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Aaron Rodgers has played like an MVP this season

Packers are battle-tested after facing all five NFC playoff teams


Isaac from Fond du Lac, WI

How well do you think we would have done if we didn't have so many injuries?

I'd say they make the playoffs.

Jon from Warsaw, IN

Never ceases to amaze me the courage of 12. There were a lot of big angry linemen intent on doing whatever it took to stop him. How do you maintain poise like that when large angry men are literally inches behind you, and you know if they close the final distance, their single intent is to inflict maximum damage? And still focus on the task at hand?

I don't know what the Associated Press voters will do, but Aaron Rodgers has played like an MVP this season. I'm not sure what else Rodgers could have done over the past two months for this football team. The weight of the world has been on his shoulders since the moment the plane touched down in Jacksonville. He battled hamstring and calf injuries, and yet his play has been flawless down the stretch. Since uttering "run the table," Rodgers has completed 142-of-200 passes (71 percent) for 1,667 yards, 15 touchdowns and zero interceptions. That's a 121.0 passer rating. He set new career-highs in pass attempts (610), completions (401), and rushing yards (369). He also finished the regular season with a league-high 40 touchdowns. His numbers when the MVP chants were starting after the Packers' 6-0 start in 2015? He completed 124-of-182 passes (68.1 percent) for 1,491 yards, 15 touchdowns and two picks. As Mike McCarthy said, it's getting hard to find ways to compliment Rodgers. He plays this game at such a high level with an unbelievable amount of consistency. Enjoy this, folks. The NFL isn't as easy as Rodgers makes it look.

Jason from San Jose, CA

What about Matt Ryan? He had two really good running backs to lean on. Rodgers had to put the entire team on his back. The same goes for Tom Brady. Blount had 17 TDs. To me, being able to go on a run like the Packers did on Rodgers' arm is the epitome of what MVP means.

I'd like to submit this as Exhibit B, your honor.

Dan from Chautauqua, NY

Insiders, knowing we were in the playoffs before kickoff, I was rooting for a win to better make the case for AR as MVP and MM as Coach of the Year. Many years I've been shocked he isn't in the running and even the commentators last night pointed out how he would be gobbled up immediately if ever released from Green Bay. Could this finally be the year MM is recognized as Coach of the Year?

All the things I said about Rodgers could apply to McCarthy, as well. I think the way he pulled this team together during what could have been a breaking point is a testament to his even-keeled approach and principles. He didn't call anyone on the carpet or play the blame game. The coaches went back to the lab and worked to find a solution. That Coach of the Year awards tend to go to a coach who has overseen the biggest turnaround, but McCarthy deserves to be in that conversation. There's a lot more that's gone into the Packers' 10-6 record than what can be seen on a list of standings.

Kevin from Lone Rock, WI

Isn't this "running the table" thing sort of astonishing, mythical, legendary (pick your adjective) since Rodgers did most of it on a bum leg? And doesn't that make our O-line sort of astonishing, mythical, and legendary too, and shouldn't those unsung heroes get sung? No gimpy, hobbling quarterback, not even Rodgers, could rack up those numbers and those wins without the best line in the business protecting him.

*That's why I've said a few times on here that I felt David Bakhtiari and/or Bryan Bulaga should've received a Pro Bowl nod, along with T.J. Lang. Rodgers paints on the canvas the offensive line lays out for him. Those five guys are conditioned to give Rodgers as much time as he needs to extend plays and maneuver in the pocket. Over the past three years, Rodgers and that offensive line really have operated in concert with one another. *

Joe from Asbury, IA

So much for that cakewalk schedule in 2016. Even the two off-division teams the Packers played in the regular season made the tournament. The obvious concern is with the corners. Can teams still make trades once the regular season concludes to fill a hole in the roster like we have at DB?

You can't judge a book by its preface. The Packers wound up playing each of the five other NFC playoff teams. How is that for luck? You no longer can make trades at this point of the season. We'll have to wait until probably Wednesday to get a better gauge on where Damarious Randall, Quinten Rollins and Makinton Dorleant are with their respective injuries. Rollins walked through the locker room on Monday afternoon, so that definitely was a positive sign. If any of the three is missing, the Packers have undrafted rookie Josh Hawkins on the active roster. He was inactive against Detroit, but he's healthy.

Jeff from Maple Falls, WA

Do you think Micah Hyde might actually strengthen us at CB? What impact would him playing that position have on the safety position?

You need to throw out positions and labels when you talk about Hyde. Seriously, the Packers should consider changing his position to "FB" for "Football Player." He's been so consistent in his four seasons in Green Bay. Look at his career profile. It's always around 55 tackles, one sack, two forced fumbles, and two or three interceptions. He's stepped up every time this team has turned to him and Sunday night was no exception. The Packers have benefited from his versatility more than ever before this season. If the Packers need to use Hyde outside, the only question is who replaces him in the slot of the sub-packages.

Jason from Granger, IA

Nobody seems to be talking about the Packers' safeties. How much have Ha Ha, Burnett, and the others contributed to this totally decimated secondary? Our pass defense seemingly should have fallen apart by now.

Both of those safeties have been so important to the defense, especially with all the injuries at cornerback. While Clinton-Dix has developed into a Pro Bowler, Burnett has been equally important to the defense with all the positions he can play. He's played both safety spots, inside linebacker, the star "nickel" cornerback post, and whip "dime" cornerback spot. At times, he's had to move from one position to another in the same series. It takes an expert level of knowledge to pull that off.

Gene from Midland, GA

One of the things I've admired about Coach McCarthy is his willingness to play such a variety of players. Though injuries play a part, it appears to be an intentional part of his approach. How many players have the Packers used (other than on special teams) this year and how does that compare to the rest of the NFL?

The Packers have used 29 different players on offense, 30 on defense, and 55 on special teams. How does that compare to the rest of the NFL? Check back with me this offseason.

Chad from Wrightstown, WI

What is status of Quinten Rollins? Prayers going out.

McCarthy said everything appears to be positive so far. I'd take the fact that Rollins walked through the locker room during media availability as another positive. He was carted off the field but maintained consciousness and movement in his extremities throughout. He stayed in a Detroit hospital for observation Sunday night before returning to Green Bay on Monday.

Michael from Wild Rose, WI

There was at one point talk about the potential for the Packers to pull a player from IR. I feel Rip, Monty and Michael can take care of the RB role; however, with the banged-up secondary, has there been talk about getting Shields back? What is his status?

The Packers designated rookie cornerback Makinton Dorleant as the player to return from injured reserve. I don't have any more intel on Shields other than he's home in Sarasota, Fla.

Bob and Ken from La Crosse, WI

The Giants have been eating our lunch at playoff games in Green Bay. Why are we so worried?

I wouldn't put too much stock into past results playing into this game. There are nine players left in the Green Bay locker room who were even around in 2011. I think there's like five players who are still on the Giants from the team that won at Lambeau. Also, did two people really submit that question? If so, how much debate went into the formulation of the question? Who typed it? Or did y'all split the keyboard? Inquiring minds need to know.

Daniel from San Antonio, TX

What does the Packers secondary have to do to stop Eli Manning and Odell Beckham and others to win?

The entire defense needs to do its part. The pass rush needs to get rushers in Manning's face and everyone on the field must capitalize on whatever opportunities are presented throughout the course of the game. Playoff Eli is as tough as quarterbacks come, but he also has 20 turnovers this season. We'll see what Dom Capers dials up to defend OBJ, but I think you could see some double coverage rolled his direction with a safety over the top.

Phil from San Antonio, TX

Why do some players who are listed as having attended a college elect to introduce themselves as high school grads? I understand if they didn't attend or graduate from a college but one of the Packer linesman did just that during unit introductions at that start of this latest game.

Players are allowed to say whatever school they prefer when introducing themselves. Personally I think it makes the introductions a little more interesting. I'd probably do the same. "Weston Hodkiewicz, The Forest Glen Elementary."

Trent from Grovetown, GA

Hello, Insiders. Thanks for the great work every day. How would you answer Vic's question: the frigid temperatures benefit which team, the Packers or the Giants?

I think anyone who's watched the Packers over the past month would say Green Bay knows how to handle the cold. This offense put up 76 points on two of the league's best defenses in less-than-ideal conditions during this six-game winning streak. The Packers aren't going to shy away from the cold.

Alex from Waukegan, IL

The most crucial play of Sunday's game was the third-and-1, quarterback option play the Packers successfully executed in the fourth quarter. Throughout the winning streak, we're seeing time and time again the Packers execute in crucial third-down situations to sustain drives. The N.Y. Giants' defense is one of the best in the league in getting opposing teams off the field on third down. This should be interesting.

The Packers finished second in third-down percentage this year (46.7 percent) and I thought Sunday's game was a good example of why the offense was so successful throughout the year. It just seems like someone always steps up, whether it's Rodgers making a play or a skill-position player going the extra yard to move the chains. The offensive execution was critical to the Packers picking up that win Sunday night. Yes, the Rodgers bootleg was a sweet call. I didn't see that one coming.

Mike from Solon Springs, WI

Insiders, if we don't sustain the injuries to the running back position the way we do, does Aaron Rodgers catch fire the way he has? Furthermore, are we then in the same position we currently are? I think a healthy Eddie Lacy dramatically affects the current run we are on, and I'm not so sure it allows Rodgers to do what he has done recently.

I'm not good with hypotheticals. Yes? No? Maybe so? Maybe it's oversimplification, Rodgers is going to be Rodgers. I think the past nine years have shown nobody rolls with the punches quite like QB1.

Chris from Houston, TX

Insiders, is there an NFL rule stating that a running back's number must be between 20 and 49?

Correct, but you can't change a number in-season. I'm sure what jersey number Montgomery wears in 2017 will be the hot-button issue of the offseason.

John from Elliott, IL

I think "Turbo" Allison is going to be the Packers' wildcard to this year's playoffs. He can flat out get with the program. Your thoughts?

He's got the skills to pay the bills.

Donavon from Beaumont, TX

The Packers played all five teams that made the NFC playoffs. I guess they did have an easy schedule this year. Why does anyone pay attention to that stuff at the beginning of the season?

The same reason I watch every UFC preview video produced before a pay-per-view event.

Michael from Elk Mound, WI

If there are 12 men on the field, can the extra player exit the field at any location? More specifically, can the player exit to the opponent's sidelines without penalty?

No. You must return to your respective corner.

Elizabeth from Boston, MA

Many of the players appeared to be eating during their postgame press conferences. Does the team provide food for players after games to help refuel?

Yeah buddy.

Nick from Millbury, MA

I think the Packers just made a statement. We can beat anyone any time any place when we want. This team needs to be feared going into the playoffs.

It's not about money. It's about sending a message. Sorry, that line might not work here. Oh well, I just felt like it was time for a "Dark Knight" reference. To your point, I wouldn't want to play the Packers right now.

Dean from Orlando, FL

One table down, one table to go?

Dean…get the table.

John from Madison, WI

Well, I guess the naysayers back in November were right. We should have traded Aaron Rodgers and taken a dive for a high draft pick. What a wasted season.

It's yet another reminder that the best way to fix a leak isn't to bulldoze the entire house. Maybe try the wrench first.

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