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41 Players Granted Special Eligibility For 2004 NFL Draft


The National Football League announced Monday the names of 41 players who have been granted special eligibility for the 2004 NFL Draft on April 24-25.

Each of the 41 players has met the league's three-year eligibility rule and each has submitted a written application in which he renounced his remaining college football eligibility.

The deadline for receiving applications was January 15.

The players declared eligible are:

Andrews, Shawn - T (Arkansas)

Askew, Matthias - DT (Michigan State)

Butler, Kelly - T (Purdue)

Carroll, Ahmad - DB (Arkansas)

Childress, Ahmad - DT (Alabama)

Clayton, Michael - WR (Louisiana State)

Daniels, Brooks - LB (Alabama)

Darling, Devard - WR (Washington State)

Dorsey, Nat - T (Georgia Tech)

Gamble, Chris - DB (Ohio State)

Geathers, Robert - DE (Georgia)

Golden, Greg - DB (North Carolina State)

Gordon, Amon - DT (Stanford)

Hall, DeAngelo - DB (Virginia Tech)

Hamilton, Derrick - WR (Clemson)

Hargrove, Tony - DE (Georgia Tech)

Harris, Tommie - DT (Oklahoma)

Jackson, Steven - RB (Oregon State)

Jones, Kevin - RB (Virginia Tech)

Jones, Sean - DB (Georgia)

Jordan, Tyrone - WR (Valdosta State)

Laurence, Omar - DB (Central Florida)

Mauck, Matt - QB (Louisiana State)

Odom, Antwan - DE (Alabama)

Olshansky, Igor - DT (Oregon)

Peters, Jason - TE (Arkansas)

Pierce, Mark - FB (Arkansas)

Roethlisberger, Ben - QB (Miami, O.)

Sam, P.K. - WR (Florida State)

Shivers, Jason - DB (Arizona State)

Smiley, Justin - G (Alabama)

Snee, Chris - G (Boston College)

Starks, Randy - DT (Maryland)

Taylor, Sean - DB (Miami)

Udeze, Kenechi - DE (Southern California)

Ware, Matt - DB (UCLA)

Washington, Donnell - DT (Clemson)

Wilfork, Vince - DT (Miami)

Williams, Reggie - WR (Washington)

Winslow, Kellen - TE (Miami)

Wright, Chris - WR (Oklahoma State)

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