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Aaron Rodgers is a lock for the Hall of Fame

Should the NFL make PI a 15-yard penalty?


Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, do you think the NFL should make pass interference a 15-yard penalty?

No, because it'll cause more pass interference penalties to be called.

Adam from Columbia, MO

Vic, in a 3-4 there seems to be two kinds of inside linebackers. There are the more athletic types that can make plays, and the bigger guys that eat up blocks to free up others. What's more important for the Packers moving forward?

I'd like this team to find a thumper – some scouts will also refer to that kind of player as a thug – a guy to complement what the nose tackle is sacrificing his knees to achieve. I'm talking about a tackling machine. I'm talking about a guy that's hell for leather, to put it in old-school terms. This team needs a guy inside that'll step up and rock someone. What team doesn't need that guy?

Matt from Los Angeles, CA

What do you consider to be an acceptable circumstance to trade up in the draft, especially in the first round?

Switch picks and a three. If I have to give a two, he better be special.

Andy from Stevens Point, WI

I'm a college student and have been recently applying your "that" rule to my papers and it is really effective. Why do people keep asking questions that prompt you to respond in third person? It's similar to the what-say-you epidemic and is quite distracting.

Vic doesn't mind. Vic is happy.

Mike from Jacksonville, NC

Vic, does Ted Thompson just get lucky by drafting all these great players that fall into later rounds, or does he have a natural eye for talent? He's done a great job so far.

He absolutely has an eye for talent, but I also think he'd tell you credit for late-round picks should go to area scouts because those are the scouts that find these players. The early-round prospects are widely known. Picking them is a function of the GM's overall acumen for working the draft. The Corey Linsleys of the world are the guys that put your draft over the top, and when a team finds a Linsley, my first thought is: Who's the scout that liked him?

Kenyon from Holenbeck, KS

With ILB not being the most in-depth in this year's draft, but something the Packers need, do you think it would be better to sign a free agent or to develop already existing linebackers instead of a potential dull draft pick?

Once upon a time, those existing linebackers – Sam Barrington was a seventh-round pick – were dull draft picks or, even worse, undrafted free agents. Draft and develop works, but it requires patience, and patience is not my inbox's forte.

Dan from Grand Island, NY

Vic, what are your thoughts on football speed vs. the combine numbers?

Football speed is a metaphor for a player's anticipation and instinctive reaction to circumstances in a game. They're not measurable, other than by watching how he performs on tape. Real speed is worthless if it isn't accompanied by some degree of football speed.

Torin from Golden Bay, Western Australia

He ended up missing out, but there was a lot of buzz around Kurt Warner for the Hall of Fame. He has a great story and some surprisingly great stats, but I've never thought of him as dominant. Does he make the cut, eventually? And does he get your vote?

Warner could be destined to become the next Ken Anderson, which is to say a quarterback on the perpetual Hall of Fame bubble. If any quarterback not in the Hall of Fame deserves to be there, it's Anderson. He was dominant throughout his entire career and I favor him for that reason over Warner, who has big gaps in his resume.

Chris from Eau Claire, WI

Do you realize how good you have it, Vic?

I absolutely do. I'll never forget the sintering plant.

Sean from Dubuque, IA

Owner Vic, your team is hiring a new GM. Do you pick the guy who is best at evaluating talent, or the best manager of the cap?

There's no separating the two.

Kate from Bellevue, WI

Yes, we do know how good we have it. LA, no team. Green Bay, same team for nearly a hundred years – publicly owned team, no ostentatious owner to deal with. A board of directors whose main goal is success of a team to enhance the entire community. Over 70K on the waiting list for season tickets. Oh, yeah, we definitely know how good we have it. I wouldn't change a thing. What would you change, Vic?

The final 3:52.

Shawn from Troy, NY

I know Ted Thompson has a plan for ILB. He has a plan for everything. Do you believe that plan is already on the roster?

Sam Barrington? Jayrone Elliott? Nick Perry? Yeah, there's a plan, and I'm sure part of that plan is to add more talent at the position in this year's draft and in undrafted free agency, and maybe even in veteran free agency. You can never rest on what you have. The roster must be in a constant state of upgrade. If you're not getting better, you're getting worse because your competition is getting better.

Maximillian from Sydney, Australia

Vic, if Aaron Rodgers doesn't win another Super Bowl, does he still go to the Hall of Fame? Are there any QBs in the modern era that won Super Bowls but will not be in the Hall of Fame?

Rodgers is in. He's got the full body of work, including a Super Bowl MVP and two league MVPs. Jim Plunkett won two Super Bowls and isn't in because he lacks the full body of work.

Ryan from Kenosha, WI

Ameer Abdullah would be a good complement to Lacy and an asset on special teams. Any idea when he is projected to go off the board?

It's thought his smallish size will drop him into the second round. If that happens, he could be a steal. His speed and pass-catching ability make him a perfect fit for today's open-spaces game. He has star potential, plus, he has a complete game and he's a high-character guy.

Troy from Delano, MN

Let's assume no other significant achievements are gained. Should these QBs make it into the Hall of Fame? Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees?

They'll all make it.

Tony from River Falls, WI

I feel blessed with the current Packers team and organization. What went wrong in the '70s and '80s?

They drafted poorly. You are what you draft.

Grace from Lakeport, FL

When will supplemental draft picks be awarded and how many do you think the Packers will receive?

It'll happen soon and I expect the Packers to receive a couple of picks for having lost Evan Dietrich-Smith and James Jones.

Scott from Cary, IL

When Clay Matthews was moved to the ILB position, our defense improved. Should we be looking for this athletic body type for this position vs. the traditional shorter, gap-filler type?

It's much easier to find the thumpers. Find the next Bobby Wagner. He's 6-0, 241. Why is everyone down on Denzel Perryman because he's short? Wagner is short and he might be the best inside linebacker in the game. You want Clay Matthews using his extreme athletic ability out in space making plays where big plays happen. Find the grunt that'll do the heavy lifting. They're in much greater supply.

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