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Address to fans highlight of the night

Favre ceremony might be No. 2 memory in Packers history


Quinn from Stevens Point, WI

A simply wonderful weekend, as reinforcement why the Packers and Packers fans are the best. I have one thing I think they missed. I know it may be a symbolic gesture only, but the Packers need to sign him to a one-day contract and allow him to retire as he should, a Packer.

I disagree. I can't think of anything they missed. It was a one-week drumroll leading up to an all-night cymbals clash. The piece of meat I was served for dinner had the number four seared into it. It was the most glorious week of tribute for one man I have ever experienced. My inbox almost has nothing else in it but comment on Saturday's ceremony. I genuinely believe Brett Favre is as beloved as Vince Lombardi is, maybe more.

Rick from Wauwatosa, WI

I love Brett Favre, but I'm Favred out. What should we expect in the season opener from John Fox's version of the Bears?

Expect high energy. Fox will have the Bears at a fever pitch to send a message to the Bears' No. 1 rival and to all of the NFC North. A win would immediately change everything in Chicago. Don't go to sleep on this one. The schedule-maker has created good theater. He wants this one to be an ambush.

Jeff from St. Clair Shores, MI

Thank you to for all the Brett Favre coverage. I found it interesting that he is humble and gives the credit to others. What stood out for you this weekend?

The fans stood out to me. Packers fans love to go to Lambeau Field. It's where they want to be. I can't think of one athlete I've covered who could draw a crowd like that for nothing more than a ceremony to honor him, but it wasn't just Favre the fans were coming to see. They were coming to see Lambeau Field. They missed it.

Bob from Racine, WI

I know you can't retire every great Packers number because you would run out of numbers for the current team, but with No. 4 now retired for Favre, are there any other Packers from the past/present you think deserve to have their number retired?

I think we're rapidly heading toward the day when Aaron Rodgers' No. 12 is retired.

Taylor from Temecula, CA

What was your favorite part of the Brett Favre ceremony?

These words: "I'd much rather come out of that tunnel right there." Favre spoke those words in his address to the fans. He motioned toward the home-team tunnel. If you needed an apology, there it was. I wrote those words in my notebook and I immediately knew they would be the lede to my story. At that point, I felt as though the reason for which we all came to Lambeau Field on Saturday was over. With those words, Favre had truly come home forever.

Rob from Webb City, MO

Vic, has your inbox healed?

Ninety-nine percent of my inbox has healed. I have sent the other one percent of emails to psychiatrists in the Green Bay area.

William from The Bronx, NY

Vic, I'm not really asking a question, just stating a fact, I think. The key to returning to the Super Bowl is the run defense. We don't need to be No. 1, just in the top 10. The offense will do the rest.

The No. 1 key to making this a Super Bowl season rests with keeping Aaron Rodgers healthy. Then, it's about defense.

Hansen from Whitewater, WI

Vic, what would you say to people that attempt to downplay Favre's accomplishments and legacy by bringing up his interception record?

I would say stop analyzing the game and begin enjoying it.

Brad from Milwaukee, WI

Goosebumps, Vic, goosebumps. I'll never forget being in the stands on Saturday.

Somebody used the word goosebumps in their speech on Saturday night. I thought to myself I had never heard the word goosebumps as much in one week as I did last week. Packers fans love goosebumps. Packers fans are one gigantic goosebump.

Neil from Cheddar, UK

Vic, how does it feel to have the No. 1-rated team site?

It gives me goosebumps.

Jacob from Green Bay, WI

Thank you for your (and Mike, Larry, etc.) fantastic coverage of Favre week. About 67,000 fans came to sit in the stadium and watch the majority of the events on a big TV. That doesn't include the Atrium attendance and all of us who watched on TV at home. A lot of teams can't even get that attendance for a real game, let alone some ceremony. What other franchises have the huge fan support to do these kinds of ceremonies, such as Brett's, and even Donald Driver's?

No other franchise. Packers fans are the greatest. Here's my request: Can we be secure in that fact?

Jesus from El Paso, TX

We all just got a little richer, Vic.

Saturday is a top 10 memory in Packers history. It might be No. 2 behind the Ice Bowl.

Christina from Missoula, MT

The entire Packers organization and everyone connected with it became stronger, and that includes you, too, Vic. Another special moment for you to add to your memories. I'm proud of Packerland.

If I had never come here to work, my career wouldn't be complete.

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