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All you need is a spark

The only thing that matters right now is getting win No. 5


Will from Sydney, Australia

The Jets had 11 sacks going in to TNF against the Bills and had seven for the night. The Bills kept Tyrod Taylor upright very well before that game. The Lions are without their LT. Time to ignite our pass rush. Mike Daniels certainly sounds fired up.


What do you always hear? Sacks, turnovers, big plays – they all come in bunches. All you need is a spark. Mike Daniels is that guy. He's carried a chip on his shoulder since the beginning. If you count him – or this defense – out, Daniels will do everything to prove you wrong.**

Matt from Hartford, WI

Teams like Green Bay believe that backfield and skilled positions can be found later in the draft, as evidenced by only one selection in the first round not a lineman or defensive player, Aaron Rodgers. This pattern begs the question: Are the Packers biased in selecting their best available player?

If you've listened to General Manager Ted Thompson for the last decade, Thompson frequently talks about how there are only so many big, athletic linemen out there. I think that's what's played into the Packers drafting six linemen in his tenure. Other than that, I think they've been pretty balanced. Jordy Nelson wasn't a first-round pick, but he was the first player the Packers chose in 2008.

Jim from Austin, TX

I've been wondering why there are so many kickoffs booted out of the end zone and given a spot at the 25. It seems like special teams could really help out here, by making a shorter kick, and luring them out of the end zone. There's a chance of a fumble, illegal block, and a better spot than the 25-yard line with a good tackle. Sure, they could run it 101 yards for a TD, but what are the stats on that? Thanks guys for staying positive and keeping it real. I've never played Madden!

I'll be real with you. I'm surprised we haven't seen more "mortar" kicks since the NFL changed the kickoff rules in 2016. At the same time, I just don't think coverage teams want to risk giving up a big return trying to be too cute, and return teams don't have as much incentive to bring it out from four or five yards deep. It's made the game safer, so I'm on board with it.

Benjamin from Bear, DE

Wes, point well taken. Or should I say, ouch? Let's turn my attention to a more positive note. When do you think we see more of, as No. 12 says, G-mo? Promise, no more questions about the D...OUCH again.

We're cool, Benjamin. You caught me on a bad day. I kind of had a Will McAvoy moment there. Allison is a terrific prospect at receiver and has stepped up every time his number has been called. Unfortunately, he's behind three really talented receivers. I think it would be good to get Allison more involved given his history with Brett Hundley, but there are only so many reps to go around.

Tyler from Grantsburg, WI

Watching Julio Jones drop the touchdown on fourth down with nobody near him reminded me of 2013 when Randall Cobb caught the game-winner against the Bears. Sometimes it's the easiest catches that are actually the hardest to make.

There are no easy catches. Sometimes even the greats are human.

Brian from Edgerton, WI

Happy Monday, Wes. During "Final Thoughts" there was something on the field that looked to take up the entire field and was on wheels. What was it?


Those are the growing lamps at Lambeau Field. As the temperature begins to dip, the grounds crew uses those lights to help the grass grow and recover. That reminds me – wasn't it like 70 degrees a year ago at this time for the Colts game? Man, I miss that. **

Jonathan from Paducah, KY

Have you noticed a difference in Hundley? I feel like he had more swagger during his locker room interview this week. He looked a lot more like "The Man."

He's always had that swagger. Go back and watch videos from his rookie year. His confidence is constant. He's just a guy who's comfortable in his own shoes.

John from Apopka, FL

Don't you think the loss of Rodgers could be a positive for this team if they use his loss as a rallying point to show everyone they are still a good team and can win games until Rodgers comes back? They had a week off to reflect on who they really are now.


They definitely can use Rodgers' absence as motivation. It's an opportunity to show everyone this team is good enough to win without its kingpin. This offense believes in Hundley and this defense wants to show everyone it can get the job done. I can't look into a crystal ball and tell you how this season is going to play out, but the Packers aren't giving up.**

Josh from Brandon, MS

The majority of college linemen seem to wear knee braces and it seems that it works to prevent injuries. Why do most NFL linemen not wear similar braces?

The New York Times did a nice piece earlier this year exploring why some college teams require players to wear them. Most do it for preventive purposes, but there are some who feel A) knee braces are unnecessary if there's no injury history and B) they're not worth the hassle because braces can be uncomfortable, smelly and even slow you down. It comes down to preference.

Steve from New Britain, CT

Should football players be more routinely penalized for protesting with officials too much? In baseball, if a player argues with the umpire, he can be ejected. But in football, when players plead for a flag to be thrown, nothing ever happens to them. It can make a player look "unprofessional." It seems that the more the players get away with it, the more that they do it. I see all of the gesturing and verbiage, and it has become very common for receivers and pass defenders, whether a flag is thrown or not.

NFL referees can give verbal or sideline warnings if players, coaches or staff become belligerent. If deemed excessive, officials can issue an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at their discretion.

Craig from Racine, WI

What game will the Packers don the retro uniforms this year?

Against Baltimore in two weeks.

Steve from Clearwater, FL

Is it true that the plate and screws will become enmeshed in Aaron's collarbone, and he won't need a second surgery down the line to remove them? And if they stay, they'll never give him restrictions in range of motion or discomfort, and will simply set off metal detectors?

I don't know the details of Rodgers' injury, but generally speaking, the screws stay in. Rodgers mentioned the screw he had put in his foot in 2006 is still in there. I remember Casey Hayward telling me the screw put in to heal his stress fracture in 2015 was permanent, too.

Mathew from Lebanon, MO

When is Rodgers due to come back in the starting lineup? Will he be 100 percent ready to go?

There still isn't a timeline, but Rodgers won't be anything less than 100 percent when he returns. A second break likely would disrupt his offseason preparation.

Dave from Wilmington, VT

I've been a Packer fan for over 55 years and a shareholder. I love Rodgers, but does he own some responsibility for his injury? He said in his interview, "A simple shove-down probably would have sufficed in that situation, but it is what it is." This is football. He should expect that every opponent on every play is going to try to drill him. Next time Aaron, (hopefully there is one) do like Favre used to and duck or run in the other direction after you throw the ball.

But where was he supposed to run? It's not "Grand Theft Auto." He can't slow time down.

Ron from Cherry Valley, IL

"Seinfeld" characters that could help the Packers was the question and the answer was Keith Hernandez. What about George with his New York Yankees experience in the front office?

He's just not a go-getter. I'm sorry, but I don't think you can count on anyone who introduces themselves as unemployed and lives with their parents.

Rich from De Pere, WI

I understand you are not officially out of it until the math says you are. But if we are realistic, if we don't win the next two division games against the Lions and Bears (especially with road games coming up at Pittsburgh, Carolina, Minnesota), we are pretty much out of it.


You'll never get me to say a season is over after nine games. Not after watching the Packers win six in a row after falling to 4-6. Yes, these games are important, but there's so much season left, win or lose. **

Jack from Elk Grove, CA

Wow, nice heir ref, congratulations. I still hope you can do both but somehow one is really more important. And yes there is math. Per MM, don't even think about talking playoffs until you have the No. 10 in the win column. Not to use a loser mentality, but this year with what the Vikes are doing, 10 just might be a wild card that I would happily take. Oh yeah, drink your milk...

Appreciate you, Jack, and you're right. The only thing that matters right now is getting win No. 5. And I didn't mean to lay into poor Sandra. She's sounds like a wonderful, caring mother. The point I was making is these are professional athletes. Everyday rules don't apply.

Lorant from Budapest, Hungary

People complain that they have to wait an extra day because the Packers are playing MNF after the bye. Imagine how it is for fans in Europe. Not only do they have an extra day to wait but the game starts in the middle of the night. Anyway, the wait is almost over and my hopes are high for this game!


That's a solid point. International fans are the real MVP.**

Patrick from Ashland, WI

Enough is enough? You are rude. Answer the questions if you put them out there you over officous jerk. And yes they are wasting Aaron. Millions aren't wrong, you are.


Patrick from Ashland, WI

Hey rookie, why would you answer a question with 'i don't have an answer to that question'? Do you have an answer to that? Maybe 2 questions is too much for you.


Anton from Green Bay, WI

With Brice and Thomas out, where will Josh Jones play? Linebacker or at traditional safety more often?

I don't have an answer to that question. Maybe Pat does. He appears to know everything.

Ben from Denver, CO

Now Dave from Edina jumps in and defends the fact that Aaron has very rarely played with a good defense. Yes, those other QBs have played longer. Yes, they have also, without a doubt, played with far better defenses. The fact that the Insiders continue to ignore this and make excuses for the front office is getting so old. To Mike's earlier comment, I know Wes tries to be optimistic in all situations, but he's almost starting to lose credibility. The front office has failed at putting together a "good enough" defense for years and it's not a secret. (I also know this won't get posted because I dared to call out the almighty Green Bay Packers front office, but that's okay.) As always, Go Pack.

This has been posted, Ben. I hope it made your day. You should be proud. You're a true fan.

Garrett from Houston, TX

You know, I was watching the Packers-Lions memorable games tweet from the Packers' account, and I caught myself thinking, "Well, if Hundley can't be as good as Rodgers, can he at least be as good as Brett Favre?" Wow. We really have been spoiled.

No. Just Ben…and Pat.

Lane from Kihei, HI

Two consecutive weekends without Packers football is just wrong.

I'm with you. I didn't know what to do with myself these past two Sundays.

Daniel from New York, NY

I watched Rodgers talking about remedies and how to heal faster. In the end, he said it came down to blood flow for the bone to heal. Can one of you guys pass it along that beets are very good for regulating blood flow? I think us fans should send AR bunches of beets to eat.

*Thanks for the tip, Daniel. Are you sure your name isn't Dwight, though? *

Joseph from Dillon, MT

Hi, Wes. I loved your "No. You're welcome." response. Thanks for making me laugh.

Thank you very little.

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