney

GREEN BAY – Offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich and defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley spoke with the media on Monday. Here's a sampling of their key comments:


Just to see how much he's grown over the last year has been awesome. Fun to just be around him, watch him grow as a leader, as a player and really take those big steps that he did last year to get us where we went. But yeah, I'm expecting more of the same. Him coming in, he's done a great job so far, so it'll be fun watching him improve this year.

(He's the) same guy. That's the best thing about Jordan. He comes into work every day. He's the same guy and just ready to be the best player that he can be and help the team be the best that they can be, so he never wavers from that and it's fun to watch.

He's a natural on the edge. He looks comfortable out there. There's obviously some technique stuff we've got to clean up, just like anybody, but yeah, I'm excited to work with him and just watch him and see. I wouldn't say he's a tackle, I wouldn't say he's a guard, I just want to see where he fits best for us and with our best five out there. So that may be at tackle. It might not be. But I'm excited to work with him and you can see his athleticism when he's out there. He's a pretty talented guy.

(on all the options on the offensive line)

Very excited about it. I think it's just a matter of putting the best group out there and there's a lot of different combinations. We'll see how it all shakes out. That's one thing we're always pretty intentional about is working guys at multiple positions to just see where they fit best. I think that's kind of what we'll be doing in OTAs and the early part of camp.

(on adding Josh Jacobs to the offense)

Josh is a phenomenal running back. He's just one of those guys who's good in all situations, good out of the backfield as a receiver, excellent runner. He's a good pass protector, so he's one of those guys that you can really have in the game all the time and not have to worry about anything with him. That's nice. His experience, his leadership.


It's been so nice to have X. What a pro. How hard he works, the communication, the way he is in the meeting rooms, the way he looks out for the younger guys. That's the stuff you don't see. Great pro, great attitude, great effort. I think it's our job to put him in position to make a lot of things happen. It's been fun to see everything that he can do and how quickly he can learn.

(on getting the most out of the LBs)

We're going to do what we do. We're going to play a variety of coverage and figure out what they can do best. You've got to be careful. We can't try to do too much where we don't do anything fast. Our philosophy is get really good at what we do and do it over and over again so we're playing 100 mph. If you try to do too much, you slow them down. That's definitely not what we want to do, but they are versatile. We can put them in different areas and kind of plug-and-play within the scheme.

(on how the defensive install is going)

The whole defense, the three things we ask—the attitude, the effort and the commitment, and that's what they can control, and they've done a really good job there. the effort's been outstanding on the field, the commitment to the team and to each other, I mean, there's a ton of energy out there. There's a really good vibe right now, and I think that's a great starting point. We're just installing our defense, and we have a long way to go, but you can't ask for anything else, the way these guys have attacked it and how hard they've worked.

(more on the installation)

Ultimately for us is, let's see how much we can get in and get really good and let's not rush, right? Let's get really good at a few things and let's install them and do them over and over again, and then we'll see where we're at at the end of this thing, and go into training camp and see what else we need. But I think for us too, it's getting a feel for the players we have live.

(on the defensive line)

That group's humming. They're getting off the ball and they're playing fast and that group has to attack. That's not going to be a passive, read-and-react (group). No. They're going to go and they're going to get off the ball. Before we break every meeting and I dismiss them and I talk to the back end, I tell them to go get after the quarterback, and that's what they're going to do.

(on teaching players new things)

I want a defense that's going to be confident, and it's not going to be nervous about making mistakes. Play style's important to me and how fast we play and physical and attacking the ball and all that stuff, but the only way to do that is they've got to know what they're doing. So you teach all those things we talked about, then you learn the scheme and then you let them go play. So there are some things that are new, but the cool part is right now they're all buying in and really focusing on learning it and that's what gives us a chance each day when we come in.

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