Al Harris Press Conference Transcript - Jan. 8

(How much do you think Matt Hasselbeck has the interception on his mind heading into this game?)

I really think it's out of the mind of everybody - Matt (and) here in our building we're not thinking about it. We've moved past and a lot of the guys weren't even here when that happened, so it's a thing of the past. It happened then and we were grateful. We didn't capitalize the next game so it doesn't even really matter because we didn't finish the season the way we wanted to.

(Knowing how competitive Hasselbeck is and this is his first playoff game back here, how much do you think he wants to make up for that interception?)

Knowing Matt I think he'll be very competitive. He's a competitive player. He's playing at a high level right now. By far I personally think he's the best player on that team. Not to take anything from anybody else on that team. I think they're doing a great job, but I think he'll be very competitive and I don't think he'll go outside the box, because that's not him. I think he'll do what he does well and stick with that.

(How does knowing each other so well as organizations factor into things?)

It is what it is. We've played them three, four times maybe since '03. We know them, they know us. We know Matt, he knows us, so we've just got to go out and execute. They have to execute and we have to execute.

(Do you think their motion and formations will try to take you out of man coverages as much as possible and force you into zone?)

That's what motion does, but you've probably got to ask them if that's what they plan on doing. As soon as he tells you, let me know. But that's pretty much what teams do to keep you from pressing and things of that nature.

(What is it like having made one of the greatest plays in franchise history?)

We don't think about it at all because it's old. Antonio Freeman made a great catch (in) what was that, 2000? It was just that, it was in 2000. So we don't talk about it. It is what it is.

(How has the play changed your life when you're out in Green Bay?)

Obviously you don't know me because I don't get out and my family doesn't talk about it. I really do think it's old news. We've moved past it. It was a good play and that is what it is.

(How much did that play mean to you personally and that play put you on the map nationally, didn't it?)

No, if you don't remember a couple years before I was named No. 1 nickel back in the NFL, so that was probably my biggest moment. I'm joking. It was a big play. It was a big moment in my life, in my career, but I wouldn't define my career by that play. It rarely happens like that. You call the blitz and what you're looking for happens. It rarely happens like that, so it was a lucky play.

(Do you have the ball from the interception?)

No I don't have the ball.

(At this point in your career is it the greatest play you've made?)

It was just the situation man and I really don't want to talk about that play anymore. It was just the situation. I'm pretty sure if he could take the play back he wouldn't have thrown it. It was just the situation - right call, right time.

(Do you look at the poster of yourself making the play that's in the hallway?)

Every time. Actually when I leave here I'm going to go check it out.

(What is like when you're in the clear and you cross the goal line in a situation like that?)

Ok, listen, serious talk now. It's over. We're not going to talk about it anymore. It's over. I think the Seahawks are playing great ball. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching staff, I think they're doing a great job and I'm pretty sure they're going to be ready to play.

(Did you hear the Hasselbeck comment on the coin flip?)

I didn't hear it until after the game and I really don't think he was trying to be cocky or anything. He's a pretty fun-loving guy, so I think he was just kicking it around because he does have history here.

(How do you continue your third-down success in getting off the field against Seattle?)

I think Lionel Washington plays a big part of our third downs. He's in charge of the third-down packages. He puts together a great plan for third downs week in and week out. I think he's a big part of how successful we are on third downs.

(What have you seen out of Tramon Williams?)

Tramon's been doing a great job since training camp. All those young guys - Will Blackmon, Jarrett Bush, Atari (Bigby) and Nick Collins - all of the younger guys have been doing a great job when they have the opportunities.

(How important is it for those young guys to be able to handle the playoff atmosphere against a team like Seattle with four good receivers?)

It's very important but I think they got a little taste of it from the Dallas game, which was pretty playoff-type atmosphere. I think it's very important that they know this is it. You lose and you go home. I think everybody here in the building understands that. If it's your first year or 17th year, everybody knows that you've got to be on your 'A' game.

{sportsad300}(Where have you made the biggest strides as a defense since the beginning of the season and what individuals have made the most strides?)

We haven't had a lot of mental errors on defense, which cost us last year some big plays, so the fact that we've got all the guys coming back helped out a lot (with) the communication, knowing where this guy's going to be, knowing where that guy's going to be. As far as just individual guys, Nick Barnett, Charles Woodson, Aaron Kampman, A.J. Hawk, Cullen Jenkins, Grease - aww, you guys don't know him as Grease - Ryan Pickett, those guys are doing a great job.

(How much has being a loose team helped you guys this week?)

It has helped that we're not walking around tight and just worried about everything. We're loose because we're confident and we're confident because we work hard and we prepare hard. And it's not a cocky confidence, it's a confidence that 'OK, we've prepared, we've worked hard,' and you play exactly how you practice. So, we have a good week of practice, we expect to go out and play well that week.

(Can you talk about their group of receivers and what you've seen on film?)

I think they're doing a great job all the way around the board - run game, receivers. All of their receivers can hurt you. I think they've got a great group.

(Is there anything specific you can relate to the young players about the playoffs?)

Me personally I try not to make such a big deal of it (and) now they're going out with their eyes wide open. It is a game. It's a regular game but it you lose you go home. You put it up there but you don't want to be too high where you may make a mistake or something, so you stay just even-keel. That's what I do.

(How much of a factor is the difference in playoff experience between the two teams?)

There is a big difference and I think it will play a factor. The teams who constantly go to the playoffs and have been to the playoffs and the players who've been in these situations you see come up big and play well. So I think it will be a big difference.

(Do you think you raised the ball a little too early on the interception?)

To answer that, I didn't raise the ball at all, but it is what it is.

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