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Adjustments made to enhanced screening at Lambeau Field

More screening lines added; fans asked to allow for extra time entering


The Green Bay Packers and Green Bay Police Department have implemented adjustments to the enhanced screening at Lambeau Field entry gates which will be in place for Sunday's noon game against the St. Louis Rams, it was announced Tuesday.

The adjustments were made after enhanced measures resulted in delays for fan entrance to the Oct. 2 game against the Denver Broncos.

The procedure will continue to use hand-held metal-detecting wands, with the updated process including more screening lines, more screening officers and a streamlined screening process.

"Our main objective is the safety of our fans," said Doug Collins, Packers director of security/risk management. "We feel confident these adjustments will result in a better entry process, and continue to ask fans for their cooperation in entering the stadium earlier than in the past."

Stadium gates open two hours prior to kickoff (10 a.m. this Sunday). To expedite the screening process, fans are encouraged to:

  • Enter the stadium earlier,
  • Use the stadium gate indicated on your ticket, and
  • Bring no or a minimal amount of items with you into the stadium (small purses, camera bag, etc.) to minimize wait time. Review Security & Carry-In Policy

Further information is available at

The enhanced security measures were implemented upon the request of the NFL.

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